2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


For once the forecast stayed with us… about 5 cm / 2.inches of wet stuff is on everything, still coming down and forecast to warm up… maybe a bit more overnight tonight… should clear off and be cooler as forecast… it’s already getting that way on the coast and spreading inland in the usual diagonal pattern as the cold comes down from the NW… @TerriB might get that clearing from the Edmonton area if it gets over the mountains…

2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting

That would be great! We have been stuck in the dense fog for four days now. Love the fog frost on everything, but could use some sunshine!


Then I take it you wouldn’t any of the rain we’re about to get - from around 9 PM tonight until around 6 PM tomorrow - including a couple of hours of thunderstorms. :grinning: At least I got my car cleaned out, including the 500-watt amplifier my grandson had installed in the car when he had it. What a pain that was to take out. I almost wish I could strip the car seeing how we’ve got so many new - and expensive - parts in it within the past year. Even new mud & snow tires on the front - which don’t fit our “new” vehicle. Still thinking of swapping out those with the old ones under the porch.

Our high today was 41.5.F/4C and it’s currently cloudy/overcast and winds are calm. BP is 30.17" and slowly dropping. Humidity is 70%. Not a bad day at all. Birds, squirrels and deer are all set for tonight and in the morning - for those who brave the rain. :laughing:

Edit: I just looked at the almanac for yesterday and today. What a big difference!

Almanac for December 1, 2018

Forecast | Average * | Record

High 39°F | 53°F | 82°F
Low 34°F | 35°F | 19°F
Rain/Snow Depth
0.54 in | 0.12 in | -

  • | 0.1 in | -

Almanac for November 30, 2018

Actual | Average * | Record

High 38°F | 54°F | 78°F
Low 29°F | 35°F | 22°F


Freezing rain! At 9:15 PM (they were right at to the time it would reach me… for once) the freezing rain reached here. By 10:00 PM it started to mix with rain for about 10 minutes, but it’s back to freezing rain again. There’s a narrow band of this running from Albany, NY south to West Coxsackie. My grandson is working in West Coxsackie and he got out of work at 10 PM. I hope he takes his time driving home. :worried: Eventually it will turn to snow for an hour or so, then will switch to rain (we always seem to get the rain). I hear a lot of radio traffic on the scanner. It’s in the other room so I’m not really listening to it - just listening for the tones for our rescue squad, our fire companies (3) and one in New Baltimore (just over the county line). I have these tones committed to memory, failing on occasion as it may be. :grinning:
With the switching over between types of precipitation coming down for the next 20 hours, who knows what we’re going to end up with. Of course, they can always change their forecast as they do so often. :grinning:
Current temp is 34F/1C, BP 30.11" with 77% humidity.

Edit: Shortly after midnight I heard a call on the scanner for a possible structure fire 2 blocks down the street. Turned out to be a chimney fire. Within 45 minutes the fire company had the fire out and was back in service, returning to the fire station at the top of the hill. At least during this time the rain had become a light rain.

We received a total of 0.01"/0.25 mm of freezing rain before it turned to a mix of rain and snow. Of course the snow melted as soon as it hit the ground. Still a light rain at 1 AM. Total precipitation received since it began is 0.17"/4.3 mm. Rain to continue… Looking at the radar it seems they’re getting snow in the higher elevations. You can see the edge of the cold front and the change from snow to rain as the clouds pass through this “border.” Current temp at 1 AM is 36F/2C, 88% humidity and BP of 30.04" and ever so slowly dropping.


December 2nd:

Minus 7 C -13 WC (8 F) Again Dense Fog! Humidity has been in the 90’s because of the fog, which makes it colder…chillier… than at this temperature usually. Snow is moving our way from south of the border. Alberta has already had snow for the last 24 hrs from the same system. We are forecast for this to start later this evening. Possibility of 1015 cm of snow. The Monday morning commute will take a little longer than usual :roll_eyes:


As usual, the weather system and forecast changed… from rain all day until 6 PM, now all we’re going to get is a few showers/drizzle - currently drizzle/fog. We received a lot less rain than originally forecast. As of 9:50 AM we had 0.37"/9.4 mm. Current temp is 39.9F/4.4C, 92% humidity, BP 29.82", light fog sitting over the river, and mostly calm wind.

Oops! Power just went off for about 5 seconds and then came back on - long enough to mess with a couple of clocks. Have to reset a couple of clocks now. :roll_eyes:

Once the clouds move out late tonight, here’s our (current) forecast for the week:


Woke up this morning to a dusting of new snow… maybe 1.5 cm… call that half an inch…
about -3 C / 27F, Supposed to clear off this morning and start cooliing. First days of the week to be partly sunny and fully sunny from Thursday through next Sunday… typically -3C days and down to -8 or so nights…
That suits me fine… nice weather gives time to clean up… not there is much…


We’re on a “Dense Fog Advisory” until 5 AM. Who was it that sent their fog over to me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Earlier I could barely see 2 blocks away. The river was gone. :laughing: A short while ago a slight breeze came up (3 mph/4.8 kph) and seems to have lessened the fog a little. But now it sounds like it’s raining as the moisture that collected on the trees is dripping onto the fallen leaves - noisy. Too chilly and damp to sit out… so I stand and walk around the porch a bit. :laughing:
Do you know there are different types of fog? Sure are! The first type is a “Light Fog” - in which there appears to be a slight haze, but you can see for quite a distance. The second type is simply called “Fog” - in which you can see 100’ / ~ 32 metres. The third type is called… wait for it… wait… wait… “London Fog” - in which you can’t see your hand in front of your face! :rofl: Sorry @EmeraldEyes and @Helen, I just had to through that stereotype in there. :laughing: Anyway, it is foggy enough that vehicles are using their windshield wipers. Okay… I’m done with the witty, wacky stuff.

At 12:35 it was 45F/7C, Cloudy/Fog, Winds are at 3 mph/4.8 kph, 86% humidity, BP 29.55". Did I mention it’s foggy? :laughing: Back to H. Maria…



Fog left us (and went to Jim’s) and temperatures plummeted. -12 C -19 WC (-2 F) No snow and I don’t even see that system on the radar…poof! must have disappeared! High today -5 C (23 F)

EDIT: Oops not all the fog left us…but slowly through the day it changed to snow showers.


@TerriB I thought @Jim7 was always in a FOG… happens when over extended sometimes… but often.

Weird here this morning… no precip forecast for overnight… just semi clear… but this morning… looks like another 2.5cm / 1 inch… on the ground, car etc… must be something local, I think there is an open lake across town… this might be a local snow belt… til it freezes over… would not show on radar etc.

Other than that it’s about as forecast… cooler and trying to be clear.

I do like the smaller amounts though if we have to have it… no big dumps… also had people asking me to shovel out their places all winter long… had to tell them I could be convinced to help them out, but as time and fitness allowed me… could not make open promises like that… oh and they would never be priority even if they were paying… that was their offer… I did point them to a very local resource that uses people from the CMHA (mental health program which is based over where someone I know lives… Don’t know if they are going to try doing it this year… but it started out with great fan fare last year… but since they can’t get their own place shoveled (that is what I’ve been helping with) I don’t know if they will try again… It is a peaceful process to me… good exercise too. I’ve been known to start at sun up and go all day in various spots… Very good…
Very Peaceful, just before you freeze and nod off … permanently ha ha…:rofl:


We call that “mist”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Colloquially known over here as a “pea-souper” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pea_soup_fog)

I’ll forgive you Jim! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:thinking: I notice I wasn’t forgiven by @EmeraldEyes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :worried:


Oops, sorry Jim, I was only half awake when I read the posts last night. Anyway, I forgive you considering you’ve sent our fog back…I can just about see the end of our close, which is about 100mtrs.
Why do drivers think that just having their side lights on is sufficient, especially first thing in the morning when it’s barely daylight :astonished:
Mind you, even though I checked my lights before I set out, by the time I returned home I wasn’t so sure one was still working…so checked again and they’re all still working. But I suppose, lights can fail at any time after setting out even after checking they are working :thinking:

We’re currrently 3C (38F) with rain forecast for the rest of the week…so no surprises there then :wink:


We have the same problem…many drive with their daylights on …but that is only the front lights and in the dense fog we had here for days, with no taillights on …that is dangerous! It is a key twitter statement here by the government to get people to turn on their lights!

Currently -9 C -16 WC (3 F) Brrrr…after that humid fog weather now for the temperature to plummet, just cannot warm up!!! Chill to the bone! This is how it feels when I go to Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes.
It is a much wetter winter there, whereas in Saskatchewan it is usually a very dry cold.

(Of course if I quit going out into the forest/bush looking for photo ops that may help :roll_eyes:)

We are at our forecast high, so it won’t warm up much today!! :smile: By the weekend the warmer temperatures come around.

We are suppose to be cloudy until midnight…meteors may be seen if the clouds part???.


They do indeed! I checked all my light… all okay… sent out and got pulled over 20 minutes later for - you guessed it - a tail light out!

Overnight low was 32F/0C, no fog. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: This morning is mostly sunny with just enough air moving to make only the smallest of the wind chimes make music.


Just take an aspirin, that always takes out that bone deep chill…warms you up nicely :wink:

The fog’s finally moved on…it’s obliterated Winter Hill instead and the temps gone up a degree.


Going to yoga…that should do it!!!:smiley:


Yep that’ll do it :grin: I am sooo looking forward to getting back to my yoga classes, I’m already trying to do a bit but I’ve still got to be careful about tying myself up in knots, my hip is still a bit too new for that :sweat_smile:


Can you do “chair yoga”…excellent for hip and knee problems…you dont’ need to get down on the ground.


Oh yes, I can do some of those, there are still quite a few I remember which are particularly good for strengthening that area :wink: