2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


F2 Tornado in Putnam County as part of storm system which although on the lower end of the ratings scale is still not typical for the area. Gov. Cuomo declared state of emergency for several counties in lower Hudson region.


Hope everyone is okay?


Raining today…but a welcome rain as there are several out of control wildfires in the province. To date there have been 154 wildfires compared to the average of 94 this time of year. I hope this is not the precursor of what is to come this summer! :neutral_face: For the first long weekend of the summer, the provincial parks have a fire ban on, as do many municipalities in the province. No burning of any kind to help prevent further fires. Unfortunately when they look back on a fire, the majority of the time, it was started by a tossed cigarette or undue care around a firepit, or a farmer started a “controlled burn” (in the wind) that became an “out of control burn”…:thinking::unamused:


Five storm fatalities, no one that I know, though I always think of the poet John Donne at times like this. Weather services now reporting that there were 3 tornadoes in the area that touched down all lower grades. Thank you for your concern.


Oh that’s terrible. Is it the start of the “tornado season” for your area?


Very atypical for the area - lower Hudson Valley of New York - though it is no longer my area as I have just moved to Florida to be closer to family and friends. We’ll see how that works out weather wise over the next few months.


We were lucky, didn’t get any rain… It is okay up to a point, light shower doesn’t obscure things as long as one doesn’t disturb the drops… but a cloudburst can be totallly impossible even with wipers… the big fear is mud splash… I choose my driving days carefully to avoid such things, and will pull over and park when they do… snow is much worse problem than light rain.
I couldn’t drive with my head out the window… it slips out of the tracks when opened more than an inch or two… the passenger side doesn’t lower at all.
It’s a beater, what can I say. Needs replacement, but with all the politics gas is getting prohibitive in cost so I may just give it up soon. Right now I’m watching to see if the AB premier is actually dumb enough to cut off all shipments of oil and gasoline to and through BC… Sort of negates the need for a pipeline at all…
I guess the same goes for SK exports of oil product (is there much?) The real question is why K/M doesn’t get on with building it… BC hasn’t stopped it at all, only the Premier offered a personal dislike for it… and has focused on making it safe.
K/M seems to expect that the RCMP will deny the aboriginal rights like JT says he won’t either. As I see it, it’s a farce… JT has personally guaranteed the feds will look after the costs of an ocean spill. Not that that has anything to do with building and operating a pipeline which is approved but not progressing. Protests are a right and might be an irritant but not a provincial thing there. I’m going to finish soon and will get back to the topic of ‘whether’. I’m sort of amazed that there is no reaction from SK and even AB about the fact that a failure of the line in AB would likely end up in their watershed, I believe the route is close to the Saskatchewan headwaters… and/ or other major rivers, not just the Fraser in BC… and they are already spilling goo over there from river crossings… a few years back.
Messy subject… I don’t mind the export, but they have to be very careful with the environment, which is the BC take in general.
Now done with this. I promise… just stressed out today, girlfriend has problems and I’m trying to get my brain working straight… ha. lots of luck.


I can remember going to a mountain lake on the opening day of trout season. Most of the western half of the lake still had ice on it! And this lake is in my county! As for swimming, no one was in the water, but a lot of people were on the beach trying to get a tan. :smiley:


Our day today (17 May) started out as being overcast (since last night), but by noon the sun was out and it got very hot very quickly. At 5 PM it’s currently 85F/29C with a mild breeze. Once in a while there are some pretty good gusts. Rain is supposed to move back in on Friday night. But seeing how the weather has not been cooperating with the forecasters, I bet it the rain will arrive during the day.
At least my son got to change the big belt on his mower deck. The first time he mowed the grass was so thick and high the belt jumped over a guide and got stretched so bad the entire mower deck was shaking. Had to borrow a neighbor’s tractor to finish mowing. An oil change on the generator and replacing the winch cable on the 4-wheeler are the next two projects he has to work on.
The price of gasoline has gone up about USD$0.08/US gallon, and it’s not even close to the Memorial Day weekend when they really sock it to us! :angry:

EDIT: Just heard the “new” forecast. Now the rain isn’t arriving until Saturday morning - mostly after 9 AM. Rain will be heavy at times with localized flooding. Splish splash!


Ours just went up from $1.08 per litre to $1.26 in the last two weeks :angry: sorry didn’t calculate that out to gallons still on my phone no access on my laptop.


That’s around £0.62 - £0.72 in GBP. Yuk, fuel in the UK is currently at around £1.30 ($2.26 CAD / $1.70 USD) per litre! :exploding_head::sob::scream:
1 litre = 0.26 US gallon, roughly 3.8 litres to the US gallon, so a gallon of fuel is $8.58 CAD / $6.46 USD. It’s even more in UK gallons… I’m not going to scare myself by working that one out!


I hear you about km… so many voicing their opinions but no one moving one way or another…I agree sask should be concerned. Our oil has dropped dramatically in the last 4 years about and at some point we have to look out for ourselves in this. The Husky oil spill I believe is directly related to the “we’ve always done it this way” attitude of that company. Don’t do upgrade unlesssomething goes wrong… DUH… and spent so much $$ on the upgrade of storage facility in Lloyd not paying attention to old infrastructure!!! They were fined heavy duty but not sure that will deter older companies that are not up to “code” on many things… back to the rain! I hear you about the beater … all three of my kids are going away from using a vehicle and regular use of car-share or sky train and only using a vehicle for highway driving. All possible in bigger metros like Vancouver and even smaller sask centres as long as you make the effort. (Wildlife photography does not have a service yet to get me to and from the wilderness areas I need to be :grinning:)l edit: unless I go on Safari. :smile:!!


Ok if I read this correctly you pay waaaay more than we do for gasoline… I won’t complain about it again!!! :blush: we get to the pumps and really at that point if we have to go somewhere, we fill part of or the whole tank anyways. I have cut back in my scouting tours some this spring as the price are jumping. Because this is our first long weekend of the summer they believe it will continue to climb until September when summer holidays are over and school starts again.

EDIT: Just heard my area is really not the high priced gasoline I thought. The average price in Canada is $1.34 a litre.


Ouch! But then again, if you look at it another way, how else are the oil company CEOs supposed to make those millions? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yup, you read the figures correctly! Shocking, aren’t they?

Mostly tax… we pay £0.58 per litre in fuel duty, and then they add another 20% (VAT, Value Added Tax) to both the price of the fuel AND the fuel duty. Effectively taxing a tax…

Just glad I have a car that does somewhere between 45-60mpg, depending on road/traffic conditions, and how I drive it!

I do tend to just fill the whole tank in one go, it’s going to cost me the same regardless of whether I fill all the way up once, or fill part way a few times.


LOL, poor people (not!) How would they ever survive, poor things? Somehow, methinks it’s our government that is making the millions… especially if they can somehow manage to tax at least some of the CEO pay packages as well! :wink:


And do’t forget about their 20-25 Million severance pay! :hushed:


I think maybe I should post something about the weather since this is that thread. :grin: Today is sunny, but a bit hazy. There’s a mild breeze and at 1:45 PM it was 70.7F/21.5C. Rain is supposed to arrive overnight and start to come down in earnest around 9 AM.
I just got finished installing a new battery in my daughter’s riding mower. I don’t think my wife or daughter will get her lawn done in time - it’s a really big piece of property she has! My wife mowed ours yesterday. And I got to watch! :rofl: Even watched her trim some of the hedges. I felt guilty (just a little) and went down to my workshop to hide while I had a cup of coffee. :wink:


Double dipping on the taxes by the government!!


After a 24 hour rain period… no thunderstorms…just that drizzle light rain… we are forecast for normal seasonal temps for the weekend 20-24 C but the rest of next week scorching 29-32 C. This is unusual for us until end of June beg. July when we start our tornado season. So dry already, Fire bans in all parks for now to prevent any new wildfires from starting. Let’s hope campers pay attention!!