2018 - Climate Change




This is a documentary about the Changing Climate and Environment of Western Canada…very informative…there are parts filmed in Saskatoon…


Here are the various effects, we will see/or have already seen, from climate change.


I remembered reading this several years ago…worth another look …There is a further audio explained about the “blob”.


I’d say this is a sign of Climate Change…the northern parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan have been under a “Heat Alert” for the last few days. They have had warmer weather, by as much as 5 degrees, than the south areas of these provinces.


NOTE: Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta is the nesting grounds for Whopping Cranes. It is usually cooler.



Some of these changes we have seen on our campaigns…before and after satellite shots…



This is an article on Climate change and how it contributed to Hurricane Florence:



This is an older article but just came up in my class. It is about the ice core samples from Antarctica and what they tell us about climate change over time:

A good read on this “A Farewell to Ice”…Peter Wadham.




This is the main part of my Environmental Chemistry class…(an area we know from seals). This is an older article but it explains the ice cores and information we obtain from them …


A result of Climate Change:


Very Interesting Ted talks- Peter Wadham - Farewell to Ice.



Thanks Terri, that was a good talk. I finally got some time to listen tonight. (I made a mental note to return to this topic just for this. :wink:)


I have listened to several for my class. Many different views out there of how to change the GHG that we now have in the atmosphere. We reviewed an article from 1965 that predicted this is where we would be in 50 years. I wonder what the “naysayers” at that time are now thinking.