2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


Okay, give her the job! :wink:


Ok well my phone states the lightning just struck under .5 km from me, so I guess I am off here for the rest of the this storm at least!!! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Edit: We had another thunderstorm within the hour of this one but after midnight sometime it calmed down. It is already hot and muggy @ 7:45 a.m…16 C…it is going to be 28 ish.


Wish I could send you some of the nice clear sky we have here - nice and calm also. The toads are serenading now that the tree frogs have completed their concert. I’m going to bed myself. After tagging buildings (H. Maria) and moving on to the next tile, I realize I never marked the flooded - or now non-existent roads. Back and forth for the umteenth time. :dizzy_face: :tired_face: :sleeping:


Last evening I though we were in for a big storm… my lady friend and I were heading out for a shopping and dinner trip… planned to go out at 4pm… we ran a bit late and our weather service posted a possible thunderstorm alert, strong but scattered.
That popped up while I was watching a quick shower dry up. Since I don’t have either windshield wipers that work or really good tires… I don’t currently travel far, but since we had planned a loop route that didn’t go far we decided to head out and simply come home or park and wait it out IF it came at all…
As we headed out of my parking lot we caught a look to the southwest… oh my!
There was this massive anvil cloud, little wind at the time, and dark as a cat we all know. I thought that one is going to be intense. a bit later after our first stop to get her medications and on the way to supper, the storm had closed in towards us and in fact the lower hills closer to us were obscured by precipitation, Glad to head a short distance to McD’s and park . I had noticed that the storm cloud, while getting closer, was actually drifting southward, not directly at where we were.
Oddly, not a drop of rain during dinner… we decided to quickly get over to Walmart for some groceries as planned, Again got parked. I talked to the greeter about the big black cloud out there and he agreed… and stated they had had a cloudburst earlier in the afternoon… heavy rain less than a kilometer from where I lived but nothing at my place until the light shower I mentioned. Shopping was poor since all the refrigerated and freezers had had a power outage the night before and had been emptied… no storm involved. I had looked forward to getting some ice cream.
Got out to the car after maybe 30 minutes and found the big black storm had totally dissapated… go figure! Never did get a storm where ever I was… but they did have another shower at my apartment… We would like some light steady showers, but I will take NO Lightning, especially a dry storm.
Otherwise the weather is warm and dry… but several areas in our main fire district are startiiing to see some wildfires and that in general through the province as well.
Flooding is actually also starting to diminish, as far as major rivers and lakes.
East Kootenay (here) has been told that any major problems should not happen due to the way the snow is going away… some rivers may stay up, but well behaved. The Elk Valley area where I was living last, has a history of at least one good snowfall late in May… Usually the last week … at least it was that way in Elkford… A few years before I moved here, I was house sitting for a chap that was having a hip replacement in Vancouver… they told him he was Ok to return to Elkford, but not to exert himself… He told them that he had to stay down there because his home was nto accessible until June let alone getting out to shop etc. and that they had told him they would make sure he could stay in the post surgery care homes until then… I sent fresh photos of how much was there… and he was able to stay… Snow was up to the window sills 10 feet off the ground, and I had been digging into the door for several days expecting him to come in June not May.
Anyway it was sort of ready by June 3… but the snow stayed for 2 more weeks.


BC has had enough flooding…the Grand Forks area will take a long time to clean up. I hear you about the “wildfires” . We have 14 going, three majors…one in the Prince Albert National Park has been eating up forest since before May long weekend. It now has engulfed 29000 hectares and is growing and moving north and east from its Rabbit Creek location. Many of the roads into the park have been closed. The concern is Waskesiu townsite as the fire is rapidly spreading and is less than 20 km away. They have removed all of the flammables from the town and are working on the next step of prevention, building barriers etc. For those that do not know, Waskesiu is a little resort town that swells from maybe 200 people in the winter to as many as 10,000 in the area during the summer months. It is a lake area, and if you have ever heard of Grey Owl…that is where his cabin is located. I hope they can contain that fire soon. The one by Meadow Lake Provincial Park has already taken all the cabins on Flotten Lake, such heartbreak for those owners. No time to retrieve anything and as one owner said, it was built by her great grandfather and had all the memories inside. Hopefully soon they are out.


Anyone want some heat and sunny but hazy skies? At 4:30 PM it hit 92.6F/33C. (It’s 74F/23 inside! :rofl:)

Edit: At 5:10 PM it’s now up to 93.7F/34.3C and we still have another hour before the sun dips below the tree tops. Summer has arrived a little early. No snow in the forecast, just thunderstorms. :rofl:


I will take door number 2 - Thunderstorms!!! Yeah!!! no snow!!!


Door 3 - Low humidity, no rain and no thunderstorms. I’ve hurt all day.


What? :hushed: You don’t want any of that pretty white stuff? Well I never! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smiley:


please no no no :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: I’ve had enough for one season it is time for :sunglasses::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


You can have both… sort of… it’s cottonwood bloom time in southern BC… the white stuff flies just like snow… and it is warrm and dry? Moving it is easy, getting rid of it is another, It tracks inside very easily on shoes/feet. People with allergies often report reactions to pollen… Good side is it is NOT Volcanic Ash…

This is further south somewhere but is a good representation


You are right …it is “both”! During the thunderstorm the other night the downpour and wind knocked off all the flowers on the flowering crabs and they are now on the lawns, the flowerbeds, the road edge. They are still wet from the rain so they do not blow away with the wind. I have often thought about all of the Cherry Blossoms in the spring in Vanc/Victoria and whether I could “survive” that with my allergies…cottonwood also. I guess it is a trade off …cold weather or a mild climate and adjustments. :smile:


Actually Helen we didn’t :sunglasses: But we got some light fine showers Thursday through the night and Friday morning, bit heavier in the afternoon…just they way I wanted it to rain:smiley:
Current temp 22C (69F)


Our area is under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning…strong wind, large hail! While I don’t have a crop/garden to protect, I will move my plant pots under the eves and hope they have some protection.
Yikes! Second one in two days :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Edit: We have already had one storm but that was a precursor to the big one still coming!!!:hushed:


My daughter spent a term in Finland going to University and they have an app for Reindeer sightings to prevent accidents…maybe we need a Moose app…


Nah, not needed yet, but if you’ve any going spare, if you could just store it away in an old shed or something, we may probably take it off your hands in July/Aug…school summer holidays so weather guaranteed to change to the not so nice stuff again :unamused:


We were forecast with a 40% change of showers for today. It’s been raining since before I woke up around 7:10 AM this morning and hasn’t let up. On the pleasant side it’s a nice gentle rain, but on the negative side, it’s a wee bit too much to be able to walk between the raindrops. :smiley: The high for today was 65.4F/18.5C.


We went from thunderstorm after thunderstorm to a respectable 24 C. We are still partly cloudy and a little muggy with all the rain we got. Tomorrow 29 C… two words…air conditioner! @Jim7 our sunrise is 4:32 a.m. and sunset 9:12 p.m. today…moving earlier and later…for now :smiley:


Our sunrise an sunset come at the same time (our time zone), it’s just that we don’t get to see it at sunrise until later because of the island on the river and the tall trees. Same for sunset - it looks as though it has “set” when in reality it has only gone down over the trees and the escarpment to the west. There’s still enough light to see for hours before and after sunrise and sunset.

After 9 hours of a steady gentle rain and just a slight to mild breeze, the rain - which ended around 4 PM - is pretty much dried up now that the winds have picked up. There’s a good stiff breeze blowing, but I still don’t think I’m going to go out and sit on the grass. :rofl:


Out in the country today I notice the poplar fluff is in the “air” and remembered your video about the cottonwood!!! Similar fluff! The poplar husks are a problem, as they are sticky and your shoes, your dog, everything brings them into the house!!!

The flooding @cageycat reported in her post reminded me of the very recent flooding in Grand Fork, BC and throughout the country near Fredericton, NB. I saw on the news that Grand Forks residents were allowed back home…devastating what they returned to…I read this article as I was writing this so will add…I did not know the military had been brought in also. Recovery will be a long long time.