2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


We are up to -1C and warming… snow forecast for tonight and later in the week several cm each time…
I’m looking forward to some exercise… but just a bit…


That’s where we are at 12 noon. It went down to 15.8F/-9C overnight. Our high today is expected to reach 32F/0C. No snow in our extended forecast, just sun, mostly sunny to partly sunny. We are expected to get some light rain in the wee hours of Saturday morning - should be done with by 8 AM. Otherwise, we’re dry.


Not much has changed for here tonight / tomorrow… but I looked at the coast forecast… they are saying METRES of snow over the next days in the coast mountains… mostly the ski areas I guess… they will be happy after they get the roads clear…


We’re as though we’re stuck in limbo. Around 11 PM last night the clouds moved in and the temperature has been hovering around 28.4F/2C. Winds are calm, 76% humidity and BP of 29.60". There were some - and still are - some snow clouds moving down from the north by northwest from Lake Huron, but they - as always - seem to disappear just before reaching me… or they move slightly to my north and past to my NE. Still looking at light rain for the wee hours of Saturday morning, but that’s it until the middle of next week… unless they change the forecast some time tomorrow. :grinning:
Going to bed. It’s 2 AM and I have to get up at 6 AM to be up to my son’s house by 7 AM… or my wife will strangle me for leaving her with 3 little ones and trying to get the older two ready and off to the school bus stop. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good night!


Going up into the 40sF tomorrow, for several days. But next 2 days no rain… so why are my bones hurting? (I forecast rain / storms up to 3 -4 days out. Maybe it’s that big storm blowing over the Rockies and coming East. Supposed to be a “Coast to Coast” US storm system… of course, unless it changes.


I saw parts of the Coquihalla (Major BC highway) snow forecast in one part 25 cm (10 inches) and much more in some other areas. Dangerous roads through there for the next while. (@Beverly1 has probably seen this type of weather there). I’m sure this will slow early Christmas travellers. Lots of the ski areas are suppose to get snow, which some need. Snowboarders in my family are excited!!! :smiley:

Currently -1 C -5 WC (23 F) our warm up has begun! High today “0” and until Tuesday it will be 2 C or better! :smile::smiley::rofl: No major snow expected our way…yet !


Let’s all keep warm. TV says that western storm is heading our way! I hope no one loses power like in the east coast storm…


Our ~1cm has been now…looks more like 5cm… let you know when I move some of it…

The big thing will be when the Pacific low gets in… not sure if that has happened yet, but that and cold / wind from the north will change things up… will check back later… I get one coffee and then start moving snow… before it gets to melting or even very heavy…



I see some clouds slowly coming down from your northwest and another system moving up to you from the west-by-southwest. They should take a day or two to reach you. But I also noticed scattered rain clouds moving across the southern part of Ohio. Maybe that’s what causing your bones to ache?

They’ve changed our forecast for the weekend. It went from light rain starting in the wee hours of Saturday and ending around 8 AM to wet snow showers Friday night into Saturday. Did you catch that “Wet snow showers”? They’ll get snow to my west and east and I’ll get the “wet” - as usual! Darned river valley! :unamused: :laughing:

Our overnight low was 27.5F/-2.5C. Clouds had moved in and kept it from getting colder. By sunrise the clouds were moving out again and most of the day it was sunny with scattered clouds. The high was 38F/3C. But by 3 PM the clouds came back big time (meaning very little sun :grinning:) and the temperature started dropping - along with an increase in the wind. By sunset, the winds died down but the clouds remain. Currently at 5:15 PM the temperature is 33F/0.5C. Our low will be in upper teens (F)/-7C to -8C. They’re saying we may get a few passing snow showers tomorrow morning, but I’m not holding my breath for those!
We have to get some snow pack soon or the ski resorts will be sucking the mountain streams dry to make snow for their trails. (No one ever seems to wonder from where do they get the water to make the snow with their machines. :thinking:)


Wasn’t @EmeraldEyes looking for snow? But I don’t think you can throw it that far. Bummer! Now if you could slide some of that a little south and straight over to the east, that would be okay by me. :wink: :grinning:

Edit: After checking the hourly forecast for tomorrow, looks like we’re getting a whole 0.4"/10mm of wet snow. If it were dry snow, I’d just get the leave blower out for that small amount. :rofl:


Not until Christmas Eve I said! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m still breaking in this new hip and I’ve not got all my Christmas shopping done yet…I don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the place :open_mouth: :grimacing:
Thankfully the rain has taken a break, letting me get out and about a bit…hip doesn’t like rain it seems:unamused:

Temps are down around 3C (37F) but climbing as the week goes on…and more rain to come…so no snow there then :grin:


I went to a “Christmas in July” sale, so anytime after that is good for snow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I may not be getting that dusting of snow they talked about earlier (about 0.4"/10mm of snow,) Now the chance of snow is down to 40%. :unamused: But then again, one time they said we were going to have 40% chance of a snow squall… we got hit with a blizzard… 36"/0.9 metres! :rofl: Whee! I had fun! :heart_eyes:


That huge western–>eastern storm is now supposed to drop rain, not snow, east of Indiana.

I ~ hurt ~ everywhere already! Joints hurt where I should not have joints! LOL

Bob used to use his broken hip as a weather barometer… Never did feel any better. :frowning:


Uh, oh! I hope Em (@EmeraldEyes) doesn’t go through the same with her hip! Nothing more frustrating than an ache that won’t go away, but just seems to get worse. Rain doesn’t bother me, it’s the cold. When I get a chill in my back I end up with a back ache that lasts for days. When my feet get cold, they and my ankles ache - until I plop them on a heater for an hour to warm them back up. If I don’t warm them up, they ache all day and I get miserable. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It was actually a bit more maybe 7 cm… hard to tell though because I don’t go by ‘official’ amounts… I just keep measuring the depths as I shovel and do a mental average… The big kicker today was I didn’t expect to help with another large lot next door, and not the one I usually work on… as I’ve shown… afternoon sun was big at loosening ice and compressed snow though… I also came face to face with the regional manager of our management company and to my surprise, after I explained what we had done to adjust the plowing situation due to the neighbouring dental office adding a parking area in what had been our go to snow dump… anyway, she actually liked what I had arranged and the fact that I had coordinated improving on that and the neighbouring appartments…lots… the plowing operator was in a good mood and was glad to get some order in his life as well, so I can relax a bit… and I don’t hurt… but I was concerned over our handyman who was not really into shoveling that much… he was happier with some help in organizing the snow dumps there as well as helping move the snow… he was doing patchwork clearing, no real goal for the snow… and requiring doing a lot twice… not even an hour to fix the bobcat work… and his… but now he has learned to shovel smart, not over energetically… he is still a kid… I guess around 50… he will learn… and yes he thinks I’m crazy, but as I said old guys work smart not hard… we will see… more on the way all weekend but small amounts I hope.
So far not very sore, but a nice comfortable minor ache from using some mal treated muscles recovering from last years flu and that is big since it took all summer to find any at all in my arms…


You are so right. I see people shoveling snow (and dirt/stone in the summer) and throw it to the same side of their body as the shovel is being held. :open_mouth: That will kill your lower back within minutes! I’d explain - and usually will show - how you should swing the shovel across your body - and over your shoulder if you want. When they try, they usually smile and say something like, “this is so much easier,” or “yeah, this works better and my back doesn’t hurt.” :wink: When I shovel my driveway after getting knee-deep snow, I move it all - or just about all of it - to the gully along side part of my driveway that runs up toward the carriage house. I’ve pushed snow - one shovelful at a time - up to 35’/10.6 metres and pushed it into the gully, depending upon where I am in the driveway. None of the snow is left out near the street or front walk (unless it is so heavy that my back and neck hurts just looking at it). :rofl: Once the gully is filled, then I’ll start making snow banks along the edge of it. It will sometimes take me at least 4 hours to shovel the two driveways and three walkways, but I just take my time and plug along. Of course about once every 60-90 minutes I’ll stop for a cup of coffee. When I’m just getting finished is usually when one of my nephews comes along to offer to plow out my driveway for me - because he knows I have a messed up cervical spine, lumbar spine and deteriorated shoulder cup, and 3 messed up fingers on my right hand (from a glass window). I just say, “Thanks Jim, but no thanks… I’m done.” (Yeah, another Jim. :grinning:) One time we had a lot of snow (30+"/76+ cm) and I told my wife I wasn’t going to shovel because my neck and shoulder were not up to it at that time. It was one of those heavy wet snowfalls. My wife called our nephew and he said he’d come down as soon as he finished the businesses he had contracts with. I should have shoveled… it took him 2-1/2 days to get down, and by that time I went ahead and shoveled from the car out to the street. That was it! Guess who slept like a baby that night? :wink: My wife! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

At 12:54 AM it’s down to 21F/-6C. They said the low was to be 20F/-6, but it looks like it’s going down lower. At least it’s not raining… :no_mouth:

Edit: At 1:35 AM a steady fine snow began falling. Guess I’m going to get a little bit of the white stuff after all. :smiley:


Fortunately my hip is continuously improving-two steps forward, one step back. Pain eases off, I notice an improvement to mobility and then it starts to hurt again. Pain eases off, I notice further improvement in mobility and then hurts again for a time. And that seems to be the way it’s been going for the past 3 months since I had it replaced, so I’ll not complain about the pain…it’s manageable and doesn’t require pain relief meds, it’s all good :grin:

It’s currently 3F (38C), dry and sunny but coooold chilly . So I’ll be off out for a nice long walk just as soon as the folk from the Disability office come to collect their disability aids I used while getting back on my feet.
I’m gonna strap a portable heat pad to the hip, bundle up nice’n’warm and go out and test my distance. See how far I can get without having to resort to the stick for the return half of the trek :grin:

Got to make the most of the dry weather as it’s forecast rain on Saturday for the next week :unamused:


-9 C -16 WC colder than the day temps…but still heading to +2 today. Our forecast for Saturday is +5!!!
We will have a “brown” christmas this year…melted mess, no snow in the forecast…unless it really melts all the snow and we see green grass again! :joy:


Pain eases off… go bowling… hurts again… take it easy… pain eases off… climb ladder to paint ceiling… hurts again… stop for tea… pain eases off… do gardening… hurts again. That’ll do it for you. :wink: :laughing:
Seriously, think of it in this way… if it hurts it’s reminding you it’s healing. When it stops hurting altogether, it’s healed. That’s the day to look forward to. Remember that old saying, “No pain, no gain.” After my back operation I had to lie on the floor and do about 6 different exercises. No one told me I had to have help getting up off the floor by the time I was finished. Of course the cat didn’t mind that she could nag me until I could finally roll over and get up. Why do they always have to run their tail across your face constantly? :smirk_cat:

Hey! It’s snowing! Last night we had a trace of fine snow that didn’t amount to even a dusting. Disappointed. But this morning it began snowing and has been for over two hours. The town truck has been down the hill salting already. Everything is white and covered nicely… and it’s still snowing. Maybe we’ll get that 0.4"/10 mm after all. :roll_eyes: :laughing: Oops… it’s currently 24.8F/-4C at 10:05 AM with just a slight touch of air movement. Looks like a post card snowfall.

Edit: By 10:30 AM we have 1.5"/38 mm of snow and it’s still falling. Looks like we get more than originally forecast. Snow is supposed to end around 12:15 PM.