2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


Took me a few minutes to get off the floor again myself… not a hip or back problem… just as they say ROTFLMAO…:rofl:

Seriously, how about a bit of Tai Chi… more about flow than static poses… I’ve never tried it but used to find watching people that do was quite soothing in itself… many forms of that as well.

A friend from Elkford was spending a lot of time hobbling around there not getting much done… I talked him into getting a hip replacement… and he did once he knew me well enough to care for his home… he had to travel to Vancouver, but only on the condition that he knew he could not return home until June at least.
They kept changing his dates and tried to send him home from where he was convalescing… but he kept saying he could not and that they had agreed… I had by that time started to dig his home out after a full winter of snow… and a heavy load… had to send his doctor a few photos to show he was not kidding… he heats by wood fire… and his wood supply was buried deep… having not been used or dug out… the snowbanks were twice the height of my Jimmy which made it over 3m… and the trailer is elevated… sent a before and after snow image that showed snow up to the doors… but he lives in the basement at that time and it was only just starting to show… they remembered the agreement but for his part accepted a lesser room… since he was mostly recovered… by that time…just some walking to do and he didn’t need help with that.part since Vancouver was sunny and dry at the time… He got home a bit before Jun 1 that year and I had excavated his main living area… but there was still snow on the ground in areas two weeks after that… almost 4700 ft ASL… ha. Now he will hike up most of the mountains with me… so hang in there… he has also built most of a log cabin at a speed that surprises even him… so mobility was worth it… and we don’t use big stuff to move his materials… I taught him some old tech ways but still workable… he thought he needed to hire a crane… he did it by himself with my old tech… two ropes and a couple of poles… this thing is raised up and made of logs he hewed by hand… Finnish style (rural and very old fashioned) he thought 5 years and it’s just ending the 2 and the raw structure is up almost 3 years ahead… Have fun


The “old tech” still works! When I took a rope course for the fire company, we used poles and ropes to make a rope slide(? - can’t think of the word off-hand) from the top of a hill to the bottom, attached a stretcher to it and guess who got volunteered to get tied into the stretcher while be lowered and then brought back up. :roll_eyes: I was also tied into a stretcher and lowered off the roof of the old Coeymans school - remember that photo I posted some time ago of the 3-story school the rich Dutchman build in the early 1700s? I think I trust these guys too much! :laughing: Ropes and poles can do wonders. I’ll be using them next summer to lift the 5"/127 mm thick flagstone off the hand-dug well on my property. Although we have municipal water, I think it would be nice to get that well tested and flowing again.

At 1:30 PM it has gone up to 33.3F/0.7C. It’s sunny with scattered clouds, a mild breeze with some light gusts - just what I need while I try to siphon gas out of my old car that I had just filled up before my wife bought it’s replacement. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I hope I can get past the anti-theft device in the neck of the tank. If not, I’m going to cut and install a small inline spigot. That is a last resort though. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I’m colllld. Gotta go out tomorrow, too. Brr!


:laughing: Come on now, Cagey. You’ve got fur! At 10:55 PM it’s 22F/-5.5C. What gets me is they’re saying our overnight low is supposed to be 21F/-6C. Are they trying to say that with this beautiful, starry, clear night it’s only going to drop one more degree (F)? You’d probably like whatever they’re smoking. :rofl: The humidity is currently holding at 66% with a BP of 30.10". Our high tomorrow is supposed to reach 34F/1C. Chilly at night and a wee bit chilly during the day as the wind chill makes it feel colder - just like it did today. Today’s high was 34F/1C for a few minutes just before noon and then started dropping again. The wind made it feel a lot colder. I kept on saying to myself, “Now if only I had Cagey’s fur to keep me warm against this cold wind.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: Thursday’s weather will be a repeat of today and tomorrow, but I have to have our vehicle at the service station by 7:30 AM to have it inspected. I asked my wife if she wanted to take the car up. Without even looking up, she laughed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hope that wasn’t when you were doing your chair yoga

And just to stay on topic…now the heating has switched off it’s getting cold in here so I’d better get moving to keep warm…I’m off up stairs to turn the heating back on :laughing:


-8 C -16 WC (3 F) Snow showers last night (no meteor sightings!) and they will continue today. Winds will pick up and that will be the end of the frost on the trees!

By Sunday we are suppose to warm up.

EDIT: Highways are slick, many cars in the ditch…the wind is causing icy roads after that little snow dusting! Travel safe out there!


That is close… especially the ‘off balance’… but the funny thing about that is that when I was having physiotherapy and conditioning to get muscles in my right leg toned up properly… before knee work…
we did almost that deliberately… standing on one foot, but the free ankle was tied to a cuff and then through a pulley to a variable weight on the wall… the idea was to strengthen the support of the stationary ankle by making it work to correct and compensate… but we had to move our free foot at random all around the static one thus changing our balance constantly… was tough standing without the weight , just swinging the leg slowly but constantly and always doing something different with it… tough just to remember what you had already done seconds before… Afterwards they added the weight… I was doing almost 20 lbs at the end…
And you have to trade feet from time to time since it was intended to achieve muscle balance… your character would have to swing around more just to start… but I suspect she was reacting to something else…

And yes that happens too ha.

Going to the weather… and maybe PM in a bit…

Cold and Clear here… no snow in the forecast but we did get some dust of frost… Hope @TerriB doesn’t get too cold, and keeps her power on… last night it sounded like the whole power grid was freezing up, but then a larger center of population can have that 10,000 users in a small area… but still. I’m more thinking of
@cageycat and @Jim7 who seem to be in the path of another cold front still approaching for Friday on our weather… good luck with that…


You are so right. My power has stayed on, but it was the worse power outage in 20 years!!! That fog frost built up on some of the lines, and transmission and distribution areas 4-5 inches of ice (diameter) on the lines, sagging some and snapping others and poles. Most of the larger centres were in the south, although all along the west border up towards Wakaw area also went off. Some were off over night! Cold Cold!

Just had a quick snow blizzard that lasted about 30 minutes and now has stopped! -11 C -19 WC (-2 F)


I hope @Jim7 and @cageycat don’t mind… but the Weather Network forecast said the stuff moving through Ontario was going further south… that should keep things a bit warmer… not as bad as they reported.

Glad to hear it wasn’t everywhere in Saskatchewan… I think by now most rural folk have figured out to have generators and such plus fuel reserves… Got to do some online reading… I saw a twitter about another large quake in the New Caledonia area of Pacific…not brand new but hadn’t heard that before…

We are going to be cold… -8 and dropping a bit more to -13… but should warm up towards the weekend…
don’t see any precipitation forecast…


Last night our low was 19F/-7C. Lots of stars out… but no meteor shower as usual. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Today was sunny and clear for the better part of the day with clouds moving in for several hours after 1:20 PM. The high was 37F/3C. At sunset the clouds began moving out and became clear around 7 PM. Currently at 9: 50 PM it 19.5F/-7C. Odd that they’re saying our low for tonight is supposed to be 22F/-5.5C when we’re already below that. Maybe they’re talking about the Albany International Airport - 20 miles/32 km to my north. Looks like we may get down to around 14F/-10C. But on the brighter side, they’re saying tomorrow’s high should be around 39F/3.8C. That’s going to be the highest for the week. Then it’s back to cooler weather… days and nights. No snow in the forecast for a while, but rain on the 15th. Bummer! But thankfully we didn’t get that amount of freezing rain you people up in Canada got. That is a lot of ice on those power lines. I think the most we’ve ever seen around here was 2"/50mm, maybe 2-1/2"/63mm. But then again, that got covered by a decent amount of snow which made driving - and plowing - extremely hazardous. Had a lot of nervous moments way back then, but it was still fun. :laughing: As the song goes, “Still crazy after all these years.” :wink:


It’s single digits at night (8F, 9F) and 30F daytime. Snow forecast.


Send me some snow if you will… please. :grinning: Mine’s gone! :worried:


Yes, most have generators or a second form of heat in their houses/barns/shops. Most of the power has been restored. I am thinking most were happy it was not -35 when this happened!

North of Vancouver had an earthquake just after Alaska.

I think we are now getting the same weather…dipping to colder and warming up in a few days.

Current weather -11 C -18 WC (-0.4 F) Our high is -11 today …by this afternoon the clouds will move out and the sun will shine! (of course, just after a meteor day).

EDIT: Still trying to get all the power up and running…200K without power during that outage…huge! Sunshine yesterday in the south, helped to melt ice off of the lines…the repairs continue.


rain It’s stopped raining :smiley:

11C (51F) with more rain to come :roll_eyes: rainy2


Dang! We’re getting snow starting at noon (warning for @Jim7 ). Gonna snow till night… then break.


Not yet…not yet…not ready yet…pray4
Please, please, please wait 'til Christmas Eve…begging2


By 8:00 AM this morning the clouds had moved in and we have flurries right now. I watched a snow system moving across the state from the Great Lakes last night (2 AM this morning). I was saying out loud, “Yes!” :rofl:
Our low last night was 15F/-9C. Aside from today, we’re going to have a chilly week - but mostly a sunny one.
Got to go babysit. :heart_eyes: See you this afternoon. :wink:


I see that the cold front did push down into the states a bit… after all… can’t have my sister in Ontario have all the cold and snow… I think when I looked at Albany weather, that I changed to F scale… kept thinking the single digit positive numbers were in C I’ve been tired lately…

We woke to a grey morning and -13C… warming later to about -7 like yesterday… but then the sun was out… that might happen yet as well… Doesn’t seem to be anything showing on Radar today… even up Terri’s way… except the famous Edmonton spurious cloud lines… two today… heading her way… but I think they are just clutter…

Time to get a coffee I think.


Yes, they show up on the Prairie radar one, but not on Sask.

Light snow right now. They are saying maybe we will hit -9 C today! …no sun though.

EDIT Again: Snow stopped and the sun came out…but I can see a bank of clouds coming from the West


Our weather forecasters are “way off base” on their weather predictions the last few days!

This morning…it is currently -19 C (-2 F) -28 C (-18 F) and they said it was going to be the same as the last few days !!! :dizzy_face::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I do not believe we will get to our high of -7 C

EDIT: It’s noon and our temp is -14 C -22 WC (-7 F) …