2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


Going to 50F here tomorrow!


Our high for tomorrow is 42 - and cloudy (no watching meteors). I can hear someone shoveling snow.


Let the warm up melt it tomorrow. Save your back.


That’s what the plan is. :smiley: I will have to clean off the sidewalk out front - and our steps, but that’s all I’m doing.


Final snowfall total was a mere 2.8"/71 mm, but that’s better than nothing! When I got to my son’s house, “Grandma” was giving the littlest one her lunch. I collected some clean snow and made a lightly-packed snowball for her. She stopped eating her lunch until after she ate the snowball. :rofl: Grandma was not too pleased. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: I just made sure Brianna didn’t put too much into her mouth at once so she didn’t get brain freeze. Then she didn’t want to go down for her nap, but wanted to go outside and play in the snow. She skipped her nap… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

Our high for the day was 27.5F/-2.5C. It’s currently 27F/-2.5 (seems like it’s “stuck” :grinning:), Overcast (no meteor shower watching again), winds are calm, 76% humidity and BP of 30.13".
High tomorrow around 41F/5C.


I’m surprised she ate it! Good not to get brain freeze…she wouldn’t understand that!

Currently -9 C -14 WC (7 F) We are still partly cloudy, which obscured our vision of meteors last night! :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: You are so right @Jim7…the skies are clear unless there are meteors! Tonight is our last chance. It is suppose to clear off by 5 p.m. but whether that happens we will have to wait and see! :star::star::star:

EDIT: After the snow in this area (and @Doug4’s)


Yes… the lowlands have been lacking in deep snow, but the alpine areas are filling rapidly… and we haven’t seen that Pacific front yet… although it is moving… I was watching a bunch of it coming up from off the Washington coast… wet and windy… and that cold up north is being held back a bit… but might make it over through Edmonton as it moves… We are supposed to get a bit more snow tonight, but the next larger deposits seem to be by next Thursday and through the weekend… in bands of course… on off on off… easier to shovel that way.

As for the warning, that is almost standard mountain forecast any how… but the potential storm is a bit excessive for areas it does reach… Vancouver Island seems to be the worst area to be, for snow and rain.
and the south coast second,


I see they have wind warnings out for the island and Vancouver…most of BC…



yuckk! Been a hurting day.

Morgantown is getting slammed, coming up from the south.



Looks awfully wet, Cagey…! Similar to our weather radar at the moment


Yeh, and the forecasters were threatening us with snow…they can keep that one :unamused:
Well…least until Christmas Eve anyway :wink:



After 8:30am on Christmas Eve, please…:crossed_fingers::pray:


Our temperatures have certainly warmed up …currently +4…the winds will pick up a little… We have a little dip tomorrow to -11 and then back to these temps for the rest of the holidays! Looks like someone else got our usual snow??

and this is what happens when it melts too much in the winter:


Your rains look worse than ours.


Probably quite similar at the moment - both maps are showing lots of the dark green.

It looks like Manchester and further north, and northern France (to the south of us) are getting the worst of the rain, Scotland looks like it’s getting snow.


We’re sending the snow northeast to @Jim7 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not yet! They’ve got me down to just partly cloudy tonight - maybe I’ll be able to see the comet. Maybe… :neutral_face:


Well, I guess that threat of snow turned into rain :laughing: It’s been pouring down all day here :roll_eyes:


Eek shock I hope there was no one in those cars :scream:


Who’s sending me this mixed bag of precipitation? It looks as though it’s going to hang around for many hours starting Sunday AM and into Monday morning. Just as long as it’s clear tonight (comet).

Winter Weather Advisory
Issued: 3:33 PM Dec. 15, 2018 – National Weather Service


  • WHAT…Mixed wintry precipitation expected. Total snow and sleet
    accumulations of a half inch to up to two inches and ice
    accumulations of a coating to up to one tenth of an inch are expected.
    The wintry mix may transition to a period of rain in the valley
    areas. [That’s me - rain! :unamused:]The Berkshires may received 1 to 3 inches of snow, once
    the precipitation transitions to all snow Sunday night.

  • WHERE…The northern Catskills, Mohawk Valley, Schoharie Valley,
    Helderbergs, Greater Capital Region, northern and central
    Taconics of east central New York and the Berkshires of western

  • WHEN…From 7 AM Sunday to 4 AM EST Monday.