2018 - Antarctic







Wow! That’s the complete opposite of frying eggs on a sidewalk. :laughing: I imagine even if you managed to get a forkful of hot food from a hot pan, it would be frozen by the time it reached your mouth. Crunchy tomato soup anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be akin to tomato ice-cream then, wouldn’t it? :thinking::rofl:


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Love the video @TerriB posted on Oct 7 at the beginning of the thread. It has a cute animated short of Pho the Photon and his/her journey to the ice and back. :grin:



And without even knowing - and as a joke - I posted a screen shot of just snow/clouds and called it a blizzard. What a coincidence. :grinning: Oh my gosh! I just realized I also posted “cloud sickles” - what looked like ice sickles hanging down from clouds! I hope that doesn’t really happen! :hushed:




beyond cold…



Wow! I bet @cageycat would have to put a kitty sweater on with a wind chill of -174F/-114C! That would put some frost on the pumpkin!





strange creatures…


This isn’t in Antarctica, but… love the embedded YouTube video of scientists commentary!


And from the same team of oohing and awwwing scientists - the Dumbo Octopus :octopus: skip to 1:15 and 3:08 to see him move. Also check out 4:44