2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


Here’s the dip…-16 C -21 WC (-5 F…with a chance of more snow showers today.


Hey, it’s England! If it’s not raining THEN it’s unusual :laughing: So no snow there then :disappointed_relieved:


Drat, I must still be in England then! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain:
Weather outlook for the next week
UK image
Destination image
Looks like I’m in for MORE rain than the UK where I’m going…:umbrella::umbrella:


Today… woke up to about 1 to 2 cm of snow on things… still trying to come down as I speak but not hard.
a bit warmer than yesterday at -6C / 21 F. cloudy and now forecast to idle along like that for a few days… all - single digits… This place is in a rut. but… better than fires. and floods.

Still a day or three for things to change for @EmeraldEyes and even @Helen but not likely. I guess dry would be a nicer option than rain… might even get there for @Jim7 first if things move east and south… didn’t really look at that… just the current local… since I have to take Lynne on an errand…


They’re forecasting snow showers for here late tonight into early tomorrow morning, but I’m not holding my shovel! :laughing: Maybe we’ll get enough to make some things white. :neutral_face:

Today is cloudy with a slight breeze with mild gusts once in a while - although the sun shone through for about 15 minutes around 1 PM. Currently (2 PM) it’s 38F/3C and they don’t expect it to get much - if any - warmer today. Actually nice outside, but each time I go out the birds scold me for waiting so long to put more seed out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Even a red-headed woodpecker sat on a branch in the pine tree scolding me until I put a new suet cake in the cage. It was pecking at the suet even before I got up onto the porch and sat down. :smiley:


Hey Doug, just switch on the big fans and blow some snow our way for tomorrow night pleeeease :pray: :grin:


Well I went looking around, and still say watch for changes… I’ve done what I can… I found snow for here and lower temps, @TerriB is cooler and might find some flurries, @Jim7 is similar to me and might likely get some.


I was looking at the forecast for your area… I see warmer and maybe some fog… and noticed a warning that UK temps in general were starting to drop… a fact barely reflected in the forecast… seems something is trying to drop down from the northwest… Where have I heard that recently… there is forecast for foggy inland and if you can get fog near 0C, you sure as heck can find flurries or at least nice white hoar frost or rime ice…

Anyway I’ve done my best for you, but… I’m only human… you could ask higher up for some help…
Have a good Christmas regardless…
And remember " RAIN is a damp nuisance at the best of times!"


Unless it’s summer and you really need it to water your flower and vegetable gardens - and to replenish the reservoirs. :wink:

Edit: 2:06 AM: The snow clouds have been directly over me for a while now, but nothing is falling! :confused:
They originally said snow would begin at 3:45 AM, but the system apparently is moving a little faster now - probably going to blow right over me. Thanks Mother Nature! :unamused: We’ll see if we get anything as the “snow” is supposed to end in about 6 hours - or so originally forecast. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ok, you tried Doug, I’ll give you that :smiley: we a touch of frost last night…but that doesn’t count…even if it does look like snow when you scrape it off the car windscreen :smirk: :laughing:

Guess Canada’s gonna be hoggin all the blankets…of snow this winter :smirk:
:laughing: :wink:

And I’ve just look at our forecast :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:
I had to double check what those squiggley lines on Tue meant…fog! :roll_eyes::laughing:
But that big ball of yellow :open_mouth: on Christmas Eve :astonished: For crying out loud, that thing should be down in Australia this time of year…surely :confused: I mean, what they gonna do if they can’t roast their turkey on the barbi…on the beach :hushed: if that big ball of yellow is up here :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Well weather has warmed up where I am for the holidays. Today it will be 8C and sunny!!! Love it!!! As the temp dips st home I will be elsewhere!

25000 still without power in BC… many turkys will be cooked on the BBQ this year!


I did get some snow… very little… 0.5"/12.8 mm, but then a little rain (0.02"/0.5 mm) to “help” it melt as the temperature went above freezing. When my wife woke me up - she let me sleep late because she thought going to bed after 2:30 AM was late - she told me she watched the snow fall. Said it was so pretty coming down without any wind blowing. It was calm when I went outside to see a little bit of remaining snow on the lawn and leaves, but not completely covering it. Roads are bare as was more than half my driveways. The car had some snow on the roof and hood, but was quickly disappearing. Water was dripping from everything. By 11:30 the sun started shining - read: look at the snow while you can because in a half an hour it’s going to be gone! :open_mouth:

Our low was 31.1F/-0.5C and by 11:45 it was already up to 36F/2C. The weather people say it’s supposed to be warmer than yesterday, which the high was 38.5F/3.6C. They say today’s high will be 39F/3.9C - wow! :laughing:


How do little red foxes hear mices and dive head first into grasses when the grasses aren’t covered with snow?


They have excellent sniffers! They say 75% of a canine’s sense of surroundings is “wrapped up” in their noses. Some dogs can even “smell” cancer in humans and other animals. Apparently, they are a lot more keen to what is going on - health-wise - in other animals than what was first thought. Solo began licking Bella’s head for 2 days as she was dying from cancer. He knew, as did she. That’s why her tears whenever she looked at me. So if a dog’s nose gets broken, it’s a very big thing to them.

And to stay on topic, all the snow has been melted for well over an hour already. :unamused: At 1:20 PM it’s up to 38F/3C and slowly climbing…


01:55 and no snow here yet…I’m not a happy bunny :angry:

Although there is a severe weather warning for freezing fog :roll_eyes:


We had lots of snow clouds most of last night and early this morning, then again for a couple of hours this evening. A whole 0.5"/28 mm of snow this morning - melting within 30-45 minutes, and nothing tonight. Seems it’s evaporating before it reaches the ground! :unamused: No white Christmas for us. :anguished:


Now that’s just plain wrong…America without snow just isn’t Christmas :open_mouth:
Right, I’m off to do my duty then bed or I’ll be meeting myself on the stairs getting up in the morning :roll_eyes:


Kind of like a certain nodder with multiple personas, but I’m not mentioning any names here. :rofl:


OMG what the heck is a Freezing Fog? A weatherman stutter?

Anyone remember this movie?

“There’s something in the fog…”


That’s where you can ice skate by running and jumping into the fog. You can skate back to the ground. :rofl:
Or is that the stuff that you hear when the wind blows and goes bump in the night? And when the freezing fog is really thick, it makes a scraping sound against the sides of your house. Better garage your vehicles when you expect freezing fog. :wink:
OMG, it’s getting late (11 PM?) and I have to get up at 5 AM to be up to my son’s house by 6 AM. I want to have a cup of coffee in me before the kids wake up and make a mad dash for the Christmas tree. I’ll be sitting over to one side… just in case. :smiley:

Oh yes… I saw that movie - twice. Once while babysitting and the second time… while babysitting. :roll_eyes:


Jim I knew @EmeraldEyes sometimes didn’t know whether she was coming or going… or the reverse…

NOW we know why as well… all the late hours… Sounds like us.

And EM… I just can’t get that low off of Spain to move into the Med… then the low off northern Norway might have funneled colder air down… spent most of today on it when I wasn’t doing the housework… Never know… though.