2018 Christmas is Coming!


Ho ho ho


Santa Claus parade in town tonight! We brought all 3 girls to watch the Santa parade - sponsored by the village and the 3 fire companies in town. A town police car led the parade playing Christmas music over its PA system. It was followed by fire trucks from each company, one of the several ambulances, and of course Santa Claus and some elves followed in a large trailer towed by a pickup. Of course the trailer was all decked out with colored lights and a large Christmas tree. The elves passed out Christmas candies to all the little ones as they went by. This being her first year seeing this parade, the littlest one (now 1-1/2 years old) was smiling from ear to ear. She even tried imitating the sirens of the fire trucks! :laughing:

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Gee… My wife got to go out Christmas shopping with our daughter. I got to stay at home and dog sit our daughter’s dog. Mopped the kitchen and parlor floor 3 times so far… and NO! SHE’S GETTING ANOTHER DRINK! :open_mouth: Brought her outside twice… she did her business the 2nd time out. Have to listen to her running back and forth through the house because she misses “her mommy.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Put her dinner down for her… not eating… jumping up against the kitchen door, looking out the window to see if “mommy’s back yet” and whining non-stop! Driving me nuts she is! I even put some music on for her, but I don’t think she can hear it over her whining. Maybe I should wake up Angel (:smiley_cat:) and let them “play” together. :rofl: And to think the girls have only been gone less than an hour… and 3 or 4 more to go… :unamused:

Edit: Let’s see… the girls left for shopping at 3:20 PM. They returned around 10 PM. That’s a long time - for me with a dog who whined and ran back and forth for 45 minutes, and then would jump up and come running into the room each and every time I so much as reached for my coffee mug. :roll_eyes: She wanted to go outside nearly every ten minutes, but I limited her to about twenty. :grinning: She darned near went through the window on the kitchen door when she realized “mommy” and “grandma” were back. :open_mouth: At least she said “good-bye” to me as she left. As my daughter started to back out of the driveway, Abby (or Abigail as is her rightful name) let out a howl that sounded more like a hound than her black lab and pit bull terrier mix should have been like. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I swear she almost sounded like a beagle on rabbit run. :laughing: Now I can put Angel’s cat treat back on the floor, clean up more drooled water around the kitchen, bathroom and parlor floors, straighten up the sofa and throw pillows, and oh my… I told my wife I’d take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them! Oh great… :unamused: