2017 Oct to Dec - Random Thoughts


Start using this thread on Oct 1st. Thank you.


I noticed it was starting to get quite long, not that “I” had anything to do with that! :innocent::rofl:


Was that Oct. 1st. of this year? Or did I sleep thru another one?


BigRedButtonGif :sweat_smile:


It is possible @cageycat slept through one during her long nap? Is it just me or does it seem like Cagey is taking a lot of long naps lately? :sleeping::thinking::grin:


I’m confused; what is the issue? The “to Sept” was getting too full. I made this thread early so I wouldn’t forget and to keep Jim in blank posts to fill up. Have I missed something? :question:


:rofl: No…no…no! We’re just messing with you a little! I realized during my last few posts that the topic was getting quite large and I had a feeling that these type of topics would more than likely be broken down into “quarterly” parts. When I said I had noticed it was quite long, I meant the current one we were using - not this new one. Bob, in his quick wit, jumped right in on my remark and ran with it. Maybe it has something to do with the time of day - or night - we read these posts? Mornings before we’ve had sufficient coffee/tea/whatever to clear our senses? Evenings/nights after a long day of nodding? Too hot and humid outside? I don’t know… maybe we’re just “losing it”? :crazy_face::grin:
My only other guess is that you weren’t expecting anyone to post a comment until the 1st of October. Oops!

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts

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Okay, here’s our next project:

Tag these stars!


The blue ones, red ones (giants and/or dwarfs), the binary stars, or just the plain ole yellow ones? I hope TN makes these map small enough we don’t bog down the server. :grinning:

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts

Well I’m game…but they’d have to make the tags smaller :upside_down_face:

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts

I’ve actually got this up playing in a separate tab just for the background music while I work :grin:


Congratulations to Kazuo Ishiguro for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature!

I highly recommend his books :open_book:


hint hint, @Jim… need some posts here.

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts

Two nights ago while at my house, I saw a caterpillar - a woolybear - walking slowly across my porch. I gathered it up and placed it into a plastic container with a lid. I tossed in a few lilac leaves as well. When I showed my granddaughters the next day, they said they wanted to keep it for a pet. Grandma and I tried to explain to them that the caterpillar needed to find just the right spot to sleep for the winter. Today the 5-yr old told me they let it go. A couple of hours later I found it in a different plastic container they had been using for making their “potions.” Without letting them know I found it, I gathered some more green leaves and set them into this container. Eventually we’ll talk them into letting it go. :grinning:


“Lemme out! Lemme out!” Don’t you hear it yelling from the potions table?


It will have to stay where it is until the girls realize they have to let it go or it’ll die. So for now, every several hours I go outside, remove the lid and let some fresh air into the container. :wink:


Awww the Caterpillar Guardian


Question to all since I never remember how it is supposed to be: They say one can tell if the winter is going to be warm or cold, wet or dry, etc. depending upon how much brown is between the black head and black butt end of the woolybear caterpillar. Anyone know how that old saying goes, or at least what it means when their is a lot of brown as compared to the amount of black ahead and aft of it? An inquisitive mind wants to know. :innocent:


Do you have a brown magic marker? I’d like a mild winter, please.

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts
2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts