2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


I didn’t want to say that, but it did take her a while through physio to get that range of motion etc. But in the end had the same as before. Hope she gets the same back.


Now that’s what my son likes to see… stubbornness! Actually, I do in a way… :roll_eyes: I think I got it from my mother. :grinning:
I hope your sister is getting to be pain-free. I know it’s lot to ask as it does hurt while healing… and getting bumped.:hushed: And the anguish of getting an itch you can’t scratch is unbearable!

Hey! Wait a minute! If she’s your sister, then that means you do things like that also? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Brrrr :cold_face: -17 C -28 WC (-18 F) cold cold cold…it snowed and blew last night, icy roads are now treacherous! We have had a strange winter with all the melting and freezing…the base below the snow is terrible hard to keep yourself upright when walking down the street!!! So far I have…but I bet it is the number one cause of falls this year that end up in the emergency rooms!

More snow expected today…warming by Tuesday to -5 C


Yeh well, we do have a tendency to be a tad stubborn and tenacious :laughing:
She’s doing fine though, nothing keeps her down/holds her back for long :wink: Even sent our other sister home…think she’s had enough of the nurse-maiding :laughing:

Well, staying on topic, it’s 10C (50F) and the weather is much the same as it’s been all week - warms and wet! And it looks like we’re going to have a bright sunny start to the new year too, so can’t complain :grin:


Some of our area is under an Extreme Cold Warning:


Before going to bed I watched snow clouds moving down from Lake Ontario south by southeast toward me. They did say to expect a light coating of snow starting around 4:15 AM. When I woke up this morning we had 0.5"/12.7 mm of snow. Had to sweep the porch steps and one section of my front walk. That was it. This morning was mostly cloudy but with a strong sun breaking through - which was melting the snow. :unamused: By 12:30 PM the clouds increased and now it’s cloudy/overcast - no more sun. Temperature at 12:30 AM rose to 32.0F/0C and is very slowly rising. Won’t be getting much higher though. Overnight it had dropped down to 24.8F/-4C.
There is a snow system moving due east across Lake Ontario at the moment. It’s going to stay up there, running across the border of Canada and the U.S. - heading for @EmeraldEyes and @Helen? Maybe they’ll have snow for New Year’s Eve. :thinking:


Last night it looked like we were going to see some heavy weather today from the radar… woke up to a dusting, mostly frost, fairly mild… -2 and heading for 0C… and a high overcast… and will be close to that for a few days…
Wednesday they are calling for some more snow and Thursday up to 10 cm / 4 inch of it dropping to 1 cm by Friday… Still think the problem is with the radar… it only seems to see the highest clouds but not what’s hitting the ground… but it will come, Thursday will tell… meanwhile, I’ll take the respite.


I do hope not! :scream: Not this far south, please… :pray:
I’m even :pray::pray: for no rain at the moment! Else I’m going to be watching some very soggy fireworks tomorrow night…


Somehow I can’t see that happening for New Year’s Eve Jim…
Looks like we’ve got sunshine for the week…well…at least it’s not raining :wink:


Last night… 30s.

Today… 56 to 61F

Tonight… 20s to 30s.

I’m seriously confused! It is impossible for me to change my winter to summer coat(s) that fast! YIKES!


Don’t worry about it… I don’t think it can get there this year… only 10 hours and a bit for you I think…
The celebrations have already started in the western pacific ocean… over an hour ago… Nice fireworks too!

@Jim7 and @cageycat should be watching closely again… NEW winter storm coming for them soon! Not sure about @TerriB and myself… we have our own weather systems of course pending… and happening, but there is also a repeat snow storm in the Texas to Minnesota band… with that rain event moving up from the southeast side of that… 2nd one in a week… great way to start the USA off in the New Year…


Tonight at MIDNIGHT, temps will climb to 56F. Wow. Midnight. Ferals will at least be warm tonight.

EDIT: Those feral cats better find shelter! 800 MILES of rain coming up from the south and heading east. Sorry Jim.


You are so right @Doug4. Currently we are -27 C -32WC (-26 F) YIKES! We are now in that Extreme Cold area. We are forecast to get to -40 C (-40 F) and then start to warm up…I hate it when the cold just drops in like that !!! Especially after being in warm Vancouver for a week!

Always risky to have this type of weather on a night that people go out to drink. Frostbite and hypothermia are risks.


Wow, we normally get Canadian cold fronts. Feel guilty. Would gladly send half of our 56F to boost your temps.


@TerriB, That’s a whole lot on the chilly side. How fast will the winds be blowing? We’ve been put on a wind advisory for 6AM until 4 PM on Tuesday. Sustained winds will be 31-39 mph/49-62 kph with gusts up to 50 mph/80 kph. Of course we’re going to get that rain @cageycat is sending over. Okay, to be fair, it’s coming up from the Gulf states. From looking at the radar a short while ago, the north-central part Pennsylvania is getting some freezing rain and a little snow leading the rain in a couple areas. Lower Ontario looks like they may be getting snow. The rain is supposed to start around 5 PM here with 0.83"/21 mm dropping. The current temperature at 12:30 was 40.1F/4,5C, 69% humidity and the BP is 30.11" and dropping, winds are at 10-15 mph/16-24 kph with slightly higher gusts. People’s wind chimes are ringing away - like church bells on a Sunday morning. :laughing:


Right now our winds are only 11 kmh SW…that will change a little this afternoon as the winds pick up a little.

Keeping me in during the day today…tonight will be from the car to the party…back to the car…designated driver.


Do you have (in the city) a free ride program like the city of Albany, NY has? Free rides are provided to party goers so they won’t be on the roads before and after the celebration. It’s been a while since I last read about it - it is an annual service - but I seem to remember that the rides are provided by a law firm and a couple other businesses. They pay for the taxis fares after each taxi company sends them a final tally. The tally is also reported to the city… I believe. TV and radio stations announce the program throughout the day from two days before until after midnight. So there’s really no reason to drink and drive. One can always get a ride home.

Currently at 2:10 PM it’s 40.6F/4.8C, cloudy and overcast. A constant breeze is blowing at 2 mph/3 kph with gusts 10-20 mph/16-32 kph. Looks like rain… feels like rain… but the storm system is just making it to the PA/NY state line (in southern NY). It’s already into Buffalo and is just shy of Rochester, Ithaca and Binghamton. Originally they said the rain would start at 4:45 PM, but now it’s been pushed back to 5:15 PM. Always seems to change… sometimes back and forth. :laughing:

Edit: At 3:30 PM they’ve pushed the start time for our rain to 6:30 PM now. Is this storm system slowing down? :thinking: I also corrected the city of Utica to Ithaca above. I don’t know what I was thinking… just rushing I guess. :roll_eyes:


We have Operation Red Nose, all city buses are free, taxi service discounted, …
and some private services also.

Uber and Lift will be starting soon here.

The problem here is mostly rural areas. Some have bus service around and in their communities tonight using vans and multi person vehicles…Same as Operation Red Nose…they will also drive you home in your vehicle and another will follow to take the driver back. OR they will drive you back tomorrow to pick up your vehicle. You are right …no reason to drink and drive. Besides this cold…mostly everyone wants to drink something warm like CIDER without the alcohol.!!!


Oh yes, the city buses. We have the Capital District Transit Authority where the buses are free to ride. I had forgotten about that. That reminds me of when I was in high school. They gave the children “school tokens” (at a greatly reduced rate) that could be used to get to and from school (when it was in session). Back then the company was called The United Traction Company. I still have a couple of those bus tokens in my collection. They’re from the 1950’s to early 60’s. :smiley:

Remember when I said they keep on changing the start time for the rain? Well now it’s pushed back to 5:45 PM! A full hour from their original start time. It’s going to be one rainy night here for New Year’s Eve. :roll_eyes: Hopefully @cageycat will have dried out by then.

Edit: The start time was changed again to 6:15 PM, then to 6:45 PM. And guess what time it actually started to rain? 4:40 PM! Five minutes before their original time! :rofl: You just gotta love 'em! :rofl:


Extreme Cold Warning has been lifted, currently -18 C a d-29 WC (-20 F) Winds are S24 kph.
As the day wears on, it will warm up!! Yeah!!!

The cold last night was brutal…I hope all partiers got home safe!

January 1, 2019 Let’s hope it is the coldest day of the winter and it is all warmer weather from here!