2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


6 C …I will take it over my “home weather” of -19 C plus WC

walk walk walk walk everywhere…beautiful!


We ‘only’ got to around 18°C today. Started off with a lot of rain in the morning, sun out early afternoon. Better than arrival day though, yesterday was quite foggy through the afternoon. At least we didn’t have problems at the airport though…


At least you’re there safely and not in a fog like some of us - not quite literally, but in a presence of mind. :smiley: Enjoy your holiday. I’m sure a few of us will be envious when you tell us how much your weather improved and all of the sun you enjoyed - and the warm weather. :wink:


I have my foggy moments, Jim! The brain doesn’t always work as well as it should!
It’s currently blue sky and sunshine, with a few wispy high level clouds. Somewhere around 22°C…


Here, somewhere in the late 20s, heading to 41F today. But it is dark enough (inside) from the windows that it looks like 8pm when it is 9am :pouting_cat:

I’m a shivering cat. Cold.


4 C going to 8 C (46 F) … I will take over the cold windchills at home. Rain/wet snow possible this afternoon here.

There are suppose to be a change around this next week back to -5 C (23 F) …Looking forward to sunlight starting to stretch out our days in the next few months. Areas like Whitehorse…sunrise is at 10:15 am. and sunset is 3:51 p.m…short days!
My area has a little longer days, but looking forward to not being up in the dark and going home in the dark and only seeing sunlight during the “working hours”.

EDIT: Ooops I think weather is moving in faster than predicted…rain and “socking in” around the mountains. Higher elevations are probably seeing snow.


Ah ha! I knew it. I just had a feeling that you’d get blue skies and sunshine! (And your graphic weather forecast also helped. :rofl: :wink:) Have a great time!


That was us two days ago. During mid-morning my wife and I watched as it grew darker and darker… and people’s porch lights came on (on-at-dusk-then-off-and-motion activated and/or dusk-to-dawn). Ours turns on as soon as it’s dark enough, but goes off within 30 seconds, then is motion activated. We were waiting for the street lights to turn on, but got side tracked playing with the girls and never noticed if they did or not.

I came home at 5:40 PM tonight and found we have no heat. After checking it out and trying to reset it, I came to the conclusion that it was one of two things: either the ignition transformer bit the dust or the motor seized up. Placed a call to the oil company and I’m presently waiting for the serviceman. :unamused:

Edit: 7:00 PM: The service came and went and I now have heat. It was the ignition relay that failed. When the serviceman took the cover off, we could see a poor solder joint that had failed and was arching. It scorched a small spot on the inside of the cover. This may be covered under warranty - we’re hoping. The serviceman said he’d check on their computer when he gets back to the building. Either way, the coldest it got in my house was 65F/18C downstairs (but 56F/13C in the basement). Now I know why the cat was staying up on the second floor when I got home and didn’t come downstairs when I told her I was home. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:


Spent the day vegetating… not much in the weather department until maybe tomorrow. still around 0C…

I did take the time to have a look into the neighbouring areas following a comment by @TerriB… wow what a mix of stuff Southern Calfornia has a wind warning for the Santa Barbara / L.A. area… says a fire would be a bad thing to happen given existing conditions… Then there is a BIG snow storm event forming in the Colorado foothills area… and heading east and north towards Lake Superior and Canada… might take some time but it looks to be set to travel up and over the lakes and back south a bit. So watch in that area for now… and the radar predictions shows the south end of that is down in the lower end of the Mississippi and curling up towards Atlanta with rain fall… and we know that could head up towards @Jim7… so only time will tell what happens when the ends try to get back together… I hope it is not as bad as forecast lets on. Have fun… but watch that big on… they were talking 12 to 18 inches of snow in a few highland areas if I heard it right. and wind. There is a chance we could get around 2 inches / 5 cm by late tomorrow, but it changes frequently…


Well, at least you tried Doug, thanks for that :wink:

So we didn’t get any snow, and the “freezing fog” turned out to be frost in the night for Christmas Eve and fog in the late evening of Christmas day…but that was just over Winter Hill…no great panic there then :roll_eyes:

Boxing day was a balmy double figure temp, don’t know exactly, was too busy partying. But 01:30 it is now 7C (45F) And it’s been nice and dry these past few days…with more rain to come by the weekend

Yeh, I remember it but I don’t think I’ve ever watched it the whole way through, think I may have fallen asleep :blush:


We did get a whole 0.1" of snow spread throughout the day, so nothing built up due to a constant breeze. The day started off nice and sunny… but cold. Just after 12:30 PM the clouds moved back in and the sun was gone. Overnight last night was down to 24.7F/-5.7C. Our high today was 32.9F/0.5C. Our low overnight tonight will be 24F/-4.4C, but we have an active winter weather advisory issued for us.
Currently, I’m watching a small system dropping down from Lake Ontario toward us. But as usual, the closer it gets to me the more it “disappears!” :unamused:

Issued: 3:14 PM Dec. 26, 2018 – National Weather Service

  • WHAT…Mixed precipitation expected. Total snow accumulations of up to one inch and ice accumulations of up to one tenth of an inch expected.

  • WHERE…The eastern Catskills and Schoharie Valley, northern portions of the mid Hudson Valley, the Greater Capital District, eastern Mohawk Valley, the central and southern Taconics, and the Berkshires.

  • WHEN…From 1 AM to 9 AM EST Friday.


Staring into the fog would tend to make one drowsy. :wink:


I just found this in the H. Maria campaign. A bearded ghostly figure that seems to have risen up out of a farm pond.


Noooooo… the coldest it got was that a good breaker kept your house “warm” without getting out of hand fire-hot-hot. Thank goodness for breakers!

Oops, yeah I forgot. It’s dang-blasted cold. I got it cranked up to 69F which turns off the thermostat when it hits 70F (always a degree higher), but it’s still drafty in here. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I have my heat set to 72F/22C downstairs and 67F/19C upstairs. The door leading upstairs is opened wide enough for Angel to run up and down. She likes to sleep on the beds… oh heck… she likes to sleep anywhere being a cat. :smiley_cat: There are only two bedrooms upstairs since I turned one into my radio shack/computer room. Neither bedroom is being used (aside from Angel) so I keep the heat down a little. My wife wanted to lower the upstairs temperature to 60F/15.5C and I let her try that. That didn’t last too long as she could feel cold air coming down the stairs. :roll_eyes: So the heat was turned back up to 67.
You mentioned that your thermostat brings the temp one degree (F) higher than what it’s set at. Mine goes up 2 degrees. The “set temp” is actually the “kick on” temperature - which I’m aware that you know already. My son has one of those newfangled “smart” thermostats that when you set it at 72, it will maintain that 72 degree temperature by not going more than 0.5 degrees. So by it turning off at 72.5, it is always turning on and off because of the small difference in temperature that affects its operation. To me that is nuts. My furnace turns on twice - maybe three times in 60-65 minutes. His turns on at least five times. Granted, I have a temperature swing of 2 degrees (F) as compared to his one-half degree (F), but I think that the furnace is having to do more work constantly trying to maintain that one-half degree setting. I’ve checked and rechecked the number of times my furnace comes on every hour - in different weather conditions and outside temperatures - at various temperature settings and found out it doesn’t come on any more being set at 72 than at 68. So, we keep it at 72 and stay nice and comfy! :sweat_smile: Oops! No sweat! :laughing:

Currently at 10:20 PM, it’s 32.5F/0C and has been holding here since around 4 PM. This cloud cover is really much like a thick blanket over us. The air is mostly calm with a scarce gust which just barely makes the wind chimes move. Not really bad outside! Now if that snow could just find it in itself to not disappear 20 miles/32 km northwest of me and finally get down to me, then I can play in the snow come morning. I may even bring my grandchildren out with me. :rofl:


I used to be fine at 66F (off at 67F)… until these upstairs yahoos started running their heat at 70-72 _at 24 hours a day!. Now if they stay away and turn their heat down / off, suddenly I need mine at 72F (73). The back of the house is getting colder from structural issues. I’m hoping to move in 2019. Of course, that depends if folks help me. :frowning:

So it is cold tonight, dropping to the low 20sF. In 2 days, we’re supposed to have several storms dumping rain on us. Just saw the fronts on TV, extending through many states on their way here. Drat.


Sorry for the delay in replying. I had 5 deer (one was that doe with the late fawn (still very small)) visit as soon as I stepped outside and lit a cigarette. I had to sit still while they walked across the street and into my front yard. Then the doe and fawn decided they were going to browse only 15 feet away from me. I didn’t dare move and watched my cigarette burn out in my hand. The deer stayed there feeding for 25 minutes! :roll_eyes: My feet were getting quite cold as I only put on moccasins - not expecting to be out longer than 5 minutes. They finally made their way up toward the carriage house for a few minutes, then back down to the rear corner of my house and cut up through my neighbor’s backyard, eventually heading down to the cul-de-sac at the end of the dead end street.

It would be great if you can get some help in moving. I have a fairly new neighbor - a single mom with 3 boys - who got a lot of help from her church. They showed up in multiple vehicles - which I told them they could use my driveway to park in while off-loading - and had her belongings all moved down here and carried in within about 4 hours. I’m sure they also helped her pack up as well. Many hands make less work. It would be great if you could find a nice place - without drafts - and with a decent landlord.

According to the weather radar, snow clouds are almost directly on top me as I speak! The temperature has moved up to 33.1F/0.6C. Earlier I could see planes on the glide path to the airport (20 miles to my north), but now I can only hear them. The cloud cover has gotten dense and lower. Maybe we’ll get a dusting of that pretty white stuff! :wink:


forgot to include this earlier… still looks and sounds troublesome various ways.

Mid USA storm areas…

Do take a look, it has already moved north and east and stretches from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico… snow wind and rain alerts might also be the source of some flooding alerts I didn’t take time to read…

And @EmeraldEyes I think that low finally moved and is affecting the Med now or soon… too late to see what else happens Christmas wise… but I think it will come sometime soon.


You’re right, Doug. I’ve been watching that storm system moving slowly north by northeast. Looks like it may graze @cageycat. Appears to be a lot of snow leading the system, followed by rain - a lot of rain in many places.
That system that came down from Lake Ontario and right over me has passed. I guess the snow never made it to the ground. Even with the snow clouds directly overhead for well over an hour, I didn’t see even one flurry! So the only snow we got today was from early this morning (0.1"/2.5 mm). :anguished: I think I need a good 36"/1 m drop on me before I have withdrawal symptoms! :rofl: Oh well, winter just started and it’s 4 months before the end of April. :roll_eyes:


The weather map I saw at 10 and 11 showed a front from southwest-to-northeast, from the western and Plains States to the Lower Great Lakes with a top edge possibly getting Buffalo NY. If the front holds together, it’ll barge across us, though they said we wouldn’t get much rain. The middle section of the front was yellow with heavy rain. We were medium-dark green for steady rain. Prolly be over before I finish a catnap.