2018 Christmas Adventures


Attended this last night…beautiful, so magical!


A sight to see, not something that happens everyday here…


My husband, sister and I went to my mom’s in West Texas. We spent Christmas Eve day at the Monahans Sandhills State Park (https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/monahans-sandhills)
with her three dogs.
The park rents out plastic discs to sled down the dunes. We had a wonderful time sledding down one ~ 40 foot (12 meters) high dune (very fun on the down, hard work to climb back up the dune!). The dogs loved it. We set them loose and they ran like it was the best day they had ever had. Her youngest, 1-year-old dog, had never been, and the 13-year-old dog kept up with the others. That dog amazes me. I would never guess she was 13. She runs like a 5-year-old dog! If she were human, she would probably be an Olympian. The happy spirits of the dogs were infectious - it was truly a magical day that I will remember and reminisce about for years :grin:


Love the photo Kateg and what an amazing family adventure. So many memories!

EDIT: Along the harbour in Vancouver during one of our walks, the smallest Yorkie and another same size dog, snuck around the large logs on the beach and then exploded into the flock of seagulls on the beach. They ran and ran until one just layed down and stayed there and the owner had to pick it up and carry it from that point!..exhaustion!


That white sand looks like snow! :rofl: (Still waiting…)


A few photos from my Christmas Adventure - VanDusen Festival of Trees, one of the harbours, Kitsilano Spanish Beach, on the way to Whistler and Shannon Falls. I went through four weather systems in one day…sunshine, misty, raining, and snow.


Nice photographs, Terri! I showed them to my wife and she loved the Christmas tree photo. I especially liked the “ship in a bubble”. That’s a new twist from a ship in a bottle! :smile:
The “misty” forest (okay, I know it was fog) is beautiful. That would make for a nice jigsaw puzzle! There is a company that will take your photos and create a jigsaw puzzle of them. I thought about that once - having puzzles made of our grandchildren - but when I went through the photos, the “yes” pile turned out to be about a foot/30 cm high! :rofl: It’s tough cutting the pile to just one of each of the four grandchildren. Working on it, although now I’ll have to search for which company it was that does this. :unamused:
That waterfall photo is beautiful. Heck, they all are. Nice work! :heart_eyes:


Thanks Jim! I had a great time…so much to see and do and along the way I got to take photographs! There is a man who goes down to that pier most days and using a rope on a stick makes those huge bubbles. The kids love it. I tried to catch a few in the air, and then got moved over this direction by the crowd…lucky me there was a sailboat behind my photo!!! My son and I went up to the falls…I haven’t got to the close up pictures yet. It had started to snow just as we left the main highway to Whistler…heavy wet snow…that fell on my head a few times! I have a cover for my camera and lens that is just for days like this…and thought it would be rainy in Vancouver…and it was. If I got caught in the weather, it went under my coat! The night photos took a little bit for me to get the right settings, I haven’t done much night photography…it is my “learning curve” for this year!


Some great shots there Terri!
If they turn out OK I’ll post some of mine when I get back home… :crossed_fingers: for good pics of the fireworks tomorrow!


Thanks ! Would love to see them Helen!


I love this last one Terri, the waterfall looks like smoke drifting down :heart_eyes:

Would you mind if I downloaded that one to add to my TN collection :thinking:


I’m surprised that imaginative eyes have not commented on the Waterfall Wizard, top right.


Oh gosh yes…that took me a while to spot :laughing:


Waterfall Wizards typically try to blend in, despite their boulder-like size!


Looks like someone is about to make the waterfall jump through a hoop. See him/her standing on the rock to the right near the top of the waterfall? I’ve also noticed a few other interesting figures in the trees. I could have some fun with this picture. :crazy_face: I know… I’m not right. I’ll go back to my corner and work on H. Maria… :neutral_face: