2018 April through May - Weather Reporting


Since we started growing berries, I can never go back to store-bought! Berry Season is one of the highlights of the year. Soooo yummy😁


I remember hearing jokes like this when I was a kid. I remember being upset that they got the song wrong and not that they were wishing the rain to come on Saturday when there was no school! it’s interesting that as I grew up, things would click - e.g. In junior high I would have realized "oh so that’s what they meant :thinking: They wanted it to rain on my weekend :rage:

The Muppets are a great example of movies/programs that have jokes that both kids and adults laugh at but for completely different reasons. :joy:


We hit a high today of 25 C…after snow, rain, melting, flooding…it seems we skipped spring and went right on to summer! Beautiful day! This week we are forecast for more seasonal temperatures between 12-20, with sunshine everyday, which feels so good after such a long winter! :smiley:


We hit 22 today (71F), but by 4:30 PM it had clouded up, started raining and 2 thunderstorms passed through. Torrential downpours for about 30 minutes for each thunderstorm and a steady rain in between. It hasn’t stopped raining and it’s now 9 hours later. Over the past couple of hours the rain has slowed to a nice light rain though. That poor little brook - which had finally quieted down - was roaring again for a while after the T-storms. It has quieted down somewhat, but it is still rushing. (At least it’s not covering the bottom 2 feet (61 cm) of the trees along it’s banks like the other day.
I don’t remember asking anyone from Canada to send me down some cold air, but thank you. It’s on its way! :grinning: Monday is supposed to be nice again.
Warm Spring temperatures + rain = dandelions! :hushed:


Maybe your warm temperatures decided to come on vacation to Canada…just for the weekend…and will be back on Monday :smiley::rofl:


The rhyme “April showers brings May flowers”…doesn’t quite work in my area. Although we have had great temperatures in the last two weeks, the ground is frozen, there is still ice on the lakes, although the snow has melted quickly. Our planting time for flowers/gardens is on the May long weekend (May 21st) or thereafter. Sometimes the garden has not gone into the ground until the end of the first week of June.
Our temperatures really warm up after that and vegetables will flourish.


I think so. It stopped raining around 1 AM this morning, but the rain started again after 3 to 3:30 AM - and it’s still coming down (steady light rain). Our temperature overnight was 4C/40F and at 10 AM it “jumped” all the way up to 6C/43.8F! :laughing: It’s so damp and chilly outside. And of all the times to want to go outside to play, the girls have been nagging us to go out. Tried telling them everything is soaking wet, it’s chilly and it not such a good time for outside play. They think otherwise, wanting to go out and jump in the puddles. I think they watch too much “Peppa Pig”! Peppa and her little brother George love jumping in muddy puddles! :roll_eyes:
Still looking forward to Monday when the temperature is supposed to go back up to “decent” spring temperatures. More of the maple tree buds have sprouted and turned a bright green which is adding some more color to the scenery. Everyone’s lawns have turned green again. One of my son’s neighbors mowed his lawn the other day before we got all this rain. I keep our lawn between 3 to 5 inches/7,6 to 12,7 cm. This shades the soil - keeping it moist and soft - and keeps the earthworms closer to the surface for the robins. :wink: I also don’t have to water my lawn - even in dry spells - and the weeds are choked out, save for some dandelions that always manage to find places along the edges to germinate. :expressionless: Maybe I’ll harvest some leaves and make dandelion wine. :dizzy_face:


I’ll have to pass on that tip to my hubby :smiley: He was out today mowing the front lawns for the first time this spring and was walking like an old man by evening…he decided to leave the back 'til next weekend :sweat_smile:

He left all the dandelion weeding for me during the week :unamused: Can’t believe how many have come up in the front flower beds though…guess they did get a little neglected last year…hey-ho :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, go ahead and make some dandelion wine out of them! If that’s doesn’t make your hubby stand up straight, it’s probably make him lie down straight. :laughing:




One of our friends who now lives on a lake in upper New York sent my wife a video of the snowstorm they got today. Big flakes and coming down fast! :heart_eyes: All we got was rain… and more rain… then a couple hours of drizzle, then rain and back to drizzle. The drizzle is still just “drizzling” down. :laughing: We’ve received a little over 3 inches/7,7 cm of rain drawn out over the past 3 days/nights. Come on Monday with not so chilly temperatures! I don’t mind the cold, but the dampness bothers these old bones and joints. :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh Oh you put away the snow shovels didn’t you? …never fails it comes as soon as we think
“winter” is over …:smile:

In the East you do have such a different humidity in the cold than we do. My in laws are from Atlantic Canada and when I am there in the winter/spring/fall I “never” warm up! Here, we have very cold temperatures, but it is a very dry cold. either way…we want the cold to go away!


yeah, but if it is -24F below it is freaking cold how ever you slice it. One of the reasons I decided to retire was when I was laying on the snow underneath my trailer tandems, beating on the hubs trying to get them to loosen up after they froze when it got down to -24F in Edmonton, Alberta, at the Flying J truck stop. I said to myself “What the freaking fignewtons am I doing here at 65 years old?”


Since when did Edmonton get DOWN to -24F… that was always UP when I was around there in the past.

Just needed to say hi to everyone, So I’ll tag that onto this reply to Bev…
I’ve been a bit occupied with spring time here… all the people who wanted stuff have come out of hibernation… just when I want to relax a bit… sigh!


Ain’t it always the way, Doug?
I just wish that spring would re-spring here… it’s back to winter weather again at the moment. My car alerted me to the outside temperature dropping to :snowflake: 4°C/39°F this morning, and it rained :cloud_with_rain: hard almost all day.
Weather forecast (if it’s to be believed) says we’ll be back up to around 19-20°C / 66-68°F by the end of the week… :sunglasses:


It’s been 13C here and supposed to be climbing to 18C by next Tuesday. Sky’s yesterday looked seriously black for quite some time but if there was rain in them it never reached us :grin: It’s been that way for a few days now, threatens us with rain but takes it elsewhere to unload…lucky us :smile:


Doing something you enjoyed (past tense?). :slightly_smiling_face:
I know the same feeling. I loved “playing” with the heavy equipment, and had my favorites. I still miss operating them, but I don’t miss having to work on them when someone broke down and the machine was sitting in a pool of muck or when it was so cold and windy that you could sneeze and see little ice droplets on the steel. I think the worst job was repairing broken links in the bulldozer track. The joints don’t want to work with you… pound on them with a sledge hammer and the caked mud and clay absorb the impact. Chip that away…pound some more…it finally starts to move. Now you move on to the back side of the track and repeat. Then you move to the next joint and repeat… and so on until you loosen enough to work the bolts out and replace them. Now you have to pound everything back into place. Of course, Mother Nature is either soaking you with rain, or a biting cold wind, or snow, or a combination of them all. Why don’t these things ever seem to break down in “nice” weather? :confused:
If asked if I would come back and run them again? Nope! Not unless someone else did the repair jobs. :rofl: Really, I do miss running those machines, but I think I’d rather stay retired. This is a lot more “tiring” than I had imagined, but the grandchildren make it all worth it. :heart_eyes:

And to stay on topic, that rain hung around longer than originally expected. It was overcast all day and for the better part of the day it rained with a couple of 30 minute spells of drizzle. Chilly and breezy with a daytime high of 48F/9C. But at dinnertime the clouds started moving out and the sun shone from 6 PM until sunset, raising the temperature to 51F/10C. With the cloud cover gone the temperature is dropping, but not too rapidly. Still it will be just above freezing by morning. Now if the clouds stay away and the sun does its thing, tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be in the upper 70s(F)/~25C! Almost makes me want to get out my fishing gear and go through all of it. But then I remember… babysit the girls, Grandpa! Maybe I can sneak down to my house at night and prepare the gear. Come a nice weekend and we’re off! Hear that Mother Nature? A nice warm, dry weekend would be in order - if you don’t mind! :wink:


Your’ve had your quota of rain …hopefully the weekend is beautiful weather :sunny::partly_sunny::sunglasses:


Our forecast for this next week is 16C-25C with one cloudy day…seriously two weeks ago yesterday we had a snowstorm!!! They are having major flooding in BC I see @Doug4 due to the quick mountain melt, but more so from the devastating wildfires of last year. Once the fires are “out” we believe it is over, but this shows the long term consequences.


What a difference May seems to be starting off than what April ended up. The first of May we expect a high of 77F/25C and tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the upper 80s(F)/30C. What a difference! From all that rain we had all the maple trees’ buds are turning a very bright green. Our French Lilacs have opened their buds and are pushing out the new leaves. The magnolia trees and cottonwoods are popping out their blossoms also. Of course, a large range of insects has also awaken and are busy flying around, especially the bumble bees, wasps, some honey bees, lady beetles (lady bugs)… and stink bugs! At least we haven’t seen any mosquitoes yet!