2017 Oct 1st to Dec 31st - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


Well it’s a sunny 1°C here in Bolton…well, kinda sunny…well, it’s somewhere there peeking through the clouds :grin:


WOW 23 days of no weather reports! Jim! Jim! @Jim7 Bet he’s busy calming 2 grandkids getting excited about Santa!

I’ll fill in today, since I’m “close enough” to live in Jim’s “neck of the woods” (which could be anywhere since there are lots of “woods” in the US). So here is this morning’s weather–

28° F / C
Sunny (Yeah? Don’t let that fool ya! It’s co-co-coo-LD here.)
H 52° L 32° ( 52 ? in December! )

You know what’s worse than 28-degrees outside? Defrosting an old freezer before it croaks from the heavy burden of ice with “snow” crystals-- while in a kitchen that leaks air from outside. brrrrr – Boil water on stove. Lift pots into freezer. Close door. Check in 15 minutes. Dry bottoms of pans and put back on stove; re-boil the water. While it boils, gently use butter knife to get under ice… carry pieces to sink. Put boiled water back into freezer… repeat steps. Go stand on furnace register to warm up before beginning again. Put on gloves… Good note though-- the freezer looks so good now! And fridge turned back on without a problem–yay!


23 days? Where did that time go? I must have been having a lot of fun not to notice the days flying by! :roll_eyes:
Okay Cagey… the past week our overnight lows ranged from 20.2F/–6,5C all the way up to 41.2F/5,1C. Highs (that’s a funny one!) ranged from 43.8F/6,5C to 49.8F/9,8C with one day actually shooting up to 58.6F/14,7C! But don’t let the warm weather fool you! It was WINDY! So windy there were either no birds flying or just a handful of crows making short hops from tree top to tree top - and they were having a hard time at that! The wind and the strong gusts made it feel so much colder, it almost felt like winter! :rofl:
After I finished taking take of my cat, putting out the trash at my house, I headed out to my car and it and everything in the neighborhood was coated in frost. (I guess there’s going to be “frost on the pumpkin” tonight! :smirk:). I had to use the windshield washer to melt the coating before leaving. Upon returning to my son’s house I realized he hadn’t set his own trash and recycling barrels out yet, so I did that for him (while he slept - it was 12:45 AM when I got back). By the time I had flattened all the boxes and had the recycling done it was 1:30 AM. (I wish they would flatten everything as they put it out. That would make sense!) Anyway, I required a cup of hot coffee to take the frost out of these old bones. Okay, not so old since I plan on being around for another 38 years (102). :roll_eyes:
The sun graced us with it’s presence for the most part, but we did have a few overcast days/nights.
Oh! The night of the 19-20 November we did get 0.4"/1cm of snow! I made two snowballs, one for each of the older girls and set them in a paperboard box for when they got home from school. However, by the time the 4-yr old got home, the wind had blown the box off the table in the breezeway and onto the floor. They didn’t break, but we caught the queen (Bella, the old dog) just as she picked up one in her mouth. Bella loves eating snow and chewing on ice. :yum: Then the sun came out - and strong! By the time the 5-yr old got home, the remaining snowball had started to melt and was flat on the bottom. Oops! Since there was no way they could have a snowball fight with only one snowball, she decided - instead of throwing it at grandpa - she would let Bella eat it. Nice girl! We’re looking forward to when we get enough snow to build a snowman. The girls was to build one outside the bay window so their baby sister can see it when she sits in her high chair.

Note to Cagey: Have you ever tried using a hair dryer to help with the defrosting? When you get cold you can always heat yourself a little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe we nodders should take up a collection and buy you a new frost-free refrigerator. Or you can always start a “Go Fund Me” for it. :thinking::smiley:


The past week the sun was very shy - only can out for a few hours on one day! The rest of the days were overcast, sometimes foggy, and windy! The past couple of days were not only gray overcast, but a constant drizzle to a very light rain - day and night! It’s raining lightly right now at 2:38 AM and breezy. Yesterday’s daytime high was only 50.7F/10,3C, but after sunset the temperature began to slowly rise. It reached a high of 58.6F/14,7C at 10:45 PM, then the breeze started picking up and the drizzle/light rain that had ended at 8:30 PM started in again.
Spent most of the day indoors with the baby and the girls when they got home from school. :heart_eyes: Don’t tell anyone, but grandpa is teaching the baby to say “Pa” instead of “Daddy”! :innocent:


“P-a” How cute! Do you have relatives in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania Dutch? LOLOL
(I better run before you get a broom!)


I’ve never used a broom… could never find the start switch! :rofl:


Hey Bob (@AKE235), Are you getting any of that snow that’s falling in Austin and a few other places in Texas? My wife just showed me a Facebook post of traffic that is snow-covered! Weird weather Texas is having… hurricanes and then snow. :thinking::roll_eyes:


Gonna be in the low teens here tonight. brrrrrr


Last night it dropped down to 24.3F/-4,2C and already it is currently down to 31.1F/-0,5C. A mild breeze came up at sunset and is still hanging around. Guess there’s going to be ‘frost on the pumpkin’ again tonight. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This morning was nice with the sun shining through the clouds, although it only reached 37.6F/3,1C by noon. The overall high here today was 40.2F/4,5C. As the afternoon wore on, the cloud cover began increasing. By sunset it was overcast. I haven’t heard nor seen any weather forecast and I don’t think I care to - yet. :sushing_face: The girls want snow and to have a snowball fight - two against one (them vs. me) - after I make them each a “big pile of snowballs” as they put it to me. :open_mouth: And I was told, “if we run out, then you have to make us some more.” :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ouch! My wife just saw on Facebook that Atlanta, Georgia is getting hit hard with snow! They’ve received 10"/25,4cm of snow already (10:15PM) and the snow is expected to last another 9 hours! Hey! They can always send some up north! :wink:


So Funny!-------------


Such a crazy year. my sister was in Harvey in Houston, my friends lost their home in the Santa Rosa CA fire, and now the apartment I lived in as an infant with my parents just got destroyed in the Ventura fire. My parents were geologists and they always joked about that apartment because it was on an active fault scarp and they knew better than to live there. We drove by the place back in 2001 and it was still there. The fires got to it before the earthquake.


That’s how it goes! When I was about 16- to 17-yrs old, a friend of mine had a nice '66 Chevy with a 396cu" engine - all “souped up.” He was so worried about it rusting that he paid to have the entire underside rust-proofed. During the summer, as he was driving down a street, a little old lady (I kid you not!) ran a stop sign and tried to make a left turn onto the street he was traveling down. She hit his car just behind the front left wheel and torn open the entire side - all the way down to the rear bumper - like a can opener! :open_mouth: At least the rust didn’t get it! :rofl:
Oh, he did have the entire car fixed up again. We used it to travel the 26 miles/42 km to pick up my future bride. (And I used to walk that every Friday and/or Saturday evening to see her - 45 years ago.) :star_struck::heart_eyes::roll_eyes:


Try 15F… 4 degrees colder than last night. Trying hard to grow a 2nd fur coat. brrrr!

Oh … remember how I complained that my (bleeping bleep) upstairs neighbors kept making it a sauna in my apt with their heat at 72-74F? (cos they don’t understand how old houses have vents for both apts on the lowest floor… and that heat rises, so if they had let me turn on my heat they’d be warmer upstairs) Wellllll, I guess they can’t pay their gas or electric bills this month. So now I have to leave my heat at 69-70 to compensate for zero heat from their furnace. Careful what I wish for, eh? :-1:


Hmmm… You getting snow also? Aside from the little we received a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had nothing but wind and rain on the “bad” days and sun and wind on the “good” days. I got my snow shovels out, sharpened the cutting edges, waxed them down, water-proofed the handles again, and have them neatly leaning against the inside wall of my workshop. With the first snow, two of them will take their winter position on the porch. I still have to do a little work on my snow thrower - like put one axle and wheel back on without knocking the gears apart in the gear box. (I’m leaning to paying a “real” serviceman to come and do this for me… bad neck and back doesn’t always let me work as hard as I used to.) Anyway, the pails are full of rock salt (for the stone driveway) and calcium chloride (CaCl) for the walkways. When the CaCl runs out, I’m thinking of switching to magnesium chloride which is supposed to be safer (less toxic) to nearby vegetation. I never use that much anyway. I’m still using what I bought 2 years ago. I tend to go a wee bit overboard when I buy. Don’t want to run out when everyone else is making a mad dash to buy the stuff. :wink:
Looks like you shouldn’t have combed out your summer fur. It would have made a nice “inner blanket” beneath your winter coat. :smile_cat:


No snow. No dusting of snow. Not even a snowflake flying about.
Just cckcc–oOOoo-lLlL-d-d-d-d-D! The pads on my feet might get frostbite with just touching the hardwood floors. bbbrrrrr Wondering how cold those 9-foot double wells are that are under my dining room…Can the baby blow bbbbbbbbb yet?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: You made me think of how I’ve been trying to get Brianna (now 6 months old) to say either “grandpa” or just “pa”! Since yesterday afternoon she started staring at my mouth and is trying to imitate the motions. A few times she comes out with a faint “popping” sound as she tries to say, “pa, pa, pa.” Today was a little better. Betcha’ a cookie she says “pa” before “dada!” :rofl:
Last night my grandma heard mommy trying to get Brianna to say “mama” by repeating it over and over. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: But, as babies always do, she’ll probably blurt out “dada” without any help. Oh well… it’s still worth a try. And if it succeeds, grandpa will be in his glory! :hugs:

Oops! I think I just got off-topic! Am I the first since the one Technical thread got off-topic?


We got SNOW! Saturday at noon it began falling and hasn’t stopped since. At 2:00 AM Sunday it’s 27.7F/-2,3C and there’s a steady light snow still falling. It’s expected to stop some time late Sunday afternoon or evening. So far we’ve only received about 7.75"/19,68cm. Areas closer to the coast are supposed to be getting more, but I haven’t been listening to the weather forecasts - too busy wrapping gifts today after spending a quiet night at my own house with Angel (:smile_cat:). Spent nearly 10 minutes clearing off the car before I could head back to my son’s house. Then the girls wanted me to take them outside to play in the snow. The dogs loved it as they chased one another around and, of course, Bella spent more time eating it than playing in it - although she did do a lot of rolling in it. (And I had to comb all the little snowballs out of her hair before letting her back inside.:roll_eyes:). Hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows were given to the girls when they came back inside - it was just 29F/-1.6 outside and snowing like crazy at that time. Where I expected a nice hot cup of coffee, I was handed a 6-month old with a great big smile! She hadn’t seen me since she went to bed the night before and I was “preferred” over mommy! :heart_eyes::grin:
After the girls get up in a few hours, I’ll be heading outside to do some shoveling here, then heading down to my own house for more shoveling. Maybe I’ll use my son’s snow thrower, and he can use his 4-wheeler with the plow for the driveways. Then it’s more gift wrapping. :roll_eyes:


Is it a regional thing or what–

  • snow thrower?
  • snow blower?


Dunno! Understand the bit about shovelling though… if we EVER get that much snow :snowflake:, which is very rare where I am!