2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


Begin here April 1st.


Oops! Maybe I wasn’t supposed to like this until April 1st… Sorry…


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Well, we got another unannounced snowfall this morning… regionally up to 20cm/ 8".
But it’s a big area and all sorts of elevations etc. Right here in town, I have less than 10cm/4". and still coming… minor so far though… temps up and down a bit around freezing.

I’m going tough and just heading on foot to my coffee clatch.


2 April: Mother Nature played a late April Fool’s Day prank on us - SNOW! When I went to bed at 2:30 AM the sky was just cloudy to the south and north - lots of stars directly above. When I woke up this morning it was snowing and there was already about an inch/2,5 cm on the ground. It continued with a steady fine snow until 9 AM. Final snowfall was only 1.25 inches/3 cm - a teaser! The sun broke through by this time and the cloud cover moved on to the east making for more and more sun. By 11:30 AM we went from everything being covered in white to patches of white here and there. I still think we’re going to get one of those April surprise snowstorms yet. Wishful thinking? I’m not putting the snow shovels away just yet. :wink:

Currently (11:55 AM) it’s 38.8 F/3,7 C. I thought about running down to the Post Office, but most of the car is still covered in snow. Only the side facing south has bared up. So instead of going out and cleaning off my car, I think I’ll wait another hour and it should be gone. :sweat_smile:


Please don’t send that :snowflake:SNOW this way @Doug4! We have very very cold temps still - 25WC this morning, but day time temps are increasing, today looking for a balmy -8 plus wc WAHOO!!!
Spring may be around the corner yet!!!


Don’t throw stuff at me, but March 31st was the only time my daug. and SIL could come to see me before it gets “hot”. It’s going to be 30F, mind you, but now have 3 window ACs put in but all covered up outside. Got 2 new tower fans too, when SIL went shopping for me… :smiley:

Sign me----

I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope for Spring and any temp over 66F. Until then, I’m gonna FREEZE! Old drafty house, now with 3 “almost-open” windows… brrrr


Yeh, I think the weather played the same prank on us, woke up to white fluffy snow…gone by midday, then rain for the rest :roll_eyes:


Six inches/15 cm on Long Island but pretty much gone by now. :smiley:


All of our snow was gone by 4 PM with the exception of the pile out front, but that’s down to knee high right now - but it’s very dirty snow. Nothing to use to make a snowman or even to have a snowball fight with. We can only watch it slowly disappear - until the next snowfall. (wishful thinking :roll_eyes:)


Some day… snow in the morning… weather alerts as well… by the time it slowed down there was only a few inches as I said… but still coming down… by midday it was melting steadily and by 6pm largely gone… There was of course more in the upland areas, and a look at the creeks says that is melting as well.
Odd that so many areas had similar weather, but we would not notice if it was all ‘fair weather’ now would we. As for the coffee group, (cluck cluck) there was a grand total of ME. but many of the regulars live in the highland areas, being wealthy comparatively that is… Anyway it turned out a very nice day for coffee…
and a few other things… I don’t think this part of the ‘storm’ is heading to SK… but the northern part might… this one is likely to drift over towards Jim…
But I’m having trouble with finding decent weather maps… Weathernetwork isn’t that great but then watchers want it digested… I like it a bit more raw…

Anyway, It’s late here and I’m still looking for some tax data the banks don’t send out anymore… should have done it a while ago… thank heavens for Excel…
curses on a credit union that refuses to make files available in CSV format or at least SDF… everybody seems to like fancy artwork but ignore the data…

Oh well… Spring will get established some day…


My wife and I went home for a break (from babysitting) from Tuesday night until Thursday morning. We went from overcast and rain all day Tuesday through early Wednesday AM - when we had a thunderstorm (with very loud and long thunder… beautiful lightning bolts though! :heart_eyes:). Wednesday was still overcast, breezy and light rain. By 3:40 PM it became mostly sunny (yeah!), but high winds with gusts to 50+ mph/80+ kph began and lasted into Thursday AM (today). Tonight we’re expecting SNOW! Bummer that’s it’s only supposed to be a small amount for us - from a dusting to 2 inches/5 cm. :unamused: Had some flurries for 30 minutes this morning.
Temperatures ranged from 28F to 48F/-2 to 9C. Mother Nature is just letting us know she’s not giving up winter without a fight! :grin:


We thought we were going to wake up to at least a white covering, but nothing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We thought it missed us - again. But at 11:30 AM I happened to look out and low and behold, it’s snowing! :heart_eyes: The bad part is the temperature went from 19F/-7C this morning to 36.5F/2,5C. Twenty minutes later and the snow is still coming down hard, but it’s melting! Bummer!


What a BIG disappointment! It snowed like crazy for 3 hours and we end up with NO ACCUMULATION! :unamused: It was warm enough that everything melted as fast as it came down! What a bummer! My wife did have a positive outlook on this situation though. She said the snow looked beautiful as it came down. :roll_eyes:


We woke up to a chilling :wind_face: -32 WC this morning!!! We keep breaking “cold weather records”…but no one cares, they just want the warm weather to start!!!

I want 2017’s April weather::sunglasses::tulip::rose:


Next time it snows @Jim7 you can save some in your freezer so that if you have snow withdrawal you will have something to look at. :rofl: :rofl: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:


Been there… done that… just turns to ice! Sigh… :expressionless:


Just proves that it was real snow… that usually happens as soon as you step or drive on it…

As for us, the storm fronts keep passing and dumping and we here locally get off lightly and it either doesn’t fall or melts off… should stop in another month or so… or the weather pattern takes it east as I’ve said before, so enjoy it…:stuck_out_tongue:


My wife said, “It looks pretty coming down,” and our 9-month old granddaughter was fascinated watching it fall. But she kept on looking at the trees and waving because the wind was blowing and I’m always telling her “the trees are waving ‘Hi, Brianna!’” and she waves back. :laughing::heart_eyes: The snow shovels should be put in storage by the end of the month. :wink:

EDIT: The snow ended at 2:50 PM this afternoon, but since 6:45 PM it’s been raining and there’s a light fog at the moment (11:55 PM). At least the winds have died down again. I hate picking up the tree limbs around my house (4 to 5 armfuls) and then make a second pass with a barrel for the small stuff. Oh my aching back… :persevere:


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