2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


I agree! Usually our 30-35 C (and sometimes 40 C) is in July only!!! We had our third tornado confirmed last Friday!! Our tornado season is usually the beginning - mid June to July? Not sure what is in store for us, I just hope after the crops have grown… it is not “Hail” …


Wed. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan was hit by a hail storm…they had to shovel their way out…it was like a snowstorm!!!


We are getting storm after storm …a lot of water! I hope there is no flooding or hail!


Last day of weather reporting for MAY 2018!!! We are not forecast for good weather for the next week. Rain, cloudy, :cloud_with_rain: cool temperatures. I am hopeful June will be great weather like we have experienced in May. Record breaking temperatures! One good thing about our forecast, everything is getting very green. The flowers are growing, the trees have “popped”, the grass is growing enough to be mowed regularly, and we now have those dreaded “dandelions” (@Jim7 talked about in his earlier posts!!!)
The rains are welcome in the northern part of the province where several wildfires have been burning for two weeks or more.


Guess I should say something before cutoff…

We are currently just entering a showery period, but no heavy stuff forecast…
that always makes me nervous though… they often don’t get it right, but I trust Murphy’s judgements… ha. Anyway it’s currently 13C/55F or whatever… head conversion… and cloudy but dry til later… They have officially declared that the rivers etc are currently going down further… but… with a caution to pay attention if it rains… Exception is the Elk Valley where I used to live… and they still remember the 2013 (memory again) late May/ early June floodings as well as other years.
They are still under a watch, mostly due to the higher altitudes they are at.
So it seems things are progressing normally, if dryer in May. Good luck to everyone who is not so lucky… I’m still watching, but have still some life things to deal with re my lady friend… almost have that fixed… but she will find more to do I’m sure…:slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like she has a “Honey do” list going for you!

After another 90.5F/32.5C day yesterday (and humid), early this morning - after 4 AM - the clouds moved in and it’s been overcast and windy all day… but no rain yet. There was a 45-minute period when the sun peaked out for a short while, followed by filtered sun. High today was 80.3F/26.8C. Last night the low was 58F/14.6C.



Our coldest waa:

Saskatchewan -56.7 °C /
-70.1 °F February 1, 1893 Prince Albert

It was 38 degrees colder in Antarctica…I cannot imagine!!!

Tell me something about your area!

Did you know....a little bit of everything

The coldest temperature we had this winter was -9.4F/-23C. At least we didn’t go down to our usual -15 to -20F/-26C to -28.8C. The last time my wife and I "played in that kind of weather was the last year she went deer hunting with me. The temperature was -19F/-28C and a wind chill that made it feel like -45F/-42.7C. She got her deer, but also got hypothermia. She gets cold now even on a slightly chilly/breezy day. I always told her I didn’t think she was “right.” :laughing:
P.S.: I had to do the field dressing and dragged the deer for her. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But then again, she does the cooking! :yum: :heart_eyes: :laughing: