2017 Nov - ARA San Juan submarine lost


Hola Héctor, antes que nada agradezco y valoro enormemente tu palabras, admiro tu labor cotidiana dentro de las FFAA, como así también tu entrega y compromiso como la de los demás que conforman esta Comunidad Tomnod y en particular a Lucy, que también se comunico conmigo congraciándose con mi pedido, compartiendo esta impotencia y la necesidad de hacer algo.

Yo me dedico a la Comunicación Publicitaria, donde las labores de Diseño Gráfico y en especial el Retoque Fotógrafo, me han afinado el ojo, aunque no puedo ni compararme con vos y los que habitualmente participan en las Campañas.

He participado durante la Campaña en la búsqueda del vuelo 370 de Malasya Airlines, en esta ocasión pido disculpas por mi ingenuidad, debí imaginarme que no sería el primero en solicitar la ayuda a la Comunidad Tomnod, no me percate que ya estaba instalado el tema en el foro, fue un impulso de trasnoche luego de haberse declarada concluida la fase SAR, sentí que el tema se estaba quedando en el olvido, al menos en los medios de Comunicación, pensé en que sentirán los familiares y amigos de los tripulantes y recordé al Malasya y la frustrada búsqueda, lo que me impulso tener una revancha y a hacer al pedido.

Entiendo y me quedo claro luego de tu carta que desde aquí se ha hecho lo posible.
Permitime decir que no debes darme las gracias a mí, no he hecho nada, yo debo agradecer el haberte conocido -al menos por este medio- y saber que hay personas en alguna parte de este planeta que piensa, se preocupa y ocupa por el otro, ayudando como puede.

Te devuelvo el abrazo fraternal como compatriota y amigo.

Saludos a Lucy y a toda la Comunidad Tomnod
Diego Iannone desde Argentina

Below I translated the message with Google Translator, I apologize if it is not well expressed.

Hi Héctor, first of all I appreciate and greatly appreciate your words, I admire your daily work within the Armed Forces, as well as your commitment and commitment as the others that make up this Community Tomnod and in particular Lucy, who also communicated with me
showing solidarity with my request, sharing this impotence and the need to do something.

I dedicate myself to the Advertising Communication, where the work of Graphic Design and especially the Retouching Photographer, I have tuned the eye, although I can not even compare myself with you and those who usually participate in the Campaigns.

I participated during the Campaign in search of flight 370 of Malasya Airlines, this time I apologize for my naivety, I should have imagined that I would not be the first to request help from the Tomnod Community, I do not realize that the issue was already installed the forum, was a boost late after having declared the SAR phase concluded, I felt that the issue was being forgotten, at least in the media, I thought that the family and friends of the crew will feel and I remembered the Malasya and the frustrated search, what I urge to have a rematch and to make the request.

I understand and it became clear to me after your letter that everything possible has been done here.
Allow me to say that you should not thank me, I have not done anything, I should be grateful to have known you -at least by this means- and to know that there are people somewhere on this planet that thinks, cares and occupies the other , helping as you can.

I return the fraternal embrace as compatriot and friend.

Greetings to Lucy and the entire Tomnod Community
Diego Iannone from Argentina


Thanks! A lot!!!

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ups! i answer an email, and its here now. I mean, thank you cageycat for your post.

I made a little edition in the google translate of my post. “it’s a pity that WE can not…” just that, is not the same i believe.


Being in the USA, we are used to multiple recycling news reports on TV and Internet over a 24 hour period. Though the sub rarely made it onto US TV news, it’s frustrating that Internet news reports have dwindled to once every 12 to 24 hours.

The newest I could find is:

Quoted material: "Acoustic analyst Bruce Rule concluded they were killed after the submarine’s hull was ‘completely destroyed’ in around 40 milliseconds, leading Argentinian daily La Nacion reported.

Mr Rule calculated the energy produced by the submarine’s collapse was the equivalent of the explosion of 12,500 pounds of TNT at 1,275 feet below sea level."

‘The entire pressure-hull was completely destroyed in about 40 milliseconds or 1/25th of a second.’ "

Wow, 12,500 pounds of TNT is more explosive power than what has occurred historically in the worst accidents inside US Bituminous Coal Mines, such as the Marianna PA mine explosion and collapse that permanently entombed so many miners…

Offered here as a comparison… from GoogleBooks:
“Nicknamed ‘Little Boy,’ the bomb [to end WW2] possessed a force equivalent to 12,500 tons of TNT (12.5 kilotons).” Little Boy was the code name given to the atomic bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

If this newest report is accurate, a 12.5 kiloton force would have been instantly fatal for the sub’s crew.


