2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


@cageycat Thanks for the split, it was originally meant as a legitimate query as to whether it was storm related… It took on a life of its own… everywhere.

@TerriB Back on the weather thing… a heads up… we are experiencing a storm that is right here now and not too bad, but the pacific low is tracking to the south along the border eventualy and pushing moist air northward and where it goes upslope… snow. One map shows it along the border area and extending northward… not sure it will track in snow or rain, but high winds were forcast as it moves…

Anyone getting tired of weather… sigh…



Just a reminder that summer isn’t always nice either…


Thanks for the “heads up” @Doug4 . I just wonder if our “normal” weather has changed forever and this is the year of the change! I did see yesterday there was some snow tracking over the pass towards Canmore, Calgary area. In Saskatchewan some areas are forecast Wed. for snow, I would suspect that is it moving this way. … yes…tired of weather!!


Oh come on, Terri… If the weather settled in to a predictable day-to-day pattern, you’d be bored with all that sunshine, balmy breezes… oh wait! What am I saying? :confused::laughing:


Maybe we would then trade weather with …:thinking:…Hawaii!!! Can you imagine…palm trees, warm breezes…pineapple farms?? Ok I really really wish for “warm” temps…-20 this morning :smirk:


Yes… you are almost into the weather… and it will pass it is supposed to let up soon here, but… we haven’t got much either… other locals have though.

The bad news is they are now showing another storm moving onto the coast in a day or so… sigh…




We had a nice “warm” -6 (20 F) here last night. It finally reached 0 C (32 F) at noon. At 1:30 PM it’s ALL THE WAY UP to 3 C (38 F)! Had to laugh though… one little cloud passed by in the wee hours of morning and “spit” a few sprinkles at us - which promptly froze, giving just enough sparkle at morning’s first light to make it pretty (as my wife always says). :smiley: Now if we can just get that darned wind to stop blowing… er… howling!


HaHa isn’t that the way…one little cloud…she’s right it does give it that “sparkle” :smiley:


If the weather doesn’t start to change…spring%202018


Send that truck to my place! Or maybe 5 or 6! :heart_eyes: This morning around 3 AM clouds moved in. Then from 9:10 - 10:10 AM we had a steady light snow. Nothing accumulated as the temperature was 37.6 F/3 C. The photo reminds me of growing up in the city and watching the snow removal as a kid. Then I got to play with the snow do just this when I “got bigger.” :laughing: Lot’s of fun, except we were plagued by fire hydrants, buried vehicles and utility poles on some of the narrow streets. Still… it was better than driving down the road with the snow blowing up and over the plow onto the windshield (darned wind!) and forcing you to slow down! :rofl: The mountain of snow we piled up on the boat trailer parking lot by the river always remained until May. Then it was back and forth with a york rake collecting the debris that was hidden in the snow.
One thing that makes me curious about the photo is that road they’re ridding of snow seems to be away from a residential area. One would imagine moving all the snow to the leeward side and pushing it back some. That way it wouldn’t act as a snow fence and cause drifts.


Ha Ha …I have a photo somewhere of a friend snowmobiling over a train that has been buried in a snowstorm. We don’t usually get storms that bad, but we have had them in the past where we had to dig out our cars on the street…looking for the lights that flickered when we pushed our “unlock” button on our keys!! Most of the time they move snow with these types of plow/graders: The blue flashing lights were added in 2015 on all snow equipment.




That’s what we use here in the hamlet for snow removal, a road grader, a large front-end loader and a dump truck with a 4-way plow (like the plow in the bottom left photo above). All three run side-by-side down the street with the road grader pulling the snow from one side into the center and the truck pulling the snow from the other side into the center. Each one’s blades are just inside the bucket of the loader. The front-end loader is in the center pushing the mountain of snow down to an intersection where a second front-end loader loads the snow onto trucks for hauling away. When there wasn’t that much snow, a gradall (with a 22-foot/6,7 meter telescopic boom) is used to collect the snow and load it onto the trucks.
I think the oddest thing I did with snow was on a back road that ran along a farm. Near the top of the hill the wind always blew the snow off the field and drifted it across the road from waist to chest deep. I used an old 1945 Oshkosh Snow Fighter that had balloon tires on it. It was 4-wheel drive, 3-speed axle with a 5-speed transmission. We took the Vee-plow off and put on a one-way plow. It also had a wing plow. Starting on the leeward side of the road, I had to plow the snow to the windward side, all the way over to the middle of the field. A distance of about 100 yards/91 meters! I swear that vehicle could drive almost anywhere! The truck was retired the year before I retired in 1998! I think the town got it’s money’s worth out of that vehicle! :wink:
Those were the days when we really “got snow!” :heart_eyes:


That was quite the endeavour to make sure the snow off the field didn’t drift across the road! The farmer must have been very happy :smiley:. The farmers usually leave an edge of higher stalks on their fields to catch snow, as well they sometimes plow snow rows in the field to slow the wind and snow blowing over the roads. We have very wide, shallow ditches and they usually catch lots too! We don’t usually pile snow on the edges of the roads, they are cleared and then the piles are picked up - bulldozer and dump trunk type and in the city the snow is dumped on a cement pad that is eventually heated and the snow melts and goes through a filtration system before it runs back to the river. The cycle of snow!
The stuff we are trying to get rid of right now!!! :snowflake: :rofl:


This particular farm has a very large pond (small lake) that sits in a valley with woods on one side and a tall ridge on the other - the road side. The large field runs up from the pond to the cow barns. They can’t use snow fence in the field for fear the cows will rub against it, break some of the wires and swallow them as they eat. It will be disastrous for a piece of wire in a cow stomach (or of the five of them). What makes this the only way to clear the road is that even though there is a steep hill on the other side of the road - another valley - but that is also grazing land for the cows. (sigh) So moving the snow out into the field above the pond is the only viable option. The town could spend a couple of days picking up the snow and carting it away, but then the rest of the town would waiting to get plowed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That is a hard one to figure out! I understand the cow problems…I used to milk 200 cows a day on a dairy farm. They certainly can get into a lot of trouble eating the wrong things. putting their heads through gates and getting stuck, you name it! And yes, it is difficult to move the snow, however, we get so much, the roads would be in a tunnel if we left it there! :rofl: :grinning:


Speaking about snow…we are forecast for 10 cm today!!! … We may need those combines to move snow if this continues :grinning::rofl::slightly_smiling_face:


Yesterday was a gorgeous day! My wife and I got some time off from babysitting and went home Tuesday evening. Slap my wrist - I left my son’s laptop at his house so no Internet for me. :hushed: After watching movies on TV most of the night, I woke up at 0710 without an alarm. Thought that was pretty good seeing that I didn’t go to bed until 0230. After two cups of coffee and watching the birds in the yard, I started on raking all the leaves that had blown around the house - after we had cleared them all last fall (twice). Once my wife woke up and had her coffee, I got the lawnmower out to mulch the leaves - wouldn’t start. :frowning_face: I cleaned and re-gapped the spark plug, put a little dry gas in the tank. ran some emery cloth on the magneto and checked the gap on that. Still wouldn’t start. So we raked, picked up, swept and picked up all the leaves from under the hedges and away from the house. When we saw how much there was to pick up after just doing out front and one side of the house, we decided we’d better start picking them up. I tried the lawn mower again… no joy, but it sounded like it wanted to start. I also had to use a flat shovel to get the cold patch that was used to cover the water main break we had during the winter and that was plowed off and left along the curb in front of my house and in front of the apron of my driveway. I picked up 4 wheel barrows of that black sticky stuff! By this time the temperature had risen to 50F/10C. The sun had been shining brightly since sunrise and there wasn’t any breeze to speak of, so we were feeling a little on the warm side as we worked. Periodically I would go over and give a few tries at starting the mower. After the last attempt,I told my wife it sounded like the dry gas had worked its way through as it started for a couple of seconds and died. As I was wheeling the last wheel barrow full of debris over to the gully, my wife walked over and gave the mower one try. It started! As my wife went in to make herself a cup of coffee, I mulched the back yard up to the carriage house and then directly behind my house up to the dead end street. By now the temperature had risen to 53.6F/12C. I wanted to clean along the fence along the dead end street, but by this time my back was telling me to stop - which I did. (I did manage to do a little of my neighbor’s side lawn where there were a lot of leaves.) That’s when I realized the sun was just starting to dip below the roof of the 3-story house on the dead end street (higher up on the hill). That’s it… shower and dinner time. After my wife had her coffee, she ran up to our daughter’s house to let her dog out. My wife decided it would be nice to bring the dog down for a “visit!” All she wanted to do was to play with grandpa, hag the cat, jump up onto the couch and love seat to look out the windows and chew up a couple of the catnip mice toys. Of course when she gets a drink of water, she slobbers all over the place, walking away with water running out of both sides of her mouth.
After dark the clouds moved in and kept the temperature fairly constant above freezing. Then By 0245 this morning the clouds had moved out the temperature dipped below freezing. The clouds were back by sunrise this morning, gradually blocking out the sun. The rest of the morning up to now (2:24 PM) it’s been overcast and windy with strong gusts. Feels like rain. It’s currently 54.8F/12.6C. Now my back aches, my hands ache, my arms still feel like I raking leaves and shoveling cold patch.
As an after-thought, yesterday when I got my wheel barrow out, the tire was flat! My DIL had “misplaced” the power adapter to the charger for air compressor. Not to worry! I just got out our old iron wheel wheel barrow! A bit on the noisy side - especially on the front walk and stone driveway - but it worked! :wink:

UPDATE: 2:45 PM and the rain has started. Oh, April showers bring May flowers! :smiley:


Without regard to the approaching “unsettled weather” :wink:, today was absolutely great! Today’s high was 71F/21.6C, sunny with some wispy high-altitude clouds and only a slight to mild breeze. But good things do not last as that storm system that a couple of our northern nodders have just gone through slides down this way a little, tonight the temperatures are supposed to drop down into the 20s(F)/-3 to -4C. A lot of the spring bulbs have shot up leaves standing about 12 inches/30cm high. They’re the daffodils, tulips, irises, etc… Our French Lilac has sprouted buds. One thing I noticed the other day were some gray squirrels that meticulously worked their way up some maple tree limbs pulling off and eating some of the buds. They didn’t clean out any particular spot, but just ate a few every few side branches. Guess they know they need the leaves as well as the trees. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll be packing the snow shovels away for the season at the end of the month. I don’t trust Mother Nature as she’s been swinging back and forth between winter and spring. :neutral_face:


With yesterday’s warm weather of 71F/21.6C, a lot of trees decided to spring forth their buds. I just noticed this morning that the red maple at the southeast corner of my son’s property is suddenly covered in red buds. The hard maple out front has tiny buds just starting also. But today, while very sunny with scattered wispy clouds, is not very spring-like. The sun may be shining, but the high so far was only 51.2F/10.6C (for about 5 minutes) before dropping. At 3:15 PM the temperature has already dropped to 46.4F/8C, the wind is blowing like crazy with gusts 50+ mph/80+ kph. The birds are staying close to the ground and none of the soaring birds have been seen. Even the crows are scarce. Very blustery indeed!