2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


I always like the guys who complain about the cost of gas by the litre while drinking beer that runs three times as much per bottle (8oz) and doing so in vast quantities.
I’ll take gas anytime, at least it does something useful for us.

We’ve been dodging the bullet here weather wise… but it’s getting closer, we have flood watches but things seem still contained… biggest news was the closure of Hwy 3, 30 km west of Creston the next town west of Cranbrook…there was a big mudslide… haven’t heard how it made out in the daylight assessment. But that is a big event when it just about the only East West route in this end of the province.
Hopefully it is being dealt with.


What I can see online it is still closed…2 hours ago on Global News - not what you need for long weekend traffic:


Years ago I and a couple of co-workers stopped at a local bar for a few beers after work. There was this guy in there telling his friend that he had been laid off and was collecting unemployment insurance payments. He actually said he wouldn’t take a job that less than “x” amount of dollars (US). That amount was about 20 times the minimum wage at that time. Then he told his friend that his unemployment insurance was about exhausted. The poor dear! Maybe he should have settled for a lesser-paying job before his benefits ran out. :rofl: That’s the attitude some people have of themselves. They “believe” they are worth so much per hour because they happened to land a high-paying job - once. And they think they’re entitled to that for the rest of their working days. As for a just end to this story, the guy never did get a job with the pay he thought he deserved. He lost his truck, his boat and nearly lost his house before he “settled” for something a lot less.


Isn’t that the way it goes…I worry about some of the “up and coming employees” who think they are entitled to the same wage I retired at after 40 years of working??? I always tell my kids, doesn’t matter what you have for education, etc…you have to work hard and earn your spot!


Some people will plants their seed gardens this weekend. And normally we would wait until early June - warmer weather - to plant greenhouse plants in their container gardens, planter pots. However…we are forecast for exceptional weather for the next weeks and many are going to take the chance. As I have said in a few posts, we literally had a snow storm the end of April and then jumped to high 20-30 C degree weather, skipping spring and going on to weather we normally have in July. I would love to think that our summer will be stretched from now to September, rather than our dependant two months of July and August.
As @Doug4 has said they are facing flooding and mudslides in their areas, as the snow melt is rushing down from the mountains. This usually shows up in Sask in June…and our rivers and reservoirs rise substantially. I am hoping it is not a ferocious change, otherwise we will deal with some flooding also.
Today heading to 23 and then all the way into the 30’s this week. A perfect spring so far! :sunny:


I was just looking at the early Drive BC listing and they are projecting at least a partial opening for 10AM today, I assume that is PDT given the location and the source.
The detour they talk about is via a ferry, and while it can handle large trucks, it isn’t a popular choice amongst truckers… longer distance and the number of tourists would be a prime reason… I expect an opening will be single lane to start and mostly for trucks and large travel trailers which would clog the ferry…
The opening will also depend on what happens when they move the debris… will the hill sit still or slide more… another big ‘WHETHER’ issue… ahem.
Good news is that weather is clearing up here slowly so we may continue to dodge any heavy rain, but will start the melt increasing. By The Way… you cannot blame any of the ‘downstream’ flooding in SK on our local high water when it comes…
East Kootenay rivers flow south into the USA eventually and down the Columbia…Further north of us they drain West to the Pacific… Now AB has the headwaters you should watch… for water and spills. ha ha.


Before I went to bed around 1:30 AM this morning I was looking at the stars. When I awoke, it was overcast and raining - just like the forecasters said. Chalk one up for them! Mother Nature cooperated with their forecast! :rofl:
As to your planting seed gardens in June, here we plant tomato seeds after the last frost (“usually” the beginning of May). On year I never got around to setting the seeds until July 4th! But when everyone else’s tomatoes were done and over with, I was still waiting for them to ripen. I was picking my first ripe tomatoes in the first week of November (others’ plants were done by September to early October). When we were forecast to have frost, I would go out every night and cover the plants with plastic tarps, then remove them in the morning before going to work. I was still picking tomatoes - ripe and green - until the temperature was staying below freezing. Fried green tomatoes are excellent! :yum: All the guys at work were always asking me if they could some of them. :smile:
At 11:50 Am, it looks like the rain has stopped for a while. The sky is starting to lighten up and there’s just a slight breeze now. All the tree limbs that exploded with leaves are now hanging down to just barely touching the ground. I’m definitely not walking under any tree. The first slight breeze - or if a bird lands on a branch - and it’s an instant shower! :rofl:

EDIT: 1:50 PM: Shortly after posting the above, the rain started again, but it was a soft gently rain. Still raining as of now. The small brook at the bottom of the hill is rushing but is below its banks. I don’t see any water splashing against the tree trunks so far, so that is a good sign. There is but a slight gentle breeze. Now is the time to head to my house to take care of my cat.


Lol Doug…yes you are right it is the Alberta side that flows into our area!! Glad to hear they may open one lane. I wonder what will happen when they move the slide, if the hillside is unstable, may just keep sliding.


oh that wouldn’t work here…our first frost is usually in September…so our tomatoes and any other non-root vegetables have to be done by then. The root vegetables have to be out, except for pumpkins by October…our Thanksgiving. So we plant earlier in hopes of getting the full extent of the gardening season before frost. My tomatoes I wont’ leave out for at least another two weeks. It went down to 3 last night!!


Hi Terri: I’m going to be tied up a lot today, dealing with my friends problems… at least for a while, and we are making good progress.

EDIT: This link is now quite out of date… anyone seeking highway closures in BC can simply Google DriveBC. and look for the interactive map page… for anywhere in the province… Hope it was helpful @TerriB



By covering my tomato plants with the tarps during frosts, that protected them - like a greenhouse. They survived quite a few nights of frosts that way. It wasn’t until the temperature dropped well below freezing that the tarps didn’t work - and the tomatoes froze. But that extended “growing” period enabled me (and others) to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes well past the usual growing season.


I have similar coverings…they warn us if Frost is going to be “plant killing” and most of the time we have to take them in as the coverings will not protect them enough. We just don’t warm up during the day enough in those months. September can be 8-15 C during the day but nights can be -1 to -10. A little too hard to predict in May.


Today we reached a high of 23 C with a wind that is a little cool. Tomorrow is Victoria Day for Canada, which is a stat holiday. Victoria Day is in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Many will be travelling home when we hit a high of 29C…which is how this first long weekend goes. Cooler weather while you are at the lake, and then as you travel home for that short work week…hot hot hot :rofl: This weekend usually kicks off all events in the province that continue through to the September long weekend, from jazzfest, rodeo, food/beer events, exhibition (fair) etc. Always lots to do.


I saw my first mosquito last night while walking my dog. …tiny little thing buzzing near my face!!! Swatted him down. one down 89 k zillion to go!!! :smiley:


We’ve had a few - not many - for the past two weeks. But thank goodness it’s been too windy for them to fly around too much. They aren’t the best of fliers.
One night a couple of years ago I couldn’t sleep and was watching some deer on my security camera. It has IR illuminators and can see in low light as well. Even with the dimmest of light I can see colors at night - real nice camera. Anyway, as I was watching the deer across the street - after they raided my bird feeders - a mosquito flew right in front of the camera. That thing looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie - like some alien monster bug. It’s legs just dangled down from it as it flew and it’s head - complete with its little “needle” that now looks like a nail - looked huge! I was absolutely amazed as to what it looked like up close!


They definitely are different when you see them “up close” like that rather than that speck you swat and squish on your arm/ankle/leg/…:smiley:


If I could see them like that when they were flying toward me, I’d run for dear life! :rofl:


29 C today is forecast. That is also the type of heat that scares up a thunderstorm or two. Of course that happens just as you nod off to sleep at night!!! :sleeping::open_mouth::crazy_face:


Looks like we’re going to have the same beautiful kind of day as you - without the T-storms. It was “snowing” this morning! The silver birch were shedding their seed in the mild breeze and it actually looked like snow slowly coming down. There was so much of it! The cedar tree in the backyard has bright orange “blossoms” that look like oranges. The trees are showing all kinds of colors. All of the trees have suddenly filled out with their new leaves - which grew big with the rain we had the past couple of days. Oh, and the weeds loved the rain as well. :rofl:


Yesterday it was 21C (70F) later afternoon the skys started looking thunderous as I was finishing up in the back garden and filling some hanging baskets/pots. I thought great, just what the garden needs so I’d dashed around to dampen things down a bit to help the soil absorb the down pour to come…nothing materialised :unamused: When my hubby got home from work, he ask if we’d had any thunderous downpour this afternoon 'cos for about 15mins it absolutely hammered it down in the city :confounded:

And it doesn’t look like we’ll get much rain for the rest of the week, looking at the forecasts I just see the temps steadily building to 26C by next Monday…better drag the hosepipe out before all my hard work shrivels up :roll_eyes: It’s why I’ve not been in here much the past few days, busy outside enjoying the sunshine while we’ve got 'cos you never know in this country when you’re gonna get it again :smile: