2017 Oct 1st to Dec 31st - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


Well, growing up we always called it a snowblower, but if one looks at all of the advertisements, they always read, “snow thrower” - which technically that’s what they do. I only started using the term “thrower” in the past few years. But I can always go back to “snowblower!” :laughing:

I didn’t get down to my house to clean up any snow today. :angry: My DIL decided to take the two older girls to “Winter Wonderland” - wherever that is (Altamont, NY?) - when my son got home from his overnight trip to New York City. She talked him into going with them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We got all of the snow cleaned up off the driveway after cleaning off the minivan and 3 cars. Then I shoveled the front walk, steps and landing. The deck is NOT being done by me today. This morning I was lying on the floor playing with the baby and one of the other girls came over and plopped down on my lower back. The bone from the backside of 3 vertebrae in my lower back was removed 2 years ago because there was no spinal fluid in them - which would lubricate and protect the nerves from rubbing against the inside of the vertebrae. When she plopped down, it felt like an electrical shock down both legs to my toes! Ouch! Now I have one wicked lower back ache! Besides, I left my gloves at my house - and not on purpose either. :innocent::rofl:


Ah ha!! “A “snow thrower” refers to a single stage snow removal machine that picks up the snow in one motion and throws it out the chute with the continuation of that movement. … A “snow blower” refers to a two stage snow removal machine.” From http://www.snowblowersatjacks.com/Snow-thrower-vs-snow-blower.aspx

Hey Jim, with your back, get a snow blower. :smiley:

:snowflake: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:

:snowboarder: :crying_cat_face: mew


icecube It’s f-f-f-f freezing Shivering1

It’s snowed over the weekend . . . . one whole centimetre…maybe two and it’s now frozen :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It was -2ºC when we got up this morning . . . that sounds colder than 28F :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

chilly It’s now 1ºC (33F) and we’ve had no heating all weekend; I had to put the 4 rings of the gas hob on to warm it up a bit down stairs this morning. Shivering3

On the bright side, we got our Christmas tree yesterday snow9 It was a beautiful drive to the farm with the snow covered trees and fields…looked just like a Christmas card scene.

Anyway, thank goodness the plumber has managed to get the heating working again today but will have to come back next week for a more permanent fix
…and I’m toasty warm again :blush:


Well, I guess we’ve always had snow blowers then. :wink: Once upon a time my daughter had an electric “shovel” - basically a snow thrower. She only wanted it to clear her short front walk and steps. Turned out it was more work getting the thing out - and the lead cord - and then cleaning the snow off both before putting them away than it was to just shovel everything the old-fashioned way. :laughing: Thanks for the clarification between snow throwers and snow blowers.
Once when my wife asked when I was going to clean the knee-deep snow off the walks, steps and driveway, without even looking up I replied, “It’ll melt eventually.” I guess I should have been looking because I got a slap across the side of my head! :open_mouth::rofl:


From the 9-10 Dec. we received 8"/20cm of snow. Then the temperature rose and the sun came out. You could almost watch the snow shrinking. This morning (11th) the sun was back out and more snow was melting. By tonight it should only be about 2"/5cm high. But, depending upon which forecast I listen to, tomorrow we’re supposed to get another anywhere from 1-3"/2,5-7,6cm or 2-4"/5-10cm or 3-6"/7,6-15cm of snow. It’s so hard to make an accurate forecast in this area. Regardless, we’re getting snow again! Arrgh! The baby just woke up! Later! :heart_eyes:


Ooh, not a good time for the boiler to break down! :scream::snowflake:
Glad the plumber managed to coax it back into life.


Oh yeh, we’re toasty warm again :blush:


I guess you enjoyed the Buffalo football game… ha ha. At least they seem to have won…

Around here snow blower/thrower is mostly interchangeable… although…

To some… at least in the realm of light fluffy dry snow… a snow BLOWER is a repurposed gas leaf blower… and work well until you run out of places to blow the snow to… but I know people who never shovel, but sometimes get out the snow thrower when it gets ridiculous. Here in Cranbrook it’s not all that bad, But where I was prior to this sometimes you got close to a metre at a shot… and it was scary to listen to some of the old timers… but I did witness and shovel one session where it was a metre a week, Thankfully that was a one off event. The joy of living at high altitude… 1350 m. or about 4500 ft. ASL.


My wife showed me the snow on her iPad - darn near a white out! From what I understand someone would catch or get handed the ball, turn and fall down! :rofl: Must have seemed like a circus! I don’t watch much football anymore as my wife is a Buffalo fan and my son is a Miami fan. And with baseball, she’s a Mets fan and my son is a Yankees fan. I would just go into the next room and fire up the short-wave radio. That kept me out of any arguments. :laughing:
There was one time when I did use a leaf blower to clear off the front walk along the street. It worked, but I had to wait for cars to pass by so I could step into the street to blow the snow through my hedges and into my yard. (I live in the middle of an “S” curve so I wouldn’t dare put any snow on the street, especially after it’s been plowed and salted.) I worked, but I think a snowblower is a lot faster than leaf blower. Walk the up, down and up again and I done. I really should have gotten my snowblower repaired this fall, but I never got around to it. Procrastination at its finest I suppose. :grin:
I remember seeing an old photo that was posted on the Internet from circa 1949. It showed a man standing in the snow next to a utility pole. He was standing at the same height as the top of the pole’s cross member! Caption read they had 40 feet/12 metres of snow. I believe that was in North Dakota. Now that’s a snowstorm Mother Nature would be proud of! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We got snow overnight!! Nothing spectacular like at Jim’s house, though.

There’s a “Snow Belt” around the Great Lakes where the chances are high for deeper snow, blowing snow, and snow drifts as wind comes across the lakes. But I’m south of the Snow Belt. We probably got 2 fluffy inches of white.

At 6 am today, it was 30F degrees. By tonight, however, it will be a frigid 10F degrees. (Reminder: 32F is freezing.)


Famous last words!?! We actually HAD S-N-O-W! :snowflake::snowflake:

If you believe some of the local news reports :newspaper:, it was “so much” that it brought the entire area to a complete standstill… :scream:

In reality, it came down for a couple of hours max, and the ground everywhere was so wet that it really didn’t settle much (maybe 10-15mm / 1/2 inch, if that)

Just cold now, got down to around -5C (23F) last night… (Warmer than some parts of the UK though)


Yeh Panic2 :sweat_smile: It’s because for the amount of snow we may or may not get each year it’s really not worth investing the time, money and resources that other countries do…we’d much rather just give it away :roll_eyes:

Don’t know what part of the country you are in Helen, but it’s a balmy 3°C (37°F) here in Bolton tonight. My hubby hubby will be pleased to hear it is raining now…he won’t have to worry about doing the splits walking to the station in the morning now…two days in a row he’s done that…stretched muscles he never knew he had down there :sweat_smile: :laughing: :rofl:


Not sure what temperature it actually is at the moment (I’m not sticking my head outside to find out!) but it’s predicted to be around 2°C (35°F) tonight here on the South coast…
And the furry barometer :cat2: has been firmly clamped to my lap all evening, so I can only assume that it MUST be cold out there… can’t tell if it’s raining though, I need him to go outside and come back in with wet fur to make that prediction! :rofl:
There was plenty of ice around this morning, local roads had flooded in various spots then frozen overnight. The local traffic reports were quite extensive…


@Jim Should I tell our Celsius friends what 10F is? A brrrrr frigid (negative) -12.2222C This is the weather when we open sink taps to drip and open counter doors so pipes don’t freeze…and flush the commode at least once before bed to keep the incoming water moving. Have I mentioned, though, there’s no heat in my BR that was built over the crawlspace? Brrrrrrrrr to go to the ''outhouse" tonight!

Stay warm over there! :smiley:


:smile: Yeh, we did manage to get down to -2°C a few days ago…and no heating :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t even want to consider competing against -12°C we’re back up to 4°C today and it’s raining, much more manageable for me :wink:

What is a BR ? :thinking:


Oh… the bathroom (BR). The “head”, the ivory throne, etc. The “icebox” if you live here.

I have about a 8x6 foot full bathroom (or so–it is small), a 22 foot long (but very narrow) kitchen, and under those two rooms a 4-foot high crawlspace that is the entire width of the house. All the plumbing is in the farthest corner away from the access point into the crawlspace.

Then, on the bathroom side and in “front” of the bathroom in the basement, there’s a 4foot high crawlspace that is larger than 9feet hx 14feet w. That crawlspace has two 9-feet deep 1880s old stone wells in its “floor” (in the original “yard”). Those wells were never capped, so they let in super duper cold air!! When I moved in here, I bought 1" thick full-sized plywood sheets to cover both of the side-by-side wells (plus cover the overlap wall between them and part of the “floor”). Then, I laid 4ml plastic and fiberglass insulation batts down on top of the plywood. It cuts down on maybe 60-80% of the draft.

As a little more explanation, the owners remodeled (1950s?) and added / changed where the kitchen, bathroom and dining room were. It used to be one big house, so one bathroom was only upstairs.

The wells were right outside of the old “kitchen” – that room is now a more “formal” dining room. The original fireplace facing into the formal dining room was blocked / closed on the formal dining room side, and changed to be open on the current dining room side and was converted to a gas fireplace (now decorative only). The front has an ornate iron covering, but if nudged even slightly, the cold air is horrendous– the flue must never have been closed completely. brrrrrrr! .

And, lastly, there’s an old abandoned coal mine under this house and backyard. When the gas company was fracking about 15 miles away, it set off an earthquake about 1 mile deep that went through the mine space and traveled from the bathroom corner (SW corner) diagonally through the house to the front corner (NE). No vibration-- just sounded like a massive semi-truck hit the house. Since then, the house is “bending” and dropping in the middle, right where the most ornate weight sits – a built-in floor to ceiling 4-shelf glass-door dish cabinet with a large open serving area and then 4 wide / deep linen drawers below that. Plus the fireplace and mantel on the opposite wall behind it. In the short hallway opposite and behind the built-in is another floor to ceiling linens cabinet with 4 tall / long shelves, with 4 wide / long drawers under it. It has full wood doors, no glass.

In the room beside the glass-door cabinet, the wall now has large cracks and the ceiling has cracked right-to-left, and front-to-back. Only in that room so far which is weird. There are double pocket doors there (and in 2 other doorways) which adds weight along those walls. The next room is cracked from floor to ceiling.

Methinks “the mansion” at about 137 years old now might not reach its 150th or maybe its 175th birthday . Frown.

Have I mentioned that I want to move…

By the way, wind chill outside is below zero. It’s 14F and it snowed again overnight with Great Lakes’ white-out squalls in southern towns of my State where we never get lake effect snow.


Shhhh, don’t tell @Jim7, I’ve just been outside and seen a couple of Geminids (:stars::stars: meteors). Just for once, it was actually clear enough to look… shame I couldn’t stay outside for too long, thanks to whoever brought the cold/cough into the office. :roll_eyes::sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer::mask::angry:


And I don’t suppose they’ll compensate towards repairs of such damage :smirk:
I grew up in a big old 5 bed house, big rooms, high ceilings and took a lot to heat, the costs were astronomical…so glad we went for modern when we married :slight_smile:
And yes, you have mentioned you want to move; ideally you could probably do with something small, modern, low maintenance and at ground level. Is that not a possibility yet?


I saw one a couple of weeks ago, I did hang around outside for quite a while but didn’t see any more :frowning:

And I’ve got my kids to thank for sharing their colds with me :angry: So can’t visit with my f-i-l this week as I don’t want to risk sharing it with him or the other residents :disappointed:


Nothing so far. This is an old steel mill / coal mining area. Lots of private large houses turned into duplexes.