2017 Oct - Weddell Seals: Western Antarctic Peninsula - Where are the seals?



You couldn´t see them swimming under the ice, but now they have come up,
out in the mittle of nowhere. :top:


Also far away from the coastline, top left corner, but maybee not seal, also there is something more interesting just outside the poly, to the right, and yet more further to the right also. Maybee Polar bear :bear:

Ok it could be a seal, a huge one, maybee a Mammut Seal :thinking:


I suspect they’ve merely come up through a breathing hole either seal or man made. In your youtube clip above called 'Weddell seals in Antarctica - Deep into the Wild…", at 1:31 of the clip it shows a seal working at keeping a breathing hole open. From the way that seal works at the ice I’d suspect they could drill out a breathing hole with those jaws and teeth…I suppose depending on the thickness of the ice. But that could be why we occasionally see the odd seal or two out in the middle of nowhere…they’ve come up through their breathing hole. And probably don’t stay there long, just long enough to catch their breath I suppose :wink:

Another theory is that such holes are man-made by researchers/divers and the seals are taking advantage of them :thinking:

@cageycat was wondering about this in Dr.Michelle LaRue’s post earlier.

Hears a seal making use of it’s breathing hole and it looks big enough to come up through.


It may be a brown Mammut seal to you but it’s grey for me :smile: image


Most likely because its covered with a thin layer of snow, take the snow away, and youll notice its a little brownish :rofl:


Ok putting the snow back, it´s a little grey. This is a real pic of a screen.


:open_mouth: Aw you took the snow away…but…but…but…they’ll melt :cold_sweat: :rofl:


Sort of like @kateg and @claus with their multiple identities. If they cannot say “definitely yes,” then one can have one “identity” say “yes” and the other say “no.” Just hope their multiple identities don’t get into an argument with themselves - especially Kate! :rofl:


Trick is, alwayes choose an odd number, then there will always bee a winner, 3-0 or 2-1 :relaxed:


angry fightingwords :rofl:


But honestly, couldnt there be a seal in a shadow :thinking:
After seing that video with the seal in a little hole, I have mostly come to the conclusion, that I mostly only skip the totally white polys, if just the slighest little black dot, covered with snow, I mostly skip it as seals, and leave the rest to the experts :face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


Oh heck Claus, should we be tagging every shadow in the next campaign :cold_sweat:

I might tag some of those dark shadows as possibly being seals but the majority you have circled I’d say they are just shadow from the snow as they’re all to the left of the mounds :thinking: confused6


In one way yes, what make a shadow? a hill or a hole, Now I know you are old too, but remember this is not the tagging campaign :upside_down_face:
Soo if just one seal, it should be choosen as Seals :rofl:
Never skip a Seal :penguin:


Cheeky :laughing: I’m getting ahead of myself here Claus, I was thinking of the next phase of the campaign when we have to start actually tagging the seals. But yes, for this part of the campaign I would certainly select the Seal option also :wink:


Ha ha ok, and now comes a little chock maybee :upside_down_face:


I have updated to the fall creation something w10, another story, but have first tried that new picture wiewer now, and wow there are some of (picasa) functions too.
Soo I adjusted the light a little. 3 steps.



Oh wow, that’s clearer :hushed:
And you’ve just reminded me of something I’ve forgotten to do since the last seal tagging camapaign. I used to tilt my monitor waaay back to balance precariously against the wall or if on the laptop I’d tip the monitor back as far as it would go then put a book underneath to tip it a bit further; and that would give me as clear an image as you have there in the bottom two images. Darn, I’d forgotten about that trick! :angry:


So what have you done to get that clearer image; have you had to take a screen shot and view it in a picture viewer? I can’t quite figure it out, what you did :confused:


Yes, I took a screen shot, and the new picture viewer in windows, got those tools where to take of some of the light/adjust, and some filters too.


Ah, it works similar to photoshop then, it has a similar function I think, but it’s been a while since I used it :thinking:
I’ll have to try it out sometime :smile: