2017 Oct to Dec - Random Thoughts


I just read through the entire article on the Woolly Bear caterpillar (notice I’ve corrected my spelling of it in this post :roll_eyes:). The brown band tells what kind of winter we’ve had LAST YEAR and doesn’t predict the next one. Bummer! The bigger the brown band, the warmer last winter it was, and the more black shows it had been a cold one. Now I know. Thanks, Cagey.


A little “old news” from two local newspapers in my town that have long been combined into one.

From the Coeymans Herald, January 18, 1882 - S.H. & E.J. Sherman, Proprietors

  • The additional snow on Monday patched up the low spots in the road so we still have fair sleighing.

  • The three hotels and Whitbeck’s store each have a large reflector street light, which illuminates the street in those localities.

  • We are informed that James Maxwell of this village, purser of the steamer Lotta, is shortly to marry a young lady from the metropolis.

  • The marriage of School Commissioner Samuel F. Powell to Miss Mariah, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Vanderzee, will take place tomorrow night at five o’clock in the residence of the bride’s parents on First Street.

  • Somebody rifled J.P. Synder’s trunk of $11 at his lodging place Saturday.

And from a little more “modern” time, from the News Herald, January 19, 1917 - Ernest Height, Managing Editor.


  • Skating on the river is a very popular sport for both boys and girls this year.

  • A new poultry house of quite large proportions has been built on the Blaisdell farm.
    (NOTE: The poultry house is still standing - having been converted to a workshop with piping installed on the ceiling for pneumatic tools.)

  • Some of the private ice houses have been filled with 10 to 12 inch (25,4 to 30,48 cm) from the Coeymans Creek.

  • Powell & Minnock commenced harvesting ice from their pond on Tuesday and have housed about 7,000 tons from the first cutting.

  • There is a scarcity of help in the ice harvest.


  • The best skating in several years has been enjoyed on the Ravena Lumber Co. pond this week.

  • The annual donation for the pastor of the Christian Church will take place Friday, February 9th.

  • The G. Ward Co. team of horses attached to the coal wagon started on a spirited run from in front of the coal office on Tuesday and was stopped by Mrs. T. Millet on Dempster Street.

I thought some of you would enjoy a “blast from the past!” to see what made the news back then. :grinning:


Here’s something that should give you a good laugh.
My son and daughter-in-law had to buy a new refrigerator. He told her to buy what she wanted because he didn’t “… want any problems.” (Meaning if he got one he liked and she didn’t, he didn’t want to hear her complain. :wink:) Well, she went online and checked out the many different brands and sizes, finally deciding upon a specific make & model she liked. She also decided it would be better to have a larger cubic inch model since their current (and failing) unit is always overstuffed - read: not enough room. She orders the new refrigerator and sets up the delivery date which at the earliest was nearly 3 weeks from the time she buys it. It was delivered yesterday (Monday).
The morning of the delivery, the company texted my DIL and gave an initial delivery time of between 11 AM and 2 PM. My DIL had an appointment at the pediatrician for Brianna (the baby) for 2 PM which was made last week. At 12 noon she receives another text from the company indicating a definite time of 2 PM. My DIL tries to call the doctor’s office to move the appointment to a later time, but the office is closed from noon until 1 PM for lunch. :roll_eyes: At 1:12 PM my DIL gets through to the doctor’s office and gets the appointment moved to 3 PM.
Shortly before 2 PM the company texts her again saying that they didn’t realize where she lived and that the truck was still 40 miles/64 km away… they wouldn’t be there until 2:40 PM. Now my DIL is starting to freak out as it takes 20 minutes to travel to the doctor’s office.
The truck shows up at 2:40, right on schedule. The two gentlemen wheel the refrigerator around to the back of the house. (Thank goodness the ground is frozen so the hand truck (dolly) wheels didn’t sink into the lawn.) The look at the stairs going up to the deck and realize the refrigerator won’t fit through while still in the carton. The unhook the ‘fridge from the hand truck, cut away the carton, then get the hand truck back under it and strap it in. As the get to the top step there is only a hair’s width of space between the front and back of the unit and the hand rails. It took them some time, but they managed to very slowly and meticulously make it through. There was a little more room coming through the doorway into the breeze way (screen room). But when they opened the sliding door to bring it into the house, their mouths dropped. The doorway is an entire inch/2,4cm too narrow! :laughing: No matter what we tried to do, removing door handle to let the door slide farther into the track (didn’t work) or removing this and that trim (didn’t work either), it just wasn’t enough wide enough to get it inside. Even lifting, tilting and removing the sliding door altogether wasn’t going to work. Smiling, I shook my head and asked my DIL if she ever looking at the dimensions of the refrigerator when she was shopping. “Of course!” she said indignantly… “I got the size I wanted!” When I told her I didn’t mean the cubic area of it, but the outside dimensions, she looked at me as if to say, “Ah, no… I never thought about that.” :roll_eyes:
My DIL came up with a brilliant idea - the men could remove the doors and that would give more than enough to get it inside. Then I pointed out that the water line for the dispenser runs through the top hinge and inside the door. The inside molding, in addition to the hinge cover and hinge, would have to be removed before they could even get to the water line to disconnect that! One of the men pointed out that they still had 3 more deliveries to make yet and they simply didn’t have that much time to do all of this. Then she comes up with the idea of them lifting the refrigerator and passing it through one of the windows to the play room (addition they just had built). Those windows are 8’x8’/2,4mx2,4m - plenty of room and ONLY waist high at the sill. The one guy tells her, “this thing weighs 400 pounds (181,4kg)!” I point out to her that something that heavy sliding across the window sill is bound to break something in the window sill or frame. After much discussion, my DIL informed the two gentlemen that since they couldn’t get it inside, she no longer wanted that refrigerator. The guys were very understanding and great about this. They told her what to say when she calls the company and informs them of what happened and began the arduous task of working the refrigerator back through the breezeway doorway, down the tight stairs, across the frozen lawn and back out to the truck. Just as they loaded it back onto the truck, my DIL left for the pediatrician’s office - a little late, but I think she called them to let them know.
My wife and I move the old refrigerator back over to where it was. I hooked up the water line to the rear of it and we pushed it back in place. My son gets home from work expecting to see the new refrigerator and we see a dumbfounded look spread across his face when he notices the old unit is still there - and running! :laughing: He wasn’t too happy when we told him the new unit simply did not fit through the door. He wasn’t too happy! :rofl:
My wife and I just couldn’t help ourselves and we both burst out laughing. Our son just shook his head and said, “My wife is just going to have to settle for something a little smaller, that’s all.” When she got back from the doctor’s office, we all sat down to eat dinner. Each time the conversation turned to the refrigerator, I just couldn’t help it, I had to laugh. Once the girls were all in bed and asleep, my DIL began shopping for a new refrigerator - one that will fit through the doorway! :rofl:
Oh, and she also asked me if it would have fit through the front door. I told her even with taking the storm door off and removing the inside door from the hinges, it still may not fit. She seemed determined to want to try this, so I pointed out that the railings on the front steps were the same as those leading up to the deck - and there would be a 90-degree turn once they got to the top. The major obstacle would be there wasn’t enough room between the house and the railing to tilt the refrigerator enough to get it inside. Thankfully she quickly agreed with this assessment! :relieved:
This reminded me of when my son bought a new barbecue grill. Because he and his wife would be hosting our annual family reunion from now on, he decided to purchase a commercial grill. That thing was a monster! I was so long, wide and HEAVY! The day that arrived, we had to lay sheets of plywood on the ground in order to roll it around to the rear of the house. It was like a cartoon train, lay three pieces of wood down… after rolling off the first and onto the second and third, we’d pick up the first, run around and lay it down in front. Then we’d push it up once more, stop and move the next section of plywood. Now there’s three of us moving this monstrosity and there’s no way I was going to help getting this up the stairs with my bad neck. At first they decide - no, insist - they can do it. After several attempts at getting up the 4 steps and only making it up to the first, I suggested to my son that he ask his neighbor if he can use his tractor to pick this up and set it on the deck. Reluctantly, he did and the neighbor came over with his tractor and strapping. Once the grill was readied, it took a whole 40 seconds to pick it up, swing it over the railing and lower it onto the deck. :smirk: Work smart, not hard. :wink:
Moral of these stories? Get what you want, but think things through to the final detail. I wonder… nah… I never did anything like that when I was their age. :innocent::rofl:


Well… I bought a bed. Queen, to replace my Queen. I’m short; from floor to top of mattress it has to be 22 inches or less. But they make 20" mattresses— I exaggerate! The dang mattress is so thick (high) that it requires a “low profile” frame— read “nothing under the bed now”— and a low profile “box springs”— read that, “plywood covered in blue fabric”. So we worked out all these measurements before they delivered the bed. They threw in the frame for free— whoopdedo.

However, first night, I start wheezing. I smell something weird… bubblegum scent mixed with insecticide odor? Thus, day 2 spent stuffing my face on new pillows-- nope, not them. On the new but washed sheets-- nope, not them. How bout right on the mattress— ewwwwwwwwwww! Without telling me or asking me, they sprayed my new mattress with some disgusting scent.

I planned to call them Monday. But Sunday, I lost my voice. My chest is tight. My head aches. My eyes are watering.

Have you ever heard a cat yowl ? That’s cat-swearing.



Ooh…hang on…back in a sec…need a coffee for this…gotta be a good one…don’t start without me :wink:

EDIT: Right I’m ready…back up there uparrow:grin:

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts

:laughing: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :joy::rofl:

You know what you and your son are going to have to do before the old refrigerator breaks down again and DIL gets her dream refrigerator back . . . widen all the doorways :sweat_smile: But your son can look on the bright side, the doors will be heavier and harder to slam when his daughters hit puberty and storm off in a huff :rofl::rofl::rofl:


shock open-mouth-surprised Nooo…after all that! :open_mouth:

Can you get the supplier to clean it or something to make it less allergenic :thinking:

2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts

I think this stench IS what the company did to make it “better”.


Toilet etiquette… Now everyone knows about men leaving the seat up and what happens when a woman - in a rush - sits down without looking :smirk:, but when it comes to little ones, even the lid can make a difference. As an example: My 4-year old granddaughter was sick. She has strep throat and a stomach bug. One night just as she was getting in bed, she made some awful gagging sounds, jumped out of bed! Mommy was pumping (she breast feeds the baby), Grandma was putting the baby to sleep, Daddy had just given the girls (4 & 5) their baths and was putting the to bed (after bedtime stories). I had just come in with the dogs. I head my son telling the 4-yr. old to hurry and get to the toilet - which she did. The only problem was that when Daddy was drying the girls off, he put the lid down and sat there towel drying them. My granddaughter ran in and just as she reach the toilet, up everything came - right onto the closed lid! :open_mouth: Vomit splattered everywhere! On the lid, the tank, the wall, the floor, the side of the vanity and the towel hanging on the hook (on the vanity)! Daddy has a very weak stomach and I could hear him gagging - sounded more like dry heaves - as he held the girl’s hair back so she didn’t get anything in her hair! I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom just as my son’s cheeks were starting to puff out! :rofl: Once she was finished vomiting, I washed her face, brushed her teeth and sent her back into the bedroom. Then I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning everything up. :roll_eyes:
Moral of the story: Never leave the lid of a toilet down when there’s little ones in the house. :wink:


My goodness! I was away for a whole 6 days? Sure didn’t seem like it with a couple of sick kids to take care of. My first night back on the forum and I used up all my likes in less than 10 minutes! Then I get told I had to wait 23 hours before I can play nice again! :roll_eyes: A couple of times I forgot and liked a post, only to get reminded that I still had another 19 hours to go! Once that time is up, I’ll end up using all my likes again in another 10 minutes. I couldn’t get over how many new posts - and nodders popped up on the forum. I guess I better not blink or I’ll lose track of everyone. :smiley:




After playing with my 5-month old granddaughter - and hearing “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” so many times it was stuck in my head, I was humming it long after the little one was asleep. My DIL was sitting in the parlor pumping (breast milk) and as I was picking up kids’ toys I began singing it to myself - or so I thought. :roll_eyes: I realized my DIL was smirking at me whilst I sang, so I decided to change the words a wee bit. :wink: I began to sing:

Hickory, dickory, dock,
Two mice ran up the clock;
The clock struck one,
And the other sued
For lack of services.

My DIL sat there looking at her smart phone for about 30 seconds, then a smile spread across her face. She looked up at me grinning and said, “Dad? You’re not right!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Must be the nodding wearing off on me! :smirk::rofl:
Good night!


This afternoon as I stood in the breezeway, I looked out across the hill to the woods and field. It was overcast with a light gray veil. A slight breezy with mild gusts was the only company the steady drizzle had as it drifted down for hours. As I looked out at this gray dismal day, a memory of my first day in first grade came to me. That day was exactly like today! I remember sitting at my desk and staring out at the drizzle coming down - and just staring… staring… and staring… Isn’t it funny how something like a dreary day can trigger a memory from nearly 60 years ago? :thinking:


Just a first-grader at heart!


Now wait a minute! I also remember my first day at kindergarten! I cried when I saw my mother trying to sneak out the door. When my teacher asked me why I was crying, I told her the pin on my name tag was sticking me. :wink: As an aside, Mrs. McAnn was also my 2nd grade teacher in another school! I think - with some serious effort - I could probably remember the names of all my teachers. Of course, the one who taught me every one of my ten siblings is one I will never forget - God bless her soul.


I can go one better…whilst they distracted me in the Wendy house, I spotted my mum sneak out, I just cried hysterically and ran out after her…I was taken home and until the Spring intake :smiley:

But my son’s was the best one yet; I left after seeing him safely ensconced in the classroom…or so I thought :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Outside I stopped to chat to a neighbour as she was loading her baby into the car. We were there for about fifteen minutes after everyone else had left, when she suddenly asks me “isn’t that your son?”. I looked round and there he was running down the street heading heading in the general direction for home…he hadn’t spotted me where I was standing :sweat_smile:

I went after him and carried him back into the classroom (through the unlocked door to the playground) where all the children were sat in a circle with the teachers. I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when they realised my son had escaped unnoticed :smirk: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I explained how I found him and we quickly got him settled once again…wrapped tightly in an assistant’s lap with his favourite teddy and I left. I didn’t ask the question I wanted to ask…how long would it have been before they realised he was missing? (though I know he would have reached the busy main road at the very least) I didn’t even make a fuss even when the head teacher phoned me at home all apologetic, but those were the longest 3hrs ever, until I picked him up again (the first week was only half days) :cold_sweat: From that day on every member of staff seemed to know me by name without every having been introduced :thinking: and security and procedures were extensively improved after that day :wink:

More recently; last Tuesday, some 3hrs after she left the house for school, I got a text from my daughter’s high school stating she "has not registered at school today, please call to explain the abscence " shock
I was on the phone to school instantly and we swiftly cleared up their mistake, because of course she was at rehearsals for the school play…inside school :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Needless to say, I have a whole heap of pertinent questions to ask, I’m just giving them a few days to think about it as their fire & emergency policies procedures are going to need reviewing…considering my daughter had been in school 2½ hrs unrecorded :wink:
But I won’t make a fuss, they are a wonderful school and I dare say no matter how hard you try, you can’t possibly account for all exceptional cases/scenarios. I don’t envy teachers :frowning_face:


My grandson told me a few days ago he received a telephone call from a local college. They told him they noticed he had not signed up for the fall semester and were inquiring if he was going to. My grandson informed the woman he had already graduated 6 months ago. The woman was slightly taken back and apologized for disturbing him. :roll_eyes: My grandson told me, “I wonder why they didn’t have me in their database as graduating. Well, at least I have my diploma to prove it.” Then he laughed about it. :laughing:




When the girls got home from school this past Friday, I told them they were off for 10 days! No school! Just playing for 10 whole days! They were ecstatic! Then I thought… wait a minute! Grandma and I will now have 3 kids to babysit from mid-morning until dinnertime (when their father gets home), and then it’s dinner, bath, bedtime stories and bed for the older two. For the baby it’s dinner, a little play time, diaper change, bottle and bed - and hopefully for at least an hour or so. Then it’s diaper change, play a little with Grandpa - until Grandma comes in and scolds me for “getting the baby all worked up.” :grin: Then it’s nightgown time for the baby and a bottle feeding by Grandma, a few lullabies and hopefully back to sleep before our DIL gets home at 9:30 PM. Then we get to relax - sometimes. :wink: