2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


Jim, here the news said that after 10pm the east coast should see clearing for the meteors.


And this is why I moved to California after graduating from UMass!
It is presently 60 F (15.5 C) where I am :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But hopefully no fires, mudslides, earthquakes, Santa Ana winds, I know I am forgetting a natural disaster :face_with_monocle:


Did you see those monster waves off Washington State? SLAM!


We had some clearing about 2 hours ago. My wife and I stepped outside at 10 PM and it’s overcast again! :open_mouth: Will try again in an hour or so - after we get done wrapping gifts. :neutral_face:


Gifts??? Aww you shouldn’t have! But I could use some catnip mittens. haha


Just found this article

Mavericks near Santa Cruz is where the really big waves are. The break is really far away from the shore; you need binoculars to see them. The surfers get pulled into the waves by jet skiers. One day I’ll go see them. It is absolutely jaw dropping to see videos of these surfers. It easily makes an hour disappear while on YouTube!


Wow. I really haven’t been paying attention. There is a huge storm on Monday. See the forecast below:


Tight storm shown on your map.


@cageycat, Oh oh, Cagey! It looks like the high pressure system here is forcing that storm on a counter-clockwise spin back over you! The entire system is ever so slowly creeping this way, but it’s wrapping back around on itself and sitting over you again. Oopsie daisy! We are supposed to start getting so rain by 10 AM now (instead of 7 AM). The snow/sleet/freezing rain starts around 6 PM Sunday evening (for me). Keep your fur dry!

At 1:30 AM our temp is at 33.8F/1C. Up over the hill in the hollow it’s already down to 26F/-3C. And that’s only about 6 miles/9.6 km northwest of me. They’re always cooler up there in the hollow.

Edit: 2 AM: Now they’ve moved ahead the start of the storm to 8 AM. That wasn’t too bad. They started out with 7 AM, pushed it back to 10 AM, then moved it to 7 AM. I wonder how many more times the start time will change - and the finish time. I wish they’d make up my mind. :confused: :smiley:


The storm is crossing the Appalachians of central PA with heaving rain, turning to sleet and as a snow-icy mix. Not good for drivers on those mountain passes, especially truckers. I white-knuckled it more than once on the Turnpike through there, in rented cars or my little hatchback. The fog is so thick, you only see flashers and trailer lights when you’re right on top of the semi in front of you. Ugh.


3:45 AM: I just looked at the weather radar. The eastern side of the storm is slowly moving north through NY. Currently just south of the Catskill State Park and Newburg. However, west of that the storm is moving faster north and northwest, bringing freezing rain, then snow and then rain to much of lower central and western NY. Watching the radar, the western edge of the storm looks like it leans over to the west and then south, pouring more rain into northeast Ohio. You’re getting the “overflow”! :laughing: These weather people keep on changing the start time for me from 7 AM to 8 AM, to 7 AM and now back to 8 AM. I wonder if it will be back to 7 AM when 7 AM actually rolls around. :laughing:
I can remember white-knuckling as I went down a 3/4 mile, S-curving steep hill that had a second sharp left at the bottom - which ends at US Rte 9W… and a traffic light. The hill - also a state highway that the county maintains in the winter - was a solid sheet of ice as I was heading down to the hamlet to salt the streets. I put the plow down, then picked it up slightly to keep some more weight on the front wheels and had the salt spreading like crazy as I slid sideways - first the passenger side (my shotgun was freaking out), then the driver’s side and back and forth until we got to the bottom… in our own lane and facing the proper direction! :laughing: All the way down this hill are very deep ditches with culvert pipes running beneath every driveway meeting the hill. If we ever went into the ditch and slid into one of those pipes, the truck would have flipped over and twisted like a pretzel. Not to mention I would have spilled my coffee. :open_mouth: I don’t think I ever spun the steering wheel around in both directions as fast as I did that night ever since. At the same time I was switching the plow from one direction to the other to help “steer” as well. Then when we got to our first street in the hamlet - my street - we ended up doing the same sliding routine down from the corner where my house is at (an S-curve), down 3 blocks and passing through the intersection of a state highway… going sideways. We stopped one block from the river. That was a white-knuckler! But the best part was I never touched a parked car on either side of the street… and we didn’t roll over when we went through the intersection and down the drop-off to the next block… a very steep grade there. We decided that twice was enough and we stopped to drink our coffees. :grinning: Oh what fun those times were! :roll_eyes:


Everyone out safely… Cars will be towed out of the ice by a tow truck from a distance. Write off.

Keeping on topic:

This is our cold dip for a day. Currently -11 C -18 WC (-0.4 F) It will warm as the day goes on and by Monday back to + 3 C (37 F).


Just had a look at my forecast again… wow! what a change, again… and like always, they can’t even agree in the same forecast… one part says snow and the other says rain… but both agree it is coming… the radar shows what ever it is (shows snow, but that might be way up in the clouds only due to the radar angle) .
Anyway it should be in here by 2 local time (MST) and is just the edge of it… Thursday has changed again to up to 10 cm of snow… vs 1 mm overnight tonight when the temp drops… I’m a bit confused…

I have to keep my eye on it… just want fairly clear on Wednesday… my old buddy is bringing his computer down to fix… and has two hours roughly to do so… so I’m committed to get at least some headway… he comes at 10 and leaves by 3… or never… well to Friday… and that is not good for him.

I’m actually hoping he might waffle out… but he has come before in storms on the bus…
which often breaks down… and there is currently no backup like Greyhound used to provide… since they have been pulling out of Canada back to the US… which is no loss since they had already trashed their service…
and the customer service was worst I’ve ever seen… seems they don’t even know their own routes…

Might say they were going to the DOGS…

I have to run…


For about 5 minutes last night the weather service here was showing “Sun” for the evening AND for at night! :rofl: My first thought was, “This isn’t Antarctica!” If we did have sun during the night, then the earth had rolled over a little. :laughing: I have to give them credit as they did correct that blooper within 5 minutes.


:scream: 50 ft waves right now in Santa Cruz. I wish I could go see them as these are the biggest waves since 2010. To get there is a two lane road over the mountains. In normal conditions I hate this road (Highway 17) as people drive like crazy and there are twists, turns, accidents. On this side of the mountain - several million people possibly all wanting to see the waves on a Sunday, when many not working! I am trying to rationalize why I can’t go: I really want to be there, i’ve never seen waves that big. :slightly_frowning_face:
At least I can probably find someone live streaming it on YouTube :confused:

Well, NPR radio said 50 ft, but I went to Surfline.com and the live cams for the whole region have maximum 7ft. Yay, I’m not missing out :grin:


That would be great if you could. Those are some big waves!


See my update. Only 7 ft waves. Wonder if NPR was talking about tomorrow or later today. I had the radio on in the background and only heard “50 ft waves, don’t go to the beaches very dangerous conditions” I assumed they meant RIGHT NOW! :joy:


I just checked out this live cam from Santa Cruz Harbor Webcam. They look more like the 7-foot waves.


It’s tomorrow, not today. I’ll get my webcam windows primed for tomorrow. I did some more reading and Mavericks surf competition might be held Tuesday or Thursday. Now that would something to see, but like I said earlier, you have to watch from a bluff with binoculars and since there is limited room on the bluff only the VIP people get to watch. And all available parking spaces are filled for miles. Yay for the internet!

Oh, I bet they will have reporters from local news stations planted on the beach like they do with hurricanes!

There is an app!


Once more watching the radar… and the forecast locally. they still simultaneously show snow in one spot and rain (even freezing rain) in another… only thing for sure is that the area just ahead of the cloud mass shown on the radar was producing snow and may still be… haven’t looked out… recently. however tomorrow morning will tell the tale…

Looks like @Jim7 is expecting more wet than anything else… I don’t see anything like that here… thank heaven. but time will tell there as well…

@kateg surfer girl eh! never could do that (never tried it either ), too top heavy for skateboards as well…
I will try to follow the event a bit… but it is the season for other things… oh… I don’t snowboard either… ski a bit though. Although we have dug out a few who dared go to the wrong areas of the mountains…

Good luck all… I need sleep.