2017 Oct - Weddell Seals: Western Antarctic Peninsula - Where are the seals?


More seals :wink:

And although there area plenty of seals round this island, there’s only one caught in right the edge of this poly.


More seal examples…but where there are also doubts :wink:
Yes there are seals in this poly but there are also some anomalies I’m not so sure about (I’ve marked some of them in blue) :confused: But there’s still enough to says there are seals in this poly :smile:

Think I might post a few more of those I’m in doubt about but have still selected the “Seals” option as further examination may clarify one way or the other (that’s if it does get through to the next stage of the campaign :wink: ) .

There’s one I’m sure of in this image but not so sure of anything else :confused:


This is another one where there are some seals…along with a few doubts.



Now this is one I doubt about…


…it could be seals come up through the ice :thinking: So I’d select Seals and if I came across it in tagging I would have tagged them seals as well even though I’m not a hundered percent sure of them myself :confused:


Now here’s another one I’m in two minds about but selected Seals anyway (and would tag it as such).




Gosh, today seems to be the day for finding seals in polys :sweat_smile:


Well today seems to be the day when I’m finding many seals in polys so maybe I should make this my last example of the day…unless I come across something exceptional :wink:
(Besides, I need to go iron uniforms for the kids for school tomorrow :sweat_smile: )


Ok so this is that last one…just because it’s black and white…night :grinning:

And I definitely don’t see any seal in this one at all…so please feel free to contradict me :wink:


@EmeraldEyes yep, I have noticed, they are back, lots off seals.


Now here’s one that always catches me out; at first I see seal…until I zoom in a little and then I see shadows :roll_eyes: So I don’t “think” there are any seals in this poly and have selected No Seals.


Too many to count, but @EmeraldEyes is super good with the circle thing :wink:

They are all over, on that sat picture. Everywhere, wow.


Too many to circle too Claus, but here’s a sample :wink: :sweat_smile:
But there are also a lot of doubts in there amongst that lot :frowning:


Sometimes, don’t you just wish you could slide the poly over a little just to save a little time :laughing: