2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


ha ha missed me


ut oh Jim


We got wet. They did tell us the valley would get more rain than anything. Here are what we received from the time it started in the morning up until midnight.

Freezing rain = 0.01"/0.25 mm
Snow = 1.5"/38 mm
Rain = 0.39"/9.9 mm

It’s still “precipitating out” :laughing: Wet snow/rain mix. They kept on moving the “end time” around all evening and night, finally deciding on what was originally forecast as the end time - 4:00 AM. The start time originally was set for 6 PM Sunday evening. It started between 7 and 8 AM. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Such is the way the forecasts for this area goes with the mountains, hills, valleys, rivers and water bodies. I think everyone has grown up with the changing forecasts and pretty much take them with a grain of salt. :wink:

Everything is white at the moment, but with the temperature hovering at 34F/1C and with the rain mixing with the snow, the snow and ice on the ground will be gone by morning - down here where I am. I’m sure the hill towns and the western side of this town will have to be plowed. They had a lot more snow, sleet and freezing rain from 4 miles/6.4 km to my west and out farther west of here. Of course to my east - beyond the valley - they got snow, sleet and freezing rain as well. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: Looking at the weather radar at 12:45 AM, I see the storm clouds have changed direction again. The entire system has been rotating counter-clockwise. The clouds are now moving north to south - a sign of the back end of the storm. It should be over in an hour or so… close to their current 2:15 AM end time.

Edit: 1:15 AM: The storm has passed me, heading due east toward the coast. Heads up @EmeraldEyes and @Helen! It’s heading your way! Hopefully it will peter out before it reaches you, but it could pick up more moisture from the Atlantic and build up enough to give you a white Christmas. :smiley: Oh, thant’s right! Helen is heading somewhere she has to wear sunglasses and sip cool drinks while the rest of us freeze. :laughing:


starting to warm up -7 C -13 WC (8 F). It was cloudy all night and will be today…no comet to see. We have a chance of snow showers late today. It will start to get colder again on the 23rd and through Christmas! Luckily I will be somewhere warmer.


LOL, looking at the Windy.com forecast for the next week, it looks like the storm/low pressure associated with it is heading right for my Christmas destination! :scream::grimacing:
If the Windy forecast is correct, I should be arriving at around the same time as the storm - providing the winds aren’t too much for the airport, that is…


I hope it blows over to either side. Like they say, “You can’t fool Mother Nature.” :hushed:


Oh No…I hope that changes in the next few days and it shifts elsewhere!


I hope so too, but it doesn’t matter what the weather does while I’m out there, rain, wind or shine, the “stray” kitties still need feeding!
There’s a slowly-dwindling colony of feral cats a little way down from the hotel, all of whom have become experts at persuading the tourists to give them food. They are probably the best fed stray kitties anywhere… but they always recognise me and come running as soon as they hear me. I can’t let them down… :cat:


Did you say “feeding”, as in “eating”? Can I go on vacation with you? Ready for some new foods!! Yum, yum, yum! Do they bring their own bowls?


Yes, as in the first place I head to after I get to the hotel is the local supermarket to go and buy them some food. (Due to the timing this year, the shops will be shut when I get there, so I’m taking a couple of days worth of supplies of cat food with me,)
This is one of them guarding my rucksack because she knows what is in there. (There are biscuits inside the bag…)

She’s a bit of a sweetie, very affectionate - I haven’t seen her for 9 months, so I hope she’s still around.

LOL they sometimes look as if they are holding their knife and fork ready to dive in the second the food is put down for them. There’s usually a bowl or two around from a previous “mugged tourist”…

And I have been known to stand there holding an umbrella over them to keep the rain off while they eat!

EDIT: I’ve just uploaded a pic of one of the other kitties to 2018 Hobbies Share your photography, I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

2018 Hobbies Share your photography

Soooooooo… can I come with you? Helen’s Heavenly Help, with umbrellas for outdoor feasts!


I’m sure I can find room in my suitcase, as long as you don’t mind sharing it with Dylan…!


My husband and I went to Naxos, a Greek Island, for our honeymoon. We stayed at a small guesthouse with an attached outdoor restaurant. There was a resident cat at the restaurant who was fed pieces of fish from the customers. He was quite polite and patient as he went table to table. We had just received a breadbasket and no food yet. I dropped a piece of bread next to him. He looked at me like “you expect me to eat that? I don’t do bread” he promptly left us and returned when our fish had arrived. Yes, we gave him some fish :roll_eyes: :grin:


Here is what I could find for the waves today. I have discovered that all the surf cams (those precisely placed near breaks and not at the beach where the waves don’t break) are not free. I spent 15 minutes trying to find a good live cam and there were none that were free!

His is from a local news helicopter. Pretty impressive!


They are experts in the finely-tuned cat skill of wrapping the tourist around their little paws…
The hotel we stay at has a resident cat as well, she gets fatter every time I see her! Too many guests giving her Dreamies cat treats…


Sadly it’s the same for most webcams pointing at the most interesting things. They’re almost never free…

I’d better get back on topic, else no amount of cute kitty pictures will stop Cagey slapping my wrists…
Weather forecast for the next week - looks like it’s going to be mainly wet, but temperatures still (just) up in double figures…



I saw a video about feral cats - I think it was in Thailand - where they do the same thing… train the tourists into giving them food. These cats eat more delicacies than I do! :confused: I must be doing something wrong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


She may surprise you with a litter of little ones tagging along behind her. Buy more biscuits, lady! :laughing:

Edit: I figure I’d better include at least a little something about the weather - to stay on topic. :wink:
At 9:20 PM we started to get light snow. By 10 PM it was finally starting to stick to most surfaces - excluding the roads/streets which were salted. The temperature (at 10:10 PM) was 34.3.F/1.3C, but feels like 30F/-1C. By 11 PM it should be down to 32F/0C. Our overnight low is expected to be 23F/-5C. The winds have been blowing hard since shortly after sunset. Everyone’s wind chimes in the entire neighborhood can be heard. :laughing: BP is 29.38" with humidity at 81%.
I really don’t see much snow accumulating at we just got a break in the clouds and this system looks like it will end around 12:15 AM. Roads should have some black ice on them for the morning commute.

Edit: Almost forgot… wind speed is 15-25 mph/24-40 kph. Everything is just starting to freeze at 10:45 PM. Snow has ended… a whole 0.6"/15 mm! Wow! :rofl:

Edit: Just realizing I didn’t mention this, today (now the 18th) will be sunny with a high of 29F/-1.7C and overnight it will drop to 18F/-7.8C. Winds during the day: 15-25 mph/24-40 kph and tomorrow night 10-15 mph/16-24 kph. Wind chill today and especially tomorrow night will make for a chilly time. At least the sun will be shining and it won’t be raining. See? I’m an optimist! :smiley:


We are still in the clouds…seems like they hang around when there are meteors or comets to see!
Currently -4 C -9 WC (15 F) it has warmed up considerably over the last 24 hrs. A chance of snow showers tonight.
EDIT: They have changed our snow showers this evening to “FREEZING RAIN”…roads will be a mess tomorrow morning!

There are snowfall warnings along the Rockies, Banff, Jasper, for 15 cm of snow today. That system seems to be moving southeast and will miss us. Central to southern Alberta will get snow from this system.

Schools get out this Friday - December 21st - and the kids are off until January 7th!!!


Quick! Everyone hide! :hushed: :laughing: