2017 Oct 1st to Dec 31st - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


Ah, ah! I stepped outside at 9:30 PM last night and saw one meteor - big and bright with a decent tail - heading from north to south. But then I noticed that while looking straight up, from about 2 or 3 degrees to the north the sky was overcast! Oh, oh! Those clouds just had to be slowly moving south. When I stepped back outside an hour later, completely overcast! But I didn’t mind too much as I didn’t plan on staying out for too long - it’s freaking cold out here! :laughing: We’ve had wind advisories since the night before… really strong winds with high gusts that gave a wind chill effect of 16 degrees (F) colder than it actually was. The overnight low was 18F/-7.7C which felt like 2F/-16.6C and the daytime high was only 26F/-3C which felt like 10F/-12C. The only birds I saw flying today were a few crows and two blue jays. Even they were stopped in mid-air by the wind gusts and looked as though they were hovering. :smiley: I watched a helicopter traveling south make a left turn to head toward Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The tail section was swinging a little to side as the gusts were hitting it. I was amazed at how many “choppers” were flying today in this wind. Crazy!

Since it turned overcast last night, the winds have died down to being mostly calm. The temperature is slowing rising. From 17F/-8C at 11:00 PM last night, it is now 20F/-6.6C at 3:27 AM. It’s actually not bad outside since the wind has left to bother someone else. :wink:

As for snow, we did receive another 3"/7.6 cm the day before (12th), but just before it ended, the temperature started climbing and the snow turned to drizzle. Snowblowers don’t work very well when the snow - as it gets packed - turns to slush. The chute plugged up after only moving one step. Cleaned it out and tried again… one step and plugged. :angry: Shut it off and got out the shovel. Now where’s the electric starter on this thing? :rofl: The snow that “turns to slush as you touch it” was so heavy, I could only lift half a shovelful at a time. By the time I got halfway through my son’s driveway, I was down to 1/3 of a shovelful. My lower back was killing me as I looked around and said to myself, “just another 30 minutes and I’m done.” Oh wait! I still have to go down and do my own walks, two sets of steps and the driveway. I decided to let my driveway go as it is a stone driveway… just the apron is blacktop/asphalt. But after shoveling just the tall set of steps to my porch I gave up. Although I really wanted to clear everything before the arctic air mass swooped down on us for the remainder of the week - the high for the week is supposed to be 27F/-2.7C - so it didn’t turn to ice and remain there for the week or more, I just couldn’t do any more. I was done. :disappointed: And to make matters worse, Solo (one of my son’s dogs) chewed up one of my new insulated leather gloves! :angry: This would have been the first time wearing them! :angry::angry:

Arriving back at my son’s house I noticed the temperature had shot up to 38F/3.3C by 2 PM. By 3 PM it started to drizzle, got a little foggy and the temperature began its drop. By 4 PM there was a steady light rain and dense fog. By 4 PM the temperature was already down to 24.7F/-4C! Overnight it dropped to 18.0F/-7.7C, but the wind chill made it feel like 2F.-16.6C! Everything is frozen and even the deck boards pop and snap when you walk on them! Sometimes they make “pops” on their own!


I don’t know for sure if I caught something from my granddaughters or not, but within the past couple of hours, I began sneezing a lot, then the back of my throat started to hurt. Now my nose is running clear like a pair of faucets! Not too happy. I don’t know whether to blame the girls or if it was getting my feet wet and cold when I shoveled the snow/slush. I wore my old boots which are not waterproof any more - after all, they are almost 20 years old! :rofl: My new boots sat inside keeping nice and warm and dry. I could almost wring my socks out when I took off those old boots. Maybe I’ll turn them into my “fair-weather” boots. :roll_eyes:
Oh, no! I just realized it’s 4:06 AM! The girls get up for school in just under 3 hours! Got to get a little sleep. Good night. :sleeping:


The past 3 days have been a little chilly with the overnight lows in the low to mid-20s(F)/-2,7 to -5,5©. Daytime highs were 34F/1C, 24F/-4C, and 37F/2,7C. We did get some snow the other day but what we got was a lot less than forecast for us - 0.4"/1cm instead of 3-5"/7,6-12,7cm. Just enough to make everything look pretty. :grinning: Midnight temperatures for the 3 days were at 30F/-1C, 26F/-3C, and 27F/-2,7C.
Yesterday we did get a little snow, although it took the entire day (with a couple of hours of nothing) to get a total coating of 0.4"/1cm!
Today we had a mixed bag… starting around 4 AM and continuing throughout the morning we had freezing rain. By 11 AM it had turned to a steady light rain. This continued until shortly after 5 PM, but the temperature began rising slowing after 6 PM. It’s currently 10:17 PM and 38.3F/3,5C.

For Christmas Eve we’re going to receive a 2-piece snow storm. Beginning late Christmas Eve we’re supposed to get 3"-5"/7,6-12,7cm… a short break… then another bout of snow during the day. But this one may be influenced by the “lake effect” - winds picking up moisture off the Great Lakes and dumping that moisture as snow. Forecasts ranged from 6"/15cm to 12"/30cm. Not too shabby for a White Christmas! :smile:

The outlook for the rest of the week is COLD…COLD…COLD! The high on Wednesday is only supposed to be around 18F/-7,7C with overnight lows in the single digits (F)/-12,7C to -17,2C.
Like I tell my granddaughters, “These are hot chocolate days!” :heart_eyes::rofl:


Glad to hear I’m not the only one doing this… I’ve been shovelling since Tuesday when we got a couple of inches… then Wednesday they forecast a few more…
NAH! We had a dump of close to 15 around my location, but it went up and down a bit depending on where you were… 12 to 15 inches was the average… higher up got more… one of my ham friends said he had 18 only a short distance south,
Got to love living in the mountains, even if it is a nearby valley these days. My old haunts didn’t get this much this time… They were supposed to though.

Now the good news, as I type this it is starting up again with light flurries… that always makes me nervous… the word flurries. Usually translates to LOTS MORE.

Have a good Christmas folks… also applies to whatever other holiday you may observe.



( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXGJ6qhkzBc )

Yup to the first screen. It is cOLd here!

Reminder in cold areas::: In cold weather, kindly slap your automobile’s hood before getting in and attempting to start it. Some of my cousins tend to camp outdoors and crawl up onto engines to get out of the wind. Better to scare them rather than to hurt them (or kill them).

Yeah, I know, not exactly the same “drift”, but a great oldie…


We were supposed to be at the trailing edge of a snow storm and was expected to receive 3"-5" of snow. You know how Mother Nature can be… she moved the edge of the storm 25 miles to the north of here. We didn’t even get a flurry! She made up for leaving us out when she gave us a little snow, and then followed that with freezing rain on Saturday - and then soaked us with a steady light rain for the afternoon and early evening and followed by fog! The only thing white for Christmas Eve is the sky. :smile:

Supposed to start snowing in a few hours and I still have to get down to my house to clean our cat’s litter box, make sure she’s got plenty of food, water, and of course, cat treats. :smiley_cat: Then it’s back up here to my son’s house. The wife and I want to see our granddaughters opening their gifts. Last year they were up at 5:45 AM! And if there’s snow on the ground, I’m sure they’ll want to go outside to play - presents or not! :tired_face:


I had that on a 45 rpm, but now I can’t remember what was on the other side. Senior moment? :thinking:


City Stars maybe… there was a Decca press with that on the B.

We didn’t get much more than a dusting today, but -15 C for a high, no wind.


I’m below the snow belt. The snow was supposed to stay north. Well, the snow started at 8:15pm as I waited for Pizza Hut to deliver my order. I bet there’s at least 3" out there, and it’s supposed to snow today, too.

1am… Santa’s flying…


He already delivered 5,780,878,149 gifts!
And headed for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

ho ho ho


I left my son’s house to head down to mine to take care of the cat and everything was covered - it was snowing. It must have started between 10 and 11 PM (the last time I had my son’s dogs out). When I arrived at my house I turned on the weather radio and we’re supposed to receive between 3" to 7" (7,6cm-17,7cm). Winds on Christmas Day are to be between 40-50 mph/64-80 kph, causing blowing snow and limited visibility at times. I don’t know how well that town keeps up with their roads, but my town keeps everything pretty bare - especially the hills and the winding roads. Anyway, at least there was still enough salt on my hill from when the town salted during the freezing rain - the hill was bare on my trip down the hill. (I live on the middle of a 6-block hill.) By the time I left my house shortly after 1 AM, the hill was now covered. We have to go to one of my younger brother’s house in the afternoon - in the next town over - for a Christmas get-together with most of my family. With the weather, I don’t think there will be more than 50 this year.
I just looked out the window at my car (which was clean when I backed in) and it’s covered in snow, so I guess it’s going to be accumulating pretty quick. It is a fine snow but it’s coming down at a decent rate - but not like the 3" per hour/7,6 cm per hour like some storms. Now if I can just sneak outside in a few hours with one of my granddaughter’s boots and make some footprints in the snow leading up to the back door. My daughter-in-law told the girls, “we have to leave the back door unlocked for Santa because we don’t have a chimney with a fireplace.” :laughing: The 5-year old asked if the dogs would bark at Santa and not let him in, but she told her the dogs know Santa and wouldn’t bother him or his reindeer. :wink: It will be an interesting day I’m sure! The 6-month was more content with trying to eat the wrapping paper she ripped from one of her gifts her aunt brought her Sunday than she was investigating what was beneath the paper! :rofl:

Nearly forgot! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


This article was linked from the above article. I had no idea that’s how Santa at NORAD started. It is a heartwarming story

Wishing everyone a relaxing, peaceful holidays. :grin:


:laughing: I used that Santa tracking site when the children were small…worked a treat to get them off to bed on Christmas Eve :grin:


We’ve had such a mild Christmas, I was drying laundry on the line outside this Christmas Eve…gotta be a first for me :open_mouth: Last minute bits a certain son just neeeded for Christmas :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


With wind chill, it is a balmy-frigid temp of -5F below zero! Without the wind, it is 10F. Oh-- and we get repeats for the next WEEK!! Bundle up those kids, @Jim7 !

The upstairs tenants must have had their natural gas shut off or they are keeping it very low; their furnace has not been on in two months. For the first time since I moved here, I’m having to run my furnace at 70F just to feel warm. And that’s with foam between inner/storm windows, plastic on windows, insulating foam behind every outside wall outlet,.and draft stoppers in front of every door…

When is spring coming? My whiskers are shivering!


We had a white Christmas! Yeah! But darned cold and windy! Final tally for the Christmas Eve/morning snowfall here was 6-3/4"/17cm. It would have made nice snowmen… heck… a whole family could have been created in no time at all… if we were Weddell seals! An awful wind blew the entire time I cleaned off the minivan, my car and my DIL’s car. (My son went to work.) It seemed that every time I thought I was upwind while clear the snow from the minivan roof, it would switch directions and blast my face with a driving snow that felt like pins and needles. I don’t know how, but somehow it managed to find it’s way down my neck. Brrrr…Of course I waited until after the girls opened their gifts before heading outside. :wink: I finished with the shoveling at my son’s house with just enough time to shower and change before we headed to my brother’s house for a Christmas get-together. Had a great time. I still can’t get over how big all my “little” nieces and nephews grew - and their children! :smiley:

With all of the different foods, cookies and treats everyone brought to my brother’s house, when we returned to my son’s house the first thing the girls said was, “I’m hungry.” The girls ate non-stop at my brother’s house! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Once the girls devoured a pizza pie (by themselves) it was upstairs for baths and bed. For me it was time to head down to my house to shovel my walkways and driveway. (My snowblower sits with one wheel and axle out of it. :open_mouth:) By the time I finished shoveling I still had to clean the cat’s litter box, give her fresh water, top off her food bowl, give her a few cat treats and comb her out. Once I wheeled the trash and recycling barrels out to the curb I headed back to my son’s house. It was nearly 1:30 AM by the time I walked in. :tired_face: Hopes of going to bed right off were ended as my son’s dogs decided they wanted to go outside! :unamused: One thing led to another and I finally dragged myself off to bed at 3:30 AM.

Overnight temperature dropped to 14F/-10C mostly calm. This morning the sun was up before me - :laughing: - as was everyone else. :roll_eyes: The wind is blowing again today. At 12 noon it climbed all the way up to 25F/-3,8C. It’s expected to get much warmer this afternoon. Overnight tonight we’re supposed to be in the single digits (F) (-12,9 or less) and for Wednesday they’re saying the high will only be 18F/-7,7C! As long as the wind doesn’t get to strong, it shouldn’t be too bad. :roll_eyes:

I do believe I am going to take it a little easy today, after all, Grandpa gets to put a lot of the girls toys together for them, install batteries when necessary, clean up more packaging materials for recycling, etc. Eventually I’ll be able to lie on the floor with the three girls and play as we listen to the wind howling through the soffits. Outside it’s nice to hear the wind blowing through the pine trees. :smiley: Aside from 5 crows and one hawk, the rest of the birds have resigned themselves to the trees and the ground. :neutral_face:


Tonight there are so many stars out. It would have been an almost perfect night for watching a meteor shower but, as has been the case for the past several years (with the exception of say two nights), it’s always been overcast. Anyway, the winds have died down and are now very still. The stars are all twinkling away and IT’s COLD! It’s 8:30 PM and it’s already down to 11.3F/-11,5C. Supposed to be close to 0F/-17,7C overnight. They say the high for tomorrow (Wed.) will reach 18F/-7,7C! I don’t know if it’s going to get windy again, but if it does, the wind chill is going to make it as my granddaughter says, “Brrrr cold!” :neutral_face: I don’t think I’m bringing the girls outside to play in the snow tomorrow.

An observation I made today: As I looked at the snow on the deck railings, I could see where the sun had melted a little on the side. With the winds yesterday gusting to 40-50 mph/64-80 kph, it creates shallow indentations along the side of the snow. It looked exactly like the striations or bands along the edge of the ice sheets in Antarctica. :smiley:

(Added at 11:49 PM) I was just outside and within 3 minutes saw 3 meteors! They were big and bright, but without any tails. The first two traveled from east to west while the third went from the northeast to the southwest. They looked like big colored sky rockets you’d see on New Year’s Eve - traveling slow enough you could follow them for at least a second and a half. The first one looked like someone shot a rocket at the moon! :laughing: I guess I’ve been so busy, I neglected to check on meteor showers for late December. :roll_eyes:
It’s now 22:53 PM and the temperature has dropped to 6.7F/-14C already! My pant legs get awful cold within just a few minutes. As much as I want to, I don’t think I’ll be standing outside watching for meteors for thirty minutes at a time like I usually do. Darn cold!

EDIT: 1:45 AM (Wed.): It’s now 5F/-15C. A slight breeze began coming in from the north. Heard a few cracks and pops from the woods. It’s getting cold. Keep warm down there @cageycat! :wink:


First off I’d like to thank our Canadian friends for sending down to us some of their “refreshing” arctic air! :roll_eyes: Yesterday morning’s and this morning’s overnight low tied at -1.4F/-18,5C. Yesterday’s high reached 20.3F/-6,5C, but today it only topped out at 10.4F/-12,0C. With the winds today they said the wind chill made it seem like 25 degrees(F) colder than the actual temperature. People were advised not to go outside until absolutely necessary. It wasn’t THAT bad when I made a couple short stops to the Post Office and my house to tend to the cat. The car started right up, but it did make an awful groaning sound until the oil was pumped up to the cylinders. :hushed:
This arctic air mass is supposed to be with us for ten days, so we’re looking at another week of this! :unamused: The cold temperature had frozen the snow in place until the high wind gusts would lift up sections of snow crust on the rooftops, flip them over and blow the fine snow all over. Looking out into the woods it looked like a cloud of sparkles moving through the trees. Nice - as long as it didn’t hit you in the face! :rofl:
My wife asked me if our house temperature was set at 68F/20C. I told her I’m keeping it at 71F/21,6C so the cat stays nice and warm, the medicines at the house are okay, and most important of all… my wood finishes, stains and paint stay nice and warm. :rofl: Needless to say she wasn’t too impressed. Beside, if we should lose power down their, I’d rather have the house start off at 71F/21,6C and get colder from there than to start off 3 degrees(F) colder. It could make a difference as to whether some water pipes in some far off corner freeze or not. (Even my workshop - where I have an electric, oil-filled radiator running - only dropped down to 60F/15,5C when the outside temperature went below 0F/-17,7C.
Our grandson borrowed our car tonight because the wire running from the battery terminal in his car corroded and broke off - as did one other smaller wire. Turns out his battery is the original in his car as well - from 2005! He had his car towed to the garage for repairs. I told my grandson I would call the garage in the morning and have them install a new battery as well as the cable harness - and Grandma and I would pay for it. (He just paid his car insurance is a little short of cash.) Oh well… guess Christmas isn’t over yet for us! :rofl:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the current temperature (at 10:00 PM) is 5F/-15C. Gonna be another cold night.


I was pretty sure that the arctic air mass started out over northern Alaska… and followed the jet stream southward… into our area in Canada and a whole lot more… ha ha.

Anyway after cleaning up more of that 15 inch/ 35cm dump, we are now experiencing some more… and then more after that. Already past 5cm and pushing upward.

After shoveling and then having supper, I was possessed to look back at Google images. All the way to the Buffalo Blizzard of 77 and the Eastern Blizzard of 78… Fun reminiscing… since I was in Toronto in those days… and there have been others as well. Have Fun all, looking forward to New Years if we can dig out in time.



I think my back is getting too old for digging out those amounts anymore. I used to come home from 20_ hours of plowing and help the old man across the street shovel his driveway. Then he’d go into his house and come out with 2 quarts of ale. We’d sit on his picnic table and talk and drink until it was gone. He’d go inside and I came back across the street and shovel my three walks and my “Y”-shaped driveway. I’d get done in about 3 hours (with my own driveway). I’d go inside, lie down on the couch and cover up. My wife would wake me up less than 2 hours later to get ready for work again. Those were the days! :laughing: The high winds we’ve been having have blown most of the snow away. Looks like we’re down to about 3 inches now. In many areas - just like Antarctica - the snow is completely blown away with bare ground showing. Crazy strong winds! Haven’t heard anything about the weather for here other than the high wind and wind chill warnings. We had our white Christmas, so we’re happy with that. But looking to this spring and summer, if we don’t want to run short of water, we better get more snow pack. I can remember not too many years ago up in the Great Sagandagan (sp?) Lake, the people’s boat docks were over 200 feet away from the water’s edge. It was WAY down!
A little note aside: I wonder how many people realize just how much water ski resorts suck out of the mountain streams for making snow when Mother Nature doesn’t oblige them. Many aquatic insects and the fishes that feed upon them are already stressed by the little water in the streams in the winter months. Running these streams nearly dry does terrible harm to them.
Okay, I’m going to bed. It’s 12:37 AM and currently 2,7F/-16,2C with a steady light breeze blowing. Going to cuddle up. :sleeping:


I was in Erie in Winter of 1975-76. The drifts were about 6 feet high on campus.

Yesterday, spotted a tiny black dog trotting down the center of the side street beside my house. Only thing he wore was a collar… and he’d been shaved down recently. I think he did the center of the street, vs sidewalks, cos the street had no snow left. Tried to call him to my back door— he thought of coming over but he kept trotting on. I called the police to see if they’d go find the pup since it was below zero.

Neghbors had a knock down, drag out fight this morning. Yeah, I know, I should post this and the pup story in the animal thread (since my neighbors act like animals!), but… we’ll be retiring this thread soon to make way for the 2018 one.