Se puede explicar nada más por el hidrógeno liberado por las baterías mojadas?.otra explicación?

Google Translate: Can you explain anything else because of the hydrogen released by the wet batteries? Another explanation?


I’m not an expert or trying to explain. I’m just summarizing the big details of what the news has reported.

From my understanding, the experts are saying or implying that:

  1. Some problem occurred that allowed sea water into the snorkel on top of the sub, near the conning tower.
  2. The sea water shorted out a battery or bank of batteries, causing a fire.
  3. They managed to put out the fire and contacted their Naval authority. They were told to return to base and the captain acknowledged this transmission.
  4. There may have been one other contact (my memory is poor) in which the captain said they were submerged; fire out; and they were proceeding to base. *No further contact from the sub.
  5. Immediately there was some speculation, even here on this forum, that water contacting the batteries means the sub could have had hydrogen gas forming inside the sub. Salt water near batteries could have produced hydrogen, even if the crew put out the initial fire.
  6. New news reports say there was an explosion recorded in the direction the sub was going, on the route it was taking, at about the same time as the sub would have been in that precise spot. Hence, authorities feel certain the sub imploded from ocean depth… or exploded from possibly the batteries or the potential of gas building up in the sub. The prevailing hypothesis is that the salt-water-exposed-batteries eventually caused an explosion. One expert estimated that the explosion which listening posts recorded was equivalent to 12,500 pounds of TNT.
  7. New news reports say nothing was experienced if there was explosion, e.g. The crew did not suffer; did not go through low O2; did not drown; did not die in groups or one by one; and that the entire crew died instantly. And that the sub may be nothing but a wrecked (split open or in pieces) hull. Many countries are searching for any sign of the sub’s hull.
  8. Again, this list is a recap of news reports on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, The Guardian newspaper, etc.as gathered from local Argentina news. I am not an authority or have any knowledge except what I read on the Internet.

Wish they knew for sure…


Technology helps but also hampers. Every country’s sonar equipment is calibrated differently. A GPS reading from one country may not be the same GPS for the country’s recon vehicle that looks for objects.

Quoted: "Complicating matters, each vessel relies on its own sonar or imaging systems, each calibrated according to its own GPS tracking devices and satellite position codes. Locations of interest shared among the armada commonly suffer from imprecision caused by this lack of standardization. Objects on the seafloor can be hundreds of meters away from their stated coordinates, said Atlantis’ chief mate, PJ Leonard.

“It takes us time to narrow that down, and it just adds to the difficulty of it all,” he said.

“Airplanes conducting the initial search reported no debris or life rafts, no emergency beacons or flares, and no oil slicks. The San Juan left no clues. It simply vanished.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/article189172929.html#storylink=cpy

This is the US research vessel Atlantis:
Courtesy: Lance Wills, deckhand


With three-quarters of Argentina being Catholic (and thus, they celebrate Christmas), I wanted to post our sympathy and empathy for your loss over this first Christmas without your loved ones. The Staff and Nodders continue to think of you all.

I want to also share that I had been very close to my sister, who died suddenly in 2003. Her husband was driving her to a nearby hospital. Halfway there, out on a rural road, she told her husband to pull the car off the road, which he did. She opened the door, stepped out, and literally dropped to the ground, dead. (massive coronary-- by the way, her doctors disbelieved her complaints of chest pains!) After the funeral and through the next year, listening to the soundtrack from the movie “Somewhere in Time” helped me so much to grieve, to cry. It has low musical notes that brought me to the depths of my sadness, but has other songs that I swear (for me) seemed to reach upward into the heavens! It’s all instrumental music. Give it a try.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


As a final follow-up post, the US ended their search on December 27, 2017. No signs of the sub have been found.

Debates about the sub have settled on the belief that the sub imploded and the crew died instantly. The ocean depths in that area made this search impossible to bring to any conclusive findings.


The ARA San Juan has joined many brothers on the ocean floor. 40 more souls in the ocean depths. Must be one hell of a party going on among fellow sailors.