2018 - Australian wildfires



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So it says in Wikipedia :




From the above article:

Will fires like these become more common in the future

Dr Stewart said he did not have a crystal ball.

"It’s really difficult to say yes or no. At the end of the day, if it continues like this, the indication is that, yes we can see more fires like this, absolutely.

"But there’s a caveat there that if climate change is so radical that we start to see massive fires there will be a change in the dynamics of vegetation and a change in the fuels.

“It could be a change in landscape as well, so there could eventually, over time, be such intense fires that they actually cause a change and a die-out of fuels in those areas.”


So very true.

We have seen the changes around Fort McMurray, and the BC fires in the last few years.
The fire in the Okanagan this summer shifted because of an old fire area in its path and it moved towards the fuel area. Creating a larger fire area and of course a massive area without vegetation now. This in turn, creates a landslide area after rains, and flash flooding area. For us, in winter, it creates a snow slide/avalanche area also, closing roads, causing damage and injuries.

We are also seeing these same patterns on some of the Western Wildfires campaign polys, where there have been multiple fires in that area over the past few years, noticeable on the Before and After images. The vegetation is gone and will be for many years to come, if it grows back at all.