2017 South Africa Fires – No grid showing


Ok, the map is not showing the grid, showing the whole of the map instead, and there’s a large expanse of white border around it! Being Monday morning, I’ll take it that the techs are doing something or other to it so I’ll just muddle through in the meantime, safe in the knowledge that it will all have sorted itself out by the end of the day :grin:


dang! We broke it! I think I hopped across too many hills.


So glad to see you back here and keeping us straight. Have been finding all sorts of strange things in Antarctica. weird things in the ice. My chief issue is still the tag and zing; I tag something and the map zings off towards the 4 corners of the earth.


HEEHEE HEEHEE! that’ll teach ya to bounce your ball so hard.


hmm… methinks … I played with the “string-lines” too much and unraveled the grid? :cat: (Who changed the colors of cat and cat2 ? I look like I had a peroxide rinse!)

2017 Dogs Skunks and Colored Furbabies

Oh heck, got the same problem with the Antarctica campaign…no grids :confounded:
And when I logged onto it, my screen was so white I thought for a moment there was no map at all…until I zoomed out a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just checked if Monday had fixed the South Africa grid…sadly not :disappointed: That one landed me in the sea and for a moment I thought I was on the missing sailboat campaign :smirk:

Come on @Jon_Saints, I need grids! This is giving me a headache trying to keep track of where I am on the map :face_with_head_bandage: I know I haven’t spent “that” much time on those two campaigns to have completed all the maps :unamused:



HI Beverly1, thanks :wink: Nice to get back to a bit of the old normal routine again :grin:

Me thinks that old @cageycat :sunglasses: has snagged all the grids off the campaigns to a new ball to replace the ones she’s lost in the clouds :smirk:


Oi, who turned out the lights

That’s just not funny @Jon_Saints, I’ve got a black screen in Antarctica now :sweat_smile:
It’s ok Jon, I’ll just assume that one of you good peeps at TN is fixin things for us :wink: :grin:


Oh thank crunchy the grid is back on the SF Fires campaign :smile:

Will check the Antarctica campaign later :wink:


Oooooo, I got more grids to bounce off, grab while scooting on my back, and snag with claws and teeth----

oh, I can’t do that or someone at Tn will send spiders after me.

Shucks, I still need 500,000 more grid lines to wrap around to make this ball really ~bounce~.



Been trying to untangle the grid lines I snatched. Not so easy!

I still got a whole lot of a lighter color too—

As you see… it’s gonna be a while!



@HappyMapper @Jon_Saints

Help me, I’m melting… These triple digit temperatures are killing me. Hopefully with that hurricane in the gulf, it will bring alittle bit of rain and some cooler temperatures.

OK, down to business. I’m also experiencing the same issue of the entire chart displaying instead of the individual grid. I’ve had issue for quite some time, but have been able to resolve it by using the ‘Jump to Priority’ and hope that it would bring me a single grid or just proceed with the entire chart and stay logged in for however long it would take to process the entire chart, grid by grid.

I think this is an issue that the front office should look into. The strange thing is that it works fine as a new user or not logged in. Only after logging in does this phenomenon occur.

Well, got to ice down Pan, she and her cub are having a terrible time with this heat!



Caaagey :laughing:


Well, the SA Fires campaign has wonky again so I’m seeing the whole of the map along with Antarctica too and the ‘Jump to’ doesn’t make any difference :disappointed:

Haven’t the time to figure out where I’m up to with it to tag as a new user so I’ll try again later tonight.


caught me biting my toes :wink:


Well, thought I’d try it not logging in and unfortunately I still have the same problem. Even tried clearing my browser history and also through a link in another post but I’m still getting the same problem :unamused:

@HappyMapper @Jon_Saints


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