2017 Oct 1st to Dec 31st - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


Let’s see if we can fill this up before the end of the year-- LOL!

Well, Hurricane Nate came to the Gulf last night as a Cat 1, and tonight in the north it is so humid! Had a torrential rain about 3am… 80 today… and 65 tonight but it feels like a cement block is sitting in the air.

Who the heck thinks 80s in Oct is “normal”?!? It should be 60s day, 40s night, with fall leaves changing.


You are so right about the temperatures and the leaves! September was like August. October - so far - is like the end of August to the beginning of September! All hot and humid! After a rain during the night last night, the winds decided to “give us a break” and disappeared. This left us with as you say, “a cement block sitting in the air.” The poor trees don’t know what to do! Some have lost nearly all their leaves - and without turning color - just dropped them! Other trees’ leaves turned rusty brown - like the oak trees - except they’re not oaks! As usual, the ash are always the first one to drop their leaves. (I wonder why they’re always the last to get their leaves and the first to drop them.) A few trees are starting - finally - to show their autumn colors with some nice reds, oranges, yellows, browns and many shades of green. I’ve been taking pictures of the trees nearly every day as a record of how fast (or slow) the trees dress themselves in their colors and then bare themselves for winter. I can already see quite far into the woods since the trees started dropping their leaves. Come to think of it - as I pointed out to my wife - the first to get red leaves are sumac and poison ivy. They stand out like a sore thumb when everything else is still green. Okay… I’m rambling… end of post. :rofl::roll_eyes:


The air quality here in the Bay Area is so bad right now. The winds are blowing from the north and bringing smoky air from the fires to the south. The Air Quality Index has been hovering just below 200 which is the very hazardous purple level. I was feeling sick at my desk and could smell the smoke inside my office building. Then I got an email stating that “we’ve received some complaints from Building 15”. Quoting from the email:
"All buildings have been configured to bring in the minimal amount of outside air.
Building 15 set up is unique as it is designed to bring in 100% outside air.
This presents an additional challenge (for this building) and GSA has instructed the OM staff to bring in the minimal amount of air. The amount of air brought in will not compromise building occupancy requirements. " :scream:
Well, it compromised this occupant! Luckily I was able to bring my work home as it can be done on my home computer. :mask:


Oh @kateg I was thinking of all of you living nearby to the fires and how terrible the air must be. Here in Colorado we often deal with smoky air but rarely so close, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to breathe out there right now. Hang in there, what a tragedy this whole thing is!


I just heard on the weather (about 6 hours ago) that this is going to be another warm winter for us here in upstate New York, but not quite as warm as last winter. You’ve got to be kidding me! Do you remember how long we had to wait before we got any snow? Oh oh! I just remembered that I never fixed whatever broke in the gear box on my snow thrower. Okay, so I guess I can wait a little bit before we get snow. :sweat_smile:
We’re still in the 70s here, but we did have a couple of cold nights - one down to 32F/0C and the other down to 35.4F/1,8C. Other than that, mid 40s to upper 50s (6,7-15C).


Helpers want to take out my window ACs on Saturday.

Noooooooooooooooo! ;-/


I forgot to take the hummingbird feeders down today. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. They should be gone by now. They used to be gone by the end of September, but we had a couple around the 10th of October. These seasons are getting messed up! Still have a couple of robins as well - part of the group that decided to give up their migration and has been wintering over for the past 4 or 5 years or so? :thinking:


In case anyone is interested in seeing what lightning looks like from the ISS, here’s a link to that as well as to what a severe storm system looks like in the infra-red. The lightning one is really nice as they fade in with the cloud cover (still showing the lightning) and fade it back out.


I bet Jim does this LOL



Maybe here at my son & DIL’s house, but at my house? As soon as the first night when the temperature is going to go down below 70, the heat is on! I don’t have any extra insulation, so I am not going to freeze. If my wife complains, I tell her don’t cover up with the blanket then - just use a sheet. :smiley: Actually, our cat is a lot warmer down at my house than I am right now at my son’s! So why am I sleeping here when I could be warm as toast? :thinking: Oh yeah, the girls. :heart_eyes:


Where do yours migrate to?


Oh, they migrate from my house to my son’s house, then to the woods (probably to relieve themselves), and then they repeat. :wink:
Seriously though, the white-tail deer around here tend to keep within a 15-20 mile radius. There is always plenty to eat year round. And when times get tough, they turn my son’s arborvitae into lollipops! :rofl:
Most of the herds around here are small because of the number of bucks - but there are many! Once you start moving out toward the higher hills where there are fewer houses close together (less people), then the herds seem to get larger. While traveling on the NY State Thruway one time, I spotted a herd of nearly a hundred deer grazing in an open field just across the fence separating the field from the thruway. Less than a half mile down the road and there was another herd. What I haven’t seen in a few years is the herd of albino deer. They’re up north from here and never come down this way. The last I saw them in person was probably 20 years ago. Wow, has time flew by!
I was just outside hoping to see some meteors, but the motion lights (all 3) kept on turning on. They would only be off for a second or two and would come back on again. I could hear footsteps in the leaves on the ground from behind the side of the house all the way down the hill toward the stream. It seems the herd of deer that was feeding under the apple and pear trees decided to move just when I went out star gazing. Since I lost my night vision and could barely make out the brightest of the stars, I gave up and came back inside. Now that it’s after 3 AM, maybe I’ll try it one more time before getting a little sleep.


Cyuga ?


Hmmm… As I started to watch this it stopped and started buffering. Huh? Then I realized my auto-backup was running - and backing up to my cloud storage. I have that set to use 100% of the bandwidth. Besides, that video is 52 minutes long. I’ll watch that during the day during Brianna’s naps.
As I said, the deer around here don’t go that far. We can see certain ones in the morning and again mid-afternoon, and sometimes again at dusk. So if we see them 2 or 3 times a day, they are not going too far.


Orionids Meteor Shower peak … and no clouds for a change! I stepped outside shortly after midnight and looked up just as a meteor came shooting across the sky. I went back in, posted a reply on the forum, made a cup of coffee and headed back out. After I set my coffee down I looked up and there’s a 2nd meteor! This is going to be a good night! Getting myself comfortable (read: standing at the top of the steps leading down from the deck) I began looking between Orion and the Great Magellan Cloud and the show beginning! I stood there with my hands in my pockets staring up. I had to ignore the herd of deer that was crossing the stream at the bottom of the hill behind me. What a ruckus they were making as they hurried through the dead leaves. But the almost 40 minutes standing there was worth it. While of the meteors were bright with nice long white tails, the 4th one I saw seemed to come in at a steep angle. It was bigger and brighter than the others and it’s tail was reddish-orange. There were several small pieces that were breaking off and burned up immediately. That was AWESOME! :heart_eyes: I wonder what the pilot and co-pilot of the airplane that was heading in that direction must have thought. At 0120 I came back inside to warm up my feet and get another cup of coffee. I’ll be heading back outside shortly as I don’t want to miss this. Every year for the past 8 years has been cloudy and overcast. And the clouds are supposed to be moving in tomorrow. :angry: And wife is going to shoot me. I used the last of the sugar. Guess one of us will have to go to the store in the morning for more. :roll_eyes:


Saturday (today) was sunny and clear… right until 4 PM. Then the clouds moved in. I could hardly see the sun as it was setting tonight. Cloudy and overcast until around 7:30 PM and faith and be glory the clouds moved on. Lots of stars out again, but not quite as clear as last night. No matter… I should be able to see some meteors again tonight.
Around 11 PM I went outside and spotted one meteor traveling from north to south. It wasn’t that bright but did have an extremely long tail (looked almost a light brown - weird). I had Solo (one of the dogs) out with me. Some deer decided to cut across the backyard - directly from behind the pool deck - and Solo started to get up growling. Without looking down I crouched and held onto his collar, but as he started to get up he pushed my slightly past the doorway. Bang! The LED motion-activated flood lights came on and all I could see were blue spots! :grimacing: Quickly putting the dog in the house, I rushed back over to the doorway hoping to catch another meteor. Looking up all I could see were those darned blue spots in front of my eyes! Decided to call it quits until after 12:30-1:00 AM. :roll_eyes:
Oh, and my total count for last night was seeing 16 meteors. :heart_eyes:


OMG, @Jim7 must be in trouble! The squirrels must have thrown nuts at him … or the deer head butted him? No weather report in 6 DAYS! Do you think a meteor got him?

BOLO for Jim, known for chasing 2 granddaughters in their gocarts, while teaching a 3rd the nuances of ‘tooting’. He is often seen driving back and forth between a relative’s house and his house. His cat is yowling… his dog needs to go out. If you see this person of interest, report (here) to the Tomnod Safety Squad. (Copy to the Tomnod Weather Forecasters Association.)


Jim has apparently “found himself” or perhaps spotted himself in the bathroom mirror? BOLO canceled. Yet to be seen whether he’ll rely on the Almanac for weather… or step onto his porch for a check of temp :partly_sunny: and wind. :wind_chime:

It’s gotten cold here and I still have 3 window ACs to remove.


I’m back! :laughing: Had some family matters to take of, as well as help my grandson move into his new apartment; had two birthday parties (for little ones) to attend; drop off my car for a front-end alignment (wife can’t seem to steer clear of pot holes), new mud & snow tires, oil change and lube job, and an inspection; had to travel into the next county to an urgent-care clinic after finding a tick on the inside of my leg on the side of my knee. (I thought it was a scab where my cat had “nailed” me :laughing:, but when I pulled it off and looked at it, I said to myself (out loud), “it’s got legs!” I placed it in an empty pill bottle and headed off to the clinic. The tick wasn’t gorged yet as I got it as it was chewing away the first layer or two of skin before it would be burying its head. It stung constantly like a mild bee sting. I guess whatever chemical it uses to deaden the nerves where it bites doesn’t work on me. I sure felt every chomp! :rofl: Anyway, no bull-eye," so hopefully no Lyme disease.
And to stay on topic (okay Cagey?), it’s 60F/15,5C, overcast and a steady rain is still coming down. The rain started around 5AM this morning and never stopped. Although it was calm all day and evening, the wind started to pick up around 10:30 PM. It’s supposed to very windy overnight with winds of 20-35 mph and gusts up to 65 mph. Monday during the day the winds will still be 20-35 mph, but the gusts aren’t expected to be over 60 mph. Clean-up day after this passes. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: 2:10 AM (Monday): The winds have picked up terribly in the past half hour! The temperature has shot up to 65.6F/18,6C. It’s still raining and it stings my face when I face the wind. (“So don’t do that,” my wife would tell me. :roll_eyes::laughing:). Think I’m going to call it an early night. Only got 2-1/2 hours of broken sleep last night. If the power goes out from the wind knocking a tree down in just the right spot, at least the generator will come on and keep things running. Until then, the sound of the howling wind should put me to sleep quickly. Goodnight!


10 Nov., 2017 02:45 AM: I stood outside to smoke a half a cigarette and drink a cup of coffee. The wind was howling in the trees. It was cloudy with only a handful of stars visible. We had a very brief shower just after sunset last night. Although it is 41.7F/5,3C, the dampness made the air feel a lot colder and wind biting. I thought to myself, “I know this sound… I’ve heard it before.” Thinking back some years earlier I recalled one particular winter night when I got out of my snowplow and headed to the payloader sitting silently out in the open. As I trudged through knee-deep, freshly fallen snow to the payloader to refill my sander with rock salt, the wind howled in the trees and blew snow horizontally across the yard and into my face so hard it stung. That very same sound and nearly the very same biting wind was here again. The only difference this morning was there was no snow on the ground or blowing in my face, and the temperature wasn’t 19 F/-7,2 C with the wind chill making it feel like it was below 0 F/-17,7 C. Still, that same sound and chilling feeling. Funny how a simple sound can bring back such an obscure memory. ;o)
A tree along the edge of the woods on the other side of the field across the stream fell late yesterday afternoon with a loud and prolonged crash. The older dog just looked in that direction, but the younger of the two ran down the hill barking. Guess he thought he was chasing whatever he heard away. ;o)

2:00 PM: In the few hours before sunrise the clouds moved away and the temperature plummeted to 28.2 F/-2,1 C. We had snow flurries early this morning. The wind is blowing even harder now than it did overnight. At 12 noon it reached 32.5 F/0,27 C and it’s currently holding at 33.2 F/0,66 C. The wind chill makes it feel so much colder than it actually is. No birds are flying today, but a few are scooting from tree to tree whenever the wind gusts die down. Even the crows, ravens and turkey buzzards are nowhere to be seen. Haven’t seen any eagles, ospreys or hawks in days. Owls seem to do a lot of hooting when it gets cold at night.

Seventy-five percent of the trees are bare of their leaves. The few still holding onto theirs are still quite colorful as is the carpet of leaf litter on the ground. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the remaining leaves come off the trees before the snow starts to really fly! Then I get to remove a chest-high pile from in front of my front door. :“laughing out loud”

4 PM: The high for today reached a balmy 33.2F/0.6C. :rofl: Currently the temperature is down to 28.3F/-2C. The wind is still blowing quite hard and very gusty. I’ve noticed a lot of branches have been knocked down onto the ground beneath the trees. It’s going to be even colder tonight than last night. At 4:25 PM it’s dropped down to 26.6C/-3C! At this rate it may drop to 10F/-12C overnight. Now that’s winter temperatures. :o)
5 PM: 25.7F/-3,5C and the sun has just dipped over the hill and the Helderberg Mountains. Now the temperature should start dropping faster. Going to be cold when I head down to take care of Angel (:kissing_cat:).