2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


Wowwie! Our “snow” overnight night amounted to a super duper very light coating. :unamused: All it did was add a touch of faint white to some surfaces - which was gone by 8 AM! I watched the snow bands approach and disappear just as they reached my location - again. :roll_eyes:
Last night’s low was 31F/0C. The high only reached 32.9F/0.5C even with a mostly sunny day. The winds were 10-15 mph/16-24 kph.
At 9:30 PM the temperature is down to 21.2F/-6C, although all around me personal weather stations (PWS) are all reporting temperatures from 13F to 16F/-10.5C to -8.9C. Our forecast low was supposed to be 16F/-8.9C. I do believe we’re going to get down a wee bit below that. But why is it that it’s usually a tad bit warmer around my location? Could it be all that hot air Jim7 spews out with his blasted babbling? :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: Or is it all of these 24/7 industrial operations going on around here - the Port of Coeymans, Coeymans Recycling Center (enough to ship out by barge every couple of weeks), the Cement plant and associated stone quarry? Nah… must be Jim… :wink: I even have 2 outdoor temperature sensors and they’re only off by 0.2F/0.01C from one another. They are guaranteed to be accurate to within the above figure. Oh well… Here’s our “current” forecast - which usually changes by the hour (:laughing:):

As you can see, rain is on it’s way here once again - for next Friday, Saturday and Sunday (not shown). Getting worried about not having a white Christmas, just a cold icy one.


I’ll take your temps Jim !

-18 C -27 WC (-16 F). It is suppose to be sunny today…but cold! Hopefully their warming tend actually comes true!


Ours are even better Terri!
It even looks like we’re in for a couple of slightly colder but pleasant days early next week…


upgrade :smile::smiley::joy::rofl::smiley:


When my wife and I left our son’s house to come home, there was a very thin veil of snowflakes on our vehicle. They were the individual flakes that you can make out all the intricate designs in each - the kind of flakes one would take a picture of. Beautiful! Of course my camera was home… :roll_eyes:

Our high today hit 27.7F/-2.4C, but there was only a mild breeze in the morning. In the afternoon the winds picked up a little, making it feel cooler than it was. By sundown it was “comfortable” again at 25.5F/-3.6C. The day was cloudy/overcast with a couple hours of filtered sun - that’s what made it “shoot up” to 27.7F/02.4C! :rofl: After sunset the clouds broke up a little here and there making it “mostly cloudy” - about 65%-70% cloud cover. Some stars could be seen, as well as the Orion Constellation for quite some time.
At 10:05 PM the BP is 30.12" and 67% humidity, partly cloudy now with a temperature of 24.4F/-4C. Overnight low is supposed to be 21F/-6C. Now this snow thing - of lack of - is starting to get to me. At the Albany International Airport they received 0.3"/7.6 mm of snow. All we got was those few snowflakes that dusted our vehicles! Not fair! :angry:


-13 C -21 WC (-5 F) We are moving into a warming phase …yeah! …not melting but -5, -3, -1 daytime temperatures. Hopefully this is like the weather that sticks around until Christmas.
There is lots of talk about our lack of moisture on the ground as we head into the mid point of winter.
We literally have enough to cover the roads, grass etc by a few inches. You can see the stubble of the fields which normally would look like a sea of snow waves that had drifted across the fields during our howling winds. There are no snowbanks along the roads or even our driveways. In most areas they have used the blowers to clean off driveways and sidewalks rather than shovels and snowblowers.
Last week when I was out taking photos, the grader I saw on the road was turning up more gravel than snow. Hmmmm…this could be a challenging year for farmers.


Then you’ll be envious of what we have here. Last night’s low was only down to 21F/-6C and currently at 1 PM it’s risen up to 36F/2C. I think we may - maybe - have a wheelbarrow-full of snow left up in the shade of the carriage house. And of course that’s frozen solid. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: A slight breeze is blowing so it’s not too bad sitting outside in the shade. Apparently still not cold enough for the flocks Canada geese to leave down by the river. :thinking: They’re still there and honking every night. The high today is supposed to be 38F/3C. Winds are 5-10 mph/8-16 kph, 40% humidity and BP of 29.93". It’s sunny with a few clouds passing through once in a while. (Still have a lot of leaves to get mulched. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


Our weather outlook for the next week (south coast UK)
Lots of rain in the forecast!

Where I’m off to for Christmas:
A little rain, but I’m looking forward to the increase in temperatures, and the sun (even though the tablets I’m on now make me highly photosensitive)


So you glow in the dark? :rofl:


LOL, I think that would be a preferable side-effect! It doesn’t happen at home in winter, but anywhere else, or in any other season, with very little high-level sun-exposure I start to blister… think “vampire movies” and you’re not far off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ouch! :slightly_frowning_face:


I get round it by using very high protection sunscreen. Factor 50+ - not sure if you use the same rating system as us for sunscreens, but it’s as protective as I can get my hands on. Applied 2-3 times a day does the trick… Costs a small fortune, but better than the alternative (and hiding away from the sun is not an option! :sunny::sunglasses:)


I believe the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating is the same. I’ve seen 75 and higher(?). I think they go as high as 125(?). I don’t use sun screens myself, but we do put it on the little ones. Olivia (6-yrs old) has very fair skin and burns easily. Eva has a dark skin tone and tans - naturally. Now with Brianna (1-yr), we protect her “baby skin” - but not to an extreme. Humans need the sun for health. :wink: My wife always got a deep tan, but now her skin is showing the signs of those deep tans. :neutral_face: I had a SIL who always got very deep tans and by the time she passed away, her skin was like leather. :hushed: She over did it.

And to stay on topic, the current temperature at 5:23 PM is 31.5F/-0.3C, but feels like 29.5F/-1.4C, 53% humidity, BP 29.84". Should be a lot of stars out again tonight (because there’s no meteor shower of course). :laughing: Supposed to go down to 18F/-7.7C tonight with a few clouds here and there. (I guess we call that “scattered clouds”. :laughing: I’m getting silly… must be time to get something to eat. :wink:


I’ve just looked it up - yes, up to SPF125 is available… in the US! Not in the UK though, for some bizarre reason… :thinking:

I never used to use it at all, until a couple of years ago. Now, I quite often get strange looks when I buy the SPF50+ for kids… only the kids versions appear to be free of parabens. :thinking::thinking:

No meteors, but you should be able to see a comet, if it’s clear… it’s apparently now visible with the naked eye. Of course, it’s cloudy here… Grrrr


I’ve marked my calendar for the 16th - when it is supposed to be the closest to Earth. I will be checking for a few nights before and after. I remember watching Haley Comet many years ago (late 80’s?). Looked almost as big as the moon - with a big wide tail sitting in the sky almost directly above us, but a little to the NW. Beautiful it was!


I’ve seen a few pictures already (amateur photographers)…
Current status (taken from http://www.cometwatch.co.uk/current-observable-comets/)

For me at the moment, the weather forecast I posted earlier (2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting) is lying!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


This is interesting… At 11:10 PM last night the temperature was down to 23.9F/-4.5C. By 11:30 PM the clouds started moving in and the temperature started rising. By 1:10 AM it was up to 27.0F/-2.77C, a difference of 3.1 degrees F or 1.73 degrees C - and still slowly rising. Winds are calm, humidity is at 64% and BP 29.76".

Yesterday afternoon while my wife was watching football, someone commented how North Carolina was getting snow. When I looked at the weather radar, it was Tennessee, Kentucky, the northeastern part of NC, West Virginia and Virginia that was getting snow - with a band of heavy rain just below the snow belt. Currently (1:30 AM) parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia are still getting snow squalls as well as some freezing rain. The other areas mentioned above are still getting rain. The upper parts of Georgia and Alabama are also getting rain - some areas getting heavy rains.


Currently -12 C -18 WC (-1 F). We are still cloudy but hoping for some clearing to see the comet end of the week. This is the “warm up” I talked about …more than 10 degrees warmers this morning than days earlier, and our day time high will be near - 4 C. (24 F) . Good for Dec 10th!

Wow that storm definitely hit areas hard.


Yeah…a warm up!!! -2 C -8 WC (17 F) :smiley::smiley:

Some snow showers in the next couple of days, by the weekend above freezing !!! on Dec. 14-15!!! Love it!!
As long as travel weather stays good for Christmas I’m happy!