2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


Apr 16 Tues - Rained hard from early afternoon on. Was 68F and very humid. Got all 3 ACs in, plugged in, and running. Missing 1 remote.

Got all the tower fans put together and in rooms.

No more than 4 hours, the humidity drops and I’m freezing… All ACs back off! By evening, furnace back on because it is so cold. No despair–I’m ready for the next heat wave!

Still need to go through fans in storage. Got rid of 5 box fans that click or clank (friend took them) and 1 non-functioning one (he’ll try to fix it) and one that needs screws in the grill…

Big day. I’m exhausted. Gonna have to reschedule mattress delivery on the 18th. sigh


Wow! Big difference from our “yesterday” (Sunday, the 15th). We were overcast all day with a light rain beginning around noon. By dinnertime it changed to freezing rain, then slowed to freezing drizzle - which is what it is still doing currently at 2:12 AM (16th Apr)… Everything is covered in a thick, white, crunchy crust. Yesterday’s high hit 40F/4.5C for a whole 2 minutes before quickly dropping down to just above freezing. Currently at 33.2F/0.6C.
Later today it’s more rain, heavy at times. This is supposed to continue into the wee hours of Tuesday morning. I think these “April showers” are slightly messed up! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Again…we are forecast for 3 - 7 cm of snow! BUT…Friday we are “suppose” to take a sharp turn towards spring…double digit temperatures!!! Please, please, please be true :sweat_smile::rofl::grin:


Two nights ago we received 1/2-inch/>1 cm of ice/sleet. Didn’t melt until early afternoon. This morning we started out with a light rain but that changed to sleet. After an hour it stopped and a stiff breeze came up… Still overcast with periodic light showers. What crazy weather we’re having!


We are still waffling up and down, but more up above freezing…
We get flurries and light rains… that alternate days… or is that nights?
Best part is that we get to sit in the middle watching storms come in from the Pacific coast, peter out just before getting here mostly and then reorganize and continue to the east… some of which you guys have been enjoying too… my sister is in the cottage area NE of Toronto… and has thanked me personally for the ice storms… or maybe that was very impersonally… rude at least… but I didn’t make the storm.

Good luck anyway… right now we are watching creeks and rivers… getting full and not yet into the melt… some things are giving way… mud and rock slides occur…
not widespread, but happen… add that the warming snow is sliding off the mountains more and more… a family stopped while crews did avalanche removal from a highway just to the west… when it was cleared up, they were allowed to move on… until a slide came down and nearly pushed them over the embankment… but they survived… that was an hour or so west of here…
Anyway slide and flood season will end in a month or so and we can get on with wildfire season… although there have been some small ones already.


That was quite the storm in Ontario - ice falling from the CN towers to Roger’s Centre - I will take the on and off flurries, rain instead. I am still very hopeful those double digit temps “actually” materialize in the next week. My confidence in the meteorologists this winter has been tested many times!
You are so right…a month will make a difference in this weather…but then we move into the next season issues! But at least warmer temps! :smiley:


Been warm and sunny here today, got up to 22C (71F) :sun_with_face: it’s currently at 17C (62F) but still a cozy warm feeling as though someone’s left the central heating on…just right for me :relaxed:


Is it possible for that warm weather to blow my way :grin:


Well lucky you! The past couple of days here we’ve barely seen the sun - almost forgot what it looks like. :smile:
High today was 48F/8.8C. Currently - oops… it’s “tomorrow” already (12:18 AM) - it’s 40.6F/4.7C and mostly calm. The small brook at the bottom of the hill is still rushing, but it’s down below its banks again. When we had the rain the other day I could see the water almost a yard/meter high up against the tree trunks. Almost - and I say thank reluctantly - glad there isn’t any snow left to melt. If there had, the brook would definitely have been well over its banks and running across the lawn at the bottom of my son’s backyard.

Almost forgot! The Lyrid meteor shower is back! It started the 16th and lasts until the 25th. The height of the shower is supposed to be the wee morning hours of the 22nd (Sunday) for those in the Northern Hemisphere. When I went outside an hour ago I could see a handful of stars through the cloud cover. It better clear up by Saturday night!


11:45am and it’s 20C (68F) and climbing so I know what I’b going to be doing for the next day or so…not be cooped up in-doors that’s for sure. I’ll enjoy this little bit of sunshine while we’ve got it 'cos come the weekend they’re forecasting rain and down to 11C (52F) again :sob:


:smiley::smiley::smiley: the long awaited “double digits” are suppose to arrive this afternoon!!! A whole 11 C…:palm_tree::tulip::duck::beetle::butterfly::deer::fox_face:


Right now, there is some really nice clear blue sky and sun with warming going on here in Cranbrook… nice if you get some of it, but… it might be a trick…

currently 5C but heading up to 13 or so… and that is an area forecast… we might get a bit higher here in town… good luck! It might be pushed away by another wet front later… but highs are sluggish.


We got up to around 26°C / 79°F today… and I was stuck in the office all day! :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Still, it’s looking like a pleasant evening, and having just seen the weather forecast for the weekend, I might get to enjoy a little of the good weather.


My son in Vancouver said it is still cloudy and forecast for rain again tonight and tomorrow. I’m sure that will head to you and then over the mountains (Change to snow) and snow in Calgary and then change back to rain for Saskatchewan!!! My Wish list :rofl: Our current temp is 9…a little push and we could be in the double digits! Snow from Monday is melting fast, as it was a slushy wet snow. I agree…highs are sluggish. The meteorologists keep moving them down the week further and then onto the next week :roll_eyes::thinking: At this rate, May long weekend is going to be a cold camping weekend!


Yes, you’re further south than I aren’t you Helen. We got up to 24C and that was just enough for me :wink: Even my son managed to get a little sunburnt on the back of his neck and his arms just walking home from school, mind you, that was about an hour’s walk :confused: That sunshine caught us out today :grimacing:
I believe London is supposed to have been the hottest at around 29C (84.2F).


It is always amazing how we go through such a long period of darkness - sunrise 9 am. sunset 5 p.m. -
to bursting sunshine at 5:45 a.m. sunset today about 8:15 pm.
By the summer our sunset and dusk will go on until 10:30 pm. :sun_with_face::sunglasses:


Yesterday the meteorologist on one of our local TV stations said so far this April is the coldest on record for the past 200 years - and we feel it! It was down to 32F/0C overnight and at 10:00 AM it has climbed all the way up to 38F/3C. A still breeze is blowing and accompanied by strong gusts - enough to stop a crow from moving forward as it flies. :smiley:

I’m hoping the clouds finally move out as I would very much like to see the Lyrid meteor shower. Early Sunday AM is supposed to be the best time. Last night it was too cloudy to see anything but three of the brightest stars - and they were fuzzy. :slightly_frowning_face:


Too cold to be Spring :grimacing: especially on Long Island! It is 43F/6C with wind chill 35F/1C, but is supposed to be clear over the weekend for the Lyrid meteor shower. :stars: :comet:


Super! We have exactly the same temperature up here just south of Albany, NY and the wind is blowing. The sun finally showed itself through some breaks in the clouds around 10:25 AM. Temperature is very slowly climbing. The overnight low was 32F/0C.

When I ran down to my house (from my son’s) to take care of my cat, I looked at my weather station there. Showing the barometric pressure rising, sunny and clear skies. This “forecast” is usually between one and two days ahead. Looking forward to seeing many meteors! :heart_eyes:


I don’t mind the heat so much (my winter holiday destination is usually around 20-25°C / 68-77°F), it’s the humidity that gets to me! (Oh, and now being ultra-sensitive to the UV rays thanks to a rare side-effect of the medication I’m on, I have to either avoid too much direct sun, or use factor 50+ sunscreen…)

According to the temperature readout on my car, it was around 26°C / 79°F today when I left the office this afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. Going to get a bit cooler over the weekend apparently…