2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


LOL, I’d be surprised if she did! One of the local charities pays for the females to be speyed, they clip the very top of the ear to show it’s been done. (I originally thought this was cruel until I thought about it a lot more, it now seems like the most sensible way of easily telling whether they need catching or not)

On topic, it’s been raining all day. Absolutely no chance of seeing anything other than cloud in the sky tonight, and possibly for the next few days. On the plus side, the temperatures have been higher with all of the cloud around.


Unsure of date on this…


Do you have a link to this? Maybe I can find out… but I’m going to bed very soon (whooped). :tired_face:


From a page called Silver Elephant on Facebook.


Okay, thanks, but I don’t use Facebook. :neutral_face: Just going to finish my bowl of ice cream (last of it until tomorrow’s “restocking run”) and hit the bed. :sleeping:


Don’t hit the bed! Crawl into it. Your back won’t yell as much.


-4 C -9 WC (15 F) certainly nice weather for us this time of the year. Last year we plunged into the -35 C range for the Christmas holidays!

@Doug4 I see here is a Winter Storm forecast for the Coquihalla…35 cm of snow…that is going to change Christmas travel some. Hopefully that is not moving your way!

EDIT: That is 50 cm (19 inches)overall in the last 48 hours…yikes!!!


I woke up to 16F/-8.5C this morning. Since the sun came up it’s warmed up to 22F/-5C, Supposed to reach 38F/3C today. Not too bad, especially since the winds have left. Yesterday the wind chill made the high of 26F/-3 feel like 19F/-7. We didn’t take Brianna (1-1/2 year old) out to see her sisters get on or off the school bus. Too cold and windy. Besides, she rather go for a walk instead of going back into the house when returning from the bus stop. :roll_eyes:


08 Sep 2016… this one is a bit blurry, but if you need a clear view Google Images Intellicast dinosaur image The one from twitch is the highest res I found… and best if you follow it to the source…

I’m working from memory, so the 08 might be a bit off since my pencil broke. [ no that is correct ]

By the Way, the date and time is on the bottom line of the white bar at the bottom of the image dead center.

Edit: just rechecked the date… new pencil.


Thanks, but so far this fall (even the summer) it has all fizzled out just a few km to the west of here…
I find myself wondering what it is going to take to get through… but meanwhile we are getting some rain, in temps straddling 0C above in daylight, below in the dark, with variable transitions in between the highs… fairly dangerous conditions re black ice… So far the new van and tires are proving solid… Nitto something or other studless and as far as I can tell no nuts in there either…

I think that the storm is just this years reason for another full season of Highway through Hell… ha.

I have to deal with a friends computer problems today… probably have a whole two hours to work… sigh.


After a good drying day - sunny and clear (few scattered clouds late afternoon), not too breezy - we’re looking at rain tomorrow night (~11 PM) and continuing through until Saturday AM. We’re on a flood watch from Thursday night through Friday night. For my area they’re forecasting 1.36"/34.5 mm of rain. Since the snow (ha ha, what’s that look like?) doesn’t exist any longer, there will be no snow melt from around here to add to the runoff, but the higher elevations to my west did receive snow - every time they said it would snow - and that will of course melt and run down to me to make me even wetter. (:laughing: but shaking my head with lowered eyes).
@Doug4 - my son and daughter chipped in together and got my wife and I a joint Christmas present - which arrived yesterday afternoon… 4 brand new tires for our “new” vehicle. Now we have to set up an appointment to have the old broken down from the rims and the new ones mounted and balanced. I’m going to keep one of the old ones to replace the tire in the tire swing in the girls’ play station in my son’s backyard. I will just have to drill the 3 holes in one side to run the ropes through, then paint it. I can do that over the winter and swap the tires out in the spring. I’m really surprised how all three girls use the tire swing so often.


We are melting…this will be a major “brown” Christmas…with some patches of green grass showing!
-7 C -12 WC (10 F) . We have a special weather statement out for freezing rain again between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Hopefully by Friday afternoon, when so many will be travelling to their holiday destinations, the roads will well sanded and clear of ice.

After major snowfall…this BC major highway is getting more snow…


Still straddling the 0C mark up and down a bit… but for the first time in a long time the forecast band of snow started on time this morning… with many other bands of wx stretching down to the coast waiting in line… those are coming off of @TerriB storm… question now for me is how well the forecast amounts of snow and rain will actually appear… I get nervous when the forecaster says ‘just light flurries’… and they keep changing the expected amounts… I still remember a ‘light flurries’ forecast way back in Toronto days… yep just a light flurry all right…10 inches of flurry by the morning… Snow Day! for us kids… That was the year I started shoveling snow for real… although I got into it earlier… on… My dad had already had a big heart attack and wasn’t going to be able to,… at all… but he lasted til 1980… anyway like I said… ‘light flurries’ = possible blizzard in my book.

There have already been several avalanche incident’s in the area (high country though) with no fatalities…
Conditions up there are bad… due to the early snow and then a thaw… over top… tons of snow held up by unpacked fluff… crack the shell and it all comes down…

Now partly done with my buddies computer… didn’t do much, found it more productive to deal with other things, but take the time to teach him some basic computer skills he forgot… and he now can practice on some dummy files to move around and then follow my lead (with advice) on the traps of moving large amounts of them… eg… you could just cut and move… but I like to see the guy use copy not cut… verify the images got where they were copied too, by a quick viewing, and then consider deleting the originals AFTER isolating the storage (in this case a 1T SSD unit.) and we can consider other things in the mean time til his next visit.


Now almost 5 pm and the expected and forecast wx is still fizzling here in town… some rain then some flurries and them more sprinkles and then… more flurries…

I guess it will end sometime… but looks like next week after CDay that it will remain in the - one digit range in the days… sigh… On the other hand it looks like @Jim7 should prep for a water landing… wow. and they say BC is a wet climate… and @TerriB good luck with the Freezing rain alert… we may still get some of that as things cool off each day and again when it stays on the cool side of 0C… Crazy weather… and we haven’t had much of the strong winds from the coast here… at least in town.


Yes they are now forecasting the “freezing rain” for a larger area in central Saskatchewan and snowfall in northern sask.
I heard Vancouver got lots of rain, then “tons of snow” through Coquihalla, and as it came over the mountains lots of snow… looks like grande prairie, peace river, fort McMurtry areas in Alberta will get the snow dump.

Tough road travel conditions for those leaving Friday.

Currently -2 C - 8 WC


If only this were snow… (sigh) :roll_eyes: I watched the weather on TV just before dinner and north of Saratoga Springs may get some freezing rain for a while, but other than that it’s rain, rain, rain… and the flood we’re on.


Currently 6C, oh well, it looks like we’re in for a wet Christmas, guess my wish for snow on Christmas Eve is not going to materialise :unamused:


:rofl: That was just like the time they forecast scattered snow squalls for us. We got hit with 36"/91 cm of snow - a blizzard! They were right one other time when they said “snow squall” - we only got about 6"/15 cm that time. But that 36-incher was hilarious! The snow clouds seemed like they put on the brakes and the snow just kept on falling. So how come we don’t see those snowfalls any more? Just rain… :roll_eyes:

Our high for today is expected to be near 60F/15.5C - and raining… raining… raining… until tomorrow around 8 AM. Then it’ll be cloudy for the day with the sun possibly popping out through the clouds around 4 PM - just before sunset. Whoopee do… :neutral_face:


Currently 3 C -3 WC (26 F) it is warm enough that in a few hours by the time the traffic starts this could be water. … hopeful! The sanding trucks will be out on the highways and main roads.

Many of the highways on the hotline say this: white lines no travel … yellow lines below…and as the snow and ice head past central eastward those are starting to change…is not going to be a good “travel day”…

Our temperatures start to dip from this point until the 27th or so. Day time highs around -12 C (10 F) and night temperatures of -18 C (0 F) without wind chill. Given our usual temps during the Christmas period can be -30 t0 -35 (-22 to -31 F) temperatures…this is so warm! I hope January doesn’t try to make up for it!


I thought USA was the only “orange cone & barrel” zone. I see we sent some into Canada. :wink: