2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


Well, yet again, another glorious day of sunshine even though certain parts of the country were experiencing flash floods. Stanstead Airport was struck by lightening, delayed my brother-in-laws flight out to France with his family over 3 hours
We’re currently at 22C (72F) and climbing - it’s forecast to get up to 27C (80C ). :grin:


headed to 92F (x2) with high humidity today and tomorrow


Today we are suppose to reach 30 C , given at 6:15 a.m. we were 13 C I would say we will make it. After all the rain since Thursday it will be welcome heat for all the plants just put in the flowerbeds, gardens etc. The rest of the week cooling down until Thursday when we are forecast for more thunderstorms. Last week’s thunderstorm had two tornadoes confirmed in it, which is very early for our season.

We are very near all seeding in the fields being done. Unfortunately one guy north east of here was in his relatively new JD and it started on fire. He literally had a few seconds to jump…that is about 8 feet from the top of the ladder…and his tractor continued to burn. Unbelievable! At this stage many farmers are on “robot mode” after seeding so much and he was lucky he had the wit to get out fast! Yikes!


We had that heat and humidity 2 and 3 days ago. Yesterday was overcast and rainy. This morning started out overcast and breezy. By 2:45 the clouds moved on, the sun came out and it changed from breezy to windy. Still, the girls and a neighbor’s granddaughter were outside driving around in the dune buggy. Had to change the battery about 5 minutes before they decided they had enough. :roll_eyes: Now I just have to remember to take the battery off the charger between midnight and 1 AM. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You will still be up doing tiles right???:smiley::rofl::smile:


We hit 31 C today…hot hot hot…my a/c has been going since this morning!! Yikes! Hopefully a cool breeze comes up and I can throw open all of the windows for the night :smiley:


I don’t actually know what temperature it hit today, but it was definitely hot and humid, even after the thunderstorms rumbled around a bit. What a day to pick for a 5 mile walk for charity… :roll_eyes::thinking::sweat:


oh my that would be a difficult walk…:walking_woman::sunny:


Why yes I will be doing tiles. Taking a short break to run down to my house to take care of my cat and to put the trash and recycling out at the curb. When I get back I’ll spend a few more hours slowly going through the tiles. I usually stay up until some time between 2:00 AM and 3:35 AM. (I do have to get some sleep before the girls get up between 6:30 and 7 AM. Can’t wait until they’re teenagers - then we’ll have to pry them out of bed… ah heck … at that time they’ll have to get up earlier to catch the school bus because they’ll be starting school earlier! I guess there’s no rest for the wicked. :innocent: :rofl:


Guess what books my 4-year old and 11-month old granddaughters are always looking at! “Frozen” story books! The girls have about 6 or 7 (more?) of them and at least twice a day the 4-year old is looking at them. The 11-month old gets them out of the book rack (she loves taking all the books out) and will sit there with them in front of her and go back and forth through the pages pointing out Anna and Olaf to me. Her “book reading” kills about 10 minutes each time. :laughing: Just the other day when I got back to my son’s house after spending the afternoon at my daughter’s house, all the girls - baby included - were watching Disney’s Frozen on TV! Do you want to build a snowman? :rofl:


:sleeping: :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:Long time by then!

There is rain around us, but we can only see the clouds in the west. Darn…it is still 25 C at 9 p.m. A slight breeze has picked up, now if it cools down, it will be a great night to have all the windows open!!!


At midnight we’re at 62F/17C and the temperature has been dropping about 2 degrees F or 1 degree C per hour. Nice clear sky with a very bright moon that’s casting quite defined shadows. Winds are calm now… finally!
Oops! Time to take the battery off the charger (for granddaughters’ dune buggy :grinning:)


A little guy near us drives his black Porsche around the block!!! Let’s hope his driving skills get better in the next 10 years…he is on the grass, off the grass, on the sidewalk, headed to the road, back to the sidewalk…Grampa gets lots of exercise just correcting the steering!!! :smiley:


:rofl:I know quite well how he feels! As I would run along the dune buggy when the 4-year old was three, every time I tried to “help” correct her steering, she would let off the accelerator pedal and it would stop. Of course I was still going! I don’t know how many times she’s run over my feet. An if she hit a bump her foot would come off the pedal just enough to begin a stop, then back on to accelerate. It was “stop and go” there for a while! :roll_eyes: The 11-month got her first ride with her big sister (the 4-yr old) last week, but I told her sister to keep it in “slow” gear - ~2-1/2 mph/4 kph. The little one loved it! It won’t be long before she’ll want to go fast like her big sisters at 5 mph/8 kph! The 6-year old found out if she “speeds” down the driveway and whips the steering wheel to one side as she takes her foot of the accelerator pedal, the car will slid and spin around - and if she stomps on the accelerator pedal before it stops, she can do a “doughnut”! Little speed demons they be! :hushed:


oh oh…that may translate to stunt driving in a few years with Grampa’s car!!!


Ah ah… Mommy’s and Daddy’s cars! I’m hiding mine! :rofl:


Thankfully it only got up to 24C (75F) yesterday and that’s just hot enough and temps for the rest of the week will be similar ranging from 20C - 24C (63-75F) with some rain…hopefully. That way I only have to water the pots :grin: Gardens are wonderful…when you’ve got the time to spend on them.

All this talk of children’s dune buggys and porsche’s reminded me we were having a clear out and tidy up of the garage last weekend and came across my sons’ peddle car up in the rafters…he could just about get his feet in it :laughing: Thankfully this one was a peddle car, he had a battery one but between him and the other children on the street they soon burnt it out…but that never held them back as our street has a bit of a slope :sweat_smile:

Funnily enough, of all the ride-ons all the children had out on the street, it was our burnt out battery car and the push peddle car which were most popular and fought over among them all…even with the older children. We came to the conclusion it was because these didn’t have any irritating motor noise and you could make them go faster…they always won the race :smiley:


Cool down doesn’t even cover it…we went from 31 C yesterday to a high of 21 today, with a cold wind. Storms all around us, but we have only had the gusty winds and cloudy. By the time we hit Friday, the high will be 13 C with a low of 6…brrrrr…covering my plants that night!!! :smiley:


LOL, I did get a bit wet! :shower::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::droplet:
It was so warm though, once the rain had stopped, I dried off in no time.
(And I did have a towel in the back of the car, just in case I needed it to dry off…!)


Summer temperatures and humidity. Here’s our highs for the past 5 days:
25th 94.2F/34.5C - Humidity wasn’t that bad.
26th 91.8F/33.2C - Humid
27th 65.4F/18.5C - Rain
28th 76.8F/23.8C - Nice day! :heart_eyes:
29th 95.5F/35.2C - Hot & very humid

I have a concern with is these mid-90s (F)/33-35C temperatures in May. I’m wondering just how hot it’s going to get in June, July (hot, thunderstorm month) and August. Maybe our “hot” season is going to be stretched out over a longer time?