2018 - Campaign 4 Africa - #WithRefugees: A Look at the Refugee Crisis - POI


2018 - Campaign 4 Africa - #WithRefugees: A Look at the Refugee Crisis - POI

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Hello CageyCat - Was working on Refugees in Africa campaign, on this map block https://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2380/map/26i2xby46 I noticed odd low lying grey clouds. I found settlements along a road, yes. Burnt and or burning, the clouds are smoke, the smoke is from the round earthen structures. Houses being burnt is never good, I hope bringing this to your attention brings something good about?
Next question - do we count black burnt tents and huts?



I haven’t been doing the Africa campaigns. @Mel_Nod would be the best person to ask.

@EmeraldEyes @Jim7 @Helen @Beverly1 any of you guys know?

We’ll get you an answer!



I’m not working on this campaign, but that is quite an interesting and despairing observation CC made. I am going to that link and taking a screen shot though.


Didn’t see the burnt site, yet, because just got back on yesterday. @Mel_Nod my problems with the Africa Campaign was that it would not load until yesterday, and tags would disappear which doesn’t help one keep track of where you have tagged or not. Got back on and tagged a couple hundred tents.Signed off it and will let you know if I can get back one. Also Maria campaign refuses to load, per previous msg.


This village is near the Hilaweyn Refugee Camp in SE Ethiopia near the Somalia border. It is not part of the camp. I looked at Google Earth for that area, but the Digital Globe imagery looks the same as it did in our 2016 image.
I annotated the latitude and longitude. You can do a search on Google Earth for the Hilaweyn Camp and it will take you there. See the screen shots below:


What a forsaken part of the planet to live in! Thanks for the pointers, Kateg!


Thank you, @kateg for answering @Cam

When I looked ar the URL, I couldn’t tell what they were.