2017 Oct - Weddell Seals: Western Antarctic Peninsula - Where are the seals?


idea3 I just had a thought, I wonder how many of those polys we thought had seals in them might have been people…like researchers :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::neutral_face: Did I just laugh that hard? :laughing:


I bet you just did that to try to peak under the cliffs and overhangs. :laughing:


Or maybee she is looking for seals under the ice/snow that way :thinking:


Gawd I’m tired. I seriously thought @EmeraldEyes wrote that she used to “tilt her mother waaay back”.


Okay, stop laughing and spitting your coffee/tea. My body hurts badly and my brain is on the fritz.

Gotta ask… Is that like night time cow tipping in the US ?

Mew :cat2:






I just reread this post again! Claus! You actually said this to a woman? You’re living dangerously, my friend! :laughing:


Age is just a number Jim; and Claus has called himself old, so I can’t object :wink: And I should never worry as I’m not your typical “woman”…I hate shopping and my finger nails are shocking; I can be seen in public without makeup. And dare I say it . . . I couldn’t care less who left the toilet seat up (but it should be down for the purpose of hygiene) any-more than I would rely on someone else checking for traffic when I’m crossing the road. It’s probably why my hubby and I never argue :wink:


:rofl: So true! My wife stopped wearing make up years ago… saved herself a LOT of money! :wink: Also years ago, she got tired of dying her hair when her gray roots were showing. She let her hair grow naturally and has beautiful “platinum” hair - no yellow, no different shades of gray - just a consistent silvery color. She’s actually had some women compliment her on her hair color and asked what it was. I would pipe in and tell them, “It’s platinum blonde.” Then they’d ask what brand she used. :rofl: They would get slightly embarrassed when she told them it was her natural color. :laughing:
I check for traffic when my wife and I cross the road because for some reason, her mind is always elsewhere in this situation. :roll_eyes: I always tell her she’d walk out in front of a locomotive if I wasn’t with her. And when she drives, I get nervous when I see the center of the land passing between my knees - that means the driver’s side wheels are on the center lines of the road. She used to be a great driver and stayed in her own lane. I don’t know what happened, but the past few years she’s been using the center of the road as her own “private” driving lane. :open_mouth: And if she should look at something off the road, the car moves in the same direction as her eyes. :worried: And to think that at times she gets angry with me should I nonchalantly mention that she should get back into her own lane. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
One day one of our granddaughters asked, “Grandma? Are you old?” Before my wife could answer I replied, “Old and decrepit.” (Mean scowl and daggers from my wife.) :rofl: Then my wife would toss in, “But not as old as Grandpa!” Okay… so I’m 53 days older than she… Sheesh!


:smile: I’m actually 3 years older than my hubby . . . he’s my toy boy :rofl:

My daughter reminded me last night that I need to colour my hair. . .she’s says I’m still too young looking :grin: to release my inner grey :rofl:

I remember my driving instructor’s advice not to take the passengers word that its all clear on their side, because if I had an accident it would still be my fault and the “back seat driver” would be left with the guilt…that’s if we survived :grimacing: And I can’t do anything but look ahead and in the mirrors, don’t know how on earth people manage to smoke or play with the radio or use a mobile even :cold_sweat: If I didn’t see that car on the side of the road with its front end stuffed in it’s because I’m concentrating on where I’m going not where others have been and not suceeded :frowning_face: