2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting


The cones advise drivers of warning of rough roads, reduced speed, weight restrictions, etc.



Wild weather in BC yesterday @Doug4


I hope I didn’t scare the snow away, Em! Assuming I manage to get there (hopefully Gatwick will have got back to normal by then after the drone chaos yesterday) , I’ll be REALLY surprised if it snows where I’m off to.
I’ll try to send some sunshine back though…:sunglasses::sunny:


Well, whatever it was has passed by for now… nothing noticeable on the ground so it must have been favouring the wet side… One thing has changed on the forecast though… before, the cooling was on or after CDay…
Now the cooling is starting tonight… but still only getting to - single digit days… Only occasional flurries for over a week. but things can change.

@EmeraldEyes @Helen Keep your fingers crossed… this Arctic air that is pushing into here might just slide across in a few days… and any moisture might get there as some snow… but that is a wishful guess.
Trouble with it is that it might NOT be a dusting at one extreme… Ever see “The Day After Tomorrow” ?
brrrrrr. If I recall right New York got a decent flood in the early part of that one as well…


We are on the same path, but not our usual “freezing” weather!

A Delta plane slid off the runway in Saskatoon this morning…freezing rain…all passengers safe. Unfortunately they haven’t found them a replacement plane yet. Could be a while before they head there and hopefully can make arrangements for connectors from there. The joys of travelling near the holidays!

Good movie…Dennis Quaid?


True to form, the sun came out as I left for lunch at Barb’s Bistro and Bakery…
but it was still a bit cloudy on the edges and hills…
No sooner started to eat and looking out the windows of the Bistro… and the sun came out under clear blue skies everywhere… and promptly started snowing… heavy… only a few minutes of it but about 1 cm. and the cooling has started already. Ice underfoot everywhere… partially melted in some spots and very slippery with a dusting of snow.

@TerriB Yes DQ as the hero of the piece… although I thought the son of his character was doing most of the work… I try to watch that every now and then when I think our weather is bad…


I’m a lot further south than Em, it usually has to be REALLY bad before we see any snow at all.

No, not seen that one, but to be fair I’ve watched very few movies (ever)…

Keeping vaguely on topic, my weather outlook for the