2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


Ahem! Don’t you mean "catnip? :smirk_cat:


No, catnip would keep me awake during the time of my catnap.


3 C (26 F) and warming to about 6 C (42 F) cooler but not raining or snowing.
Yesterday snow level was near Squamish and upwards. Heavy wet snow.

Heading to home I will have to take a dip to -18 C -28 WC (-18 F) …my poor aching bones!
Hopefully that change over in the temps will start to take place and we will be more like Vancouver weather in the next few days. … ugh… the cold!


4 C (39 F) Vancouver and misty …heading to Saskatchewan later today…-14 C -21 WC (-5 F) right now and snowing …Yikes!
I have to get on all the seat sales in the next couple of months and come to the warm side of the country.
By February Vancouver Island and the coast are getting into spring…compared to 3 more months of winter in Saskatchewan!

EDIT: Yorkton, South east side of Saskatchewan currently is -35 C (-31 F) :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


We had a warm wet day. Care to trade? Although from that storm that passed through, we only received 0.08"/2 mm of rain. Huh? Most of the time it was just a fine drizzle. I think there may be a blanket in the sky that’s been catching all of the snow and most of the rain. It was a bit on the breezy side all day and the wind felt cold and damp - chilling would be more accurate. Our overnight low last night was 33.8F/1C. Currently we’re at 48.9F/9C with an expected low of 41F/5C and patchy dense fog, 87% humidity and a BP of 29.63". Tomorrow’s morning high will go up to 44F/6.7C but then temperatures will begin dropping down to 35F/1.7C. It will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny with winds at 10-20 mph/16-32 kph. :sweat_smile:


Yes, it’s warm and wet here too with similar temps; I’m kicking the quilt off myself in the night :open_mouth:


Was nearly 55F here yesterday and it rained (drizzled) all day. (Western PA was 61F.) Today is supposed to be 30sF. With the cloudy, rainy weather, I think I’ve been transported to the historical countryside of England.


:laughing: Same here. It got to 50F/10C yesterday, but with a light rain/drizzle in the morning and periods of drizzle early afternoon. Felt a chilly dampness in the air all day. Was rather breezy also. Overnight it only went down to 45F/6C and that’s where it is currently at 6:12 AM. It was cloudy/overcast most of the night, but for about 30 minutes the moon and a half dozen stars peaked through… then they were gone again. Our high today is supposed to be 44F/6C this morning, then the temperature is supposed to drop down to 34F/1C this afternoon, and then drop down to 24F/-4C overnight. Weird winter weather and temperature swings. Weird.


Wouldn’t you say that it is weird? Just…weird. :wink:

We don’t need a raft, canoe, or rowboat yet. That’s good, at least. And yes, it’s damp… This bad weather let’s me have time to count all my joints and bones They sure ache.


I’ll take the weird weather here, over a negative zero temp.


I’ll take the quilt! Next week will be frigid here. Well, I exaggerate… It’ll be cold.


Same with my wife and I. Anywhere we injured ourselves over the years aches - usually a nagging, throbbing ache. My son made fun of me years ago when I complained of an ache. Then he injured his ankle and his wrist. I warned him they would give him the same trouble his mother and I have when he gets older… and now does! :grinning: I asked him, “How’s it feel?” (Snicker). :smiling_imp:


Yeah, J decided she wanted her knee replaced. She thought she hurt before… well, they now have her in a Medieval torture device up to 7 hours a day that forces her knee up toward her chest over and over and over and over… Am I just terrible to giggle, just a little here at my house?

She harped on me ALL the time… “If you just (did this, that, and whatever), you’d be fine.” (meaning I could “cure” my injured body and not need her help). Yeah, sure, whatever. She had no clue. Now she does. Ooops.

She thought they’d give her pain meds. Nope! Our other J friend says J nearly cries. Yep, I know the kind of pain that makes ya cry.


:rofl: No, not at all! Been there, done that, laughed as well! :grinning:

My wife went through that with her partial knee replacement. She was practically in tears… and cursing the doctor out. :rofl:

No way! I think they want you to feel the pain. “No pain… no gain” is how that old saying goes. :roll_eyes:

Now I know I did break my right elbow when I slipped and fell on the cellar stairway (thanks to my wife’s flannel pajama pant leg slipping out of the laundry basket the she asked me to carry downstairs for her). It’s been weeks and every time I just lean a little on it, it hurts like I just did it. At least the swelling went down and my arm isn’t purple all the way around my elbow (above and below also). She keeps on telling me to go to the doctor to get it taken care of. Yeah right… I don’t need to be in a cast for weeks. See? I’m stubborn like that. Haven’t been to my doctor since before he retired - about 4 or 5 years ago? Maybe longer. The last thing he said to me was, “You don’t come in unless there’s really something wrong with you.” I agreed. :grinning:

Now to stay on topic, within the past hour the clouds have been moving out. It’s mostly clear right now (7:10 AM). The temperature has dropped down to 43F/6C and may go down a bit more, but not much. I just got done feeding the birds when they started chirping. Good morning! Now I may try to grab an hour of sleep before I head out to help my wife babysit. :tired_face: I got 90 minutes of sleep earlier, but Angel (:smile_cat:) kept on waking me up by licking my hand - and trying to rotate my wrist 180 degrees while my hand was on my chest. Doesn’t quite go that far… and her nails dug right in trying to force it. She was determined. :unamused: Finally gave up on sleep and got back up at 4:15 AM. Getting tired… :tired_face: :sleeping:


Another reason to BAN flannel PJs!

Go get an X-Ray!


Why? They’ll just tell me, “Yup. You broke it.” :laughing: (I think I’m going to stay awake… I probably won’t hear the alarm if I do go to sleep now. Oh well… no rest for the wicked as they say. :smiling_imp:


Surprise Surprise Surprise…I landed and it as only -8 C -11 WC (12 F) …the warmth has returned!
I will need to clear the snow off my car before going anywhere today…but by noon it should be quite warm to do that!

Currently -7 C -11 WC (12 F) …so much better than -28 WC !!! We are forecast for another “one day dip in temperature” on New Years Eve…and then we are back in the warm weather.

This has been our second (out of 3) warm winters and I think can attest to Climate change in our area.
We have very little snow, Which is already concerning farmers, etc.
As I flew over Alberta and the mountains it was noticeable that they have less snow also…which means less spring run off. Unless we get precipitation in the form of rain in the spring, this could be a very dry year.


Silly me…it’s winter…wrap up warm and take daughter to pottery…there’s some heat in that sun I’ll you!
It was like a sauna in the car, I had to put the air-con on :astonished:

Two weeks ago, the morning after her works Christmas party, my sister tripped outside the hotel they were all staying at. Her arm started hurting and swelling and hurting and so did her eye, so her boss decided she needed to go to the hospital to get checked out. Turned out she’d busted her upper arm in three places, bruised ribs and a black eye :astonished: The arm had to be surgically pinned back together with steal plates but she wouldn’t let them do it. She wanted to be back home and have it done at her own hospital so she was in agony for a week 'til that could be done but she was out in time for Christmas :grin:


Oh No :slightly_frowning_face: terrible fall. My stepmother had the same surgery in that area after a fall and then had the pins removed many years later. Was very successful and yes, certainly less painful and gave her full range of motion thereafter. I hope your sister does well!


Thanks Terri, she seems to recovering well now. She broke her leg several years ago (skiing accident) and had that pinned too, currently comparing the two, she’s wishing it was a leg :sweat_smile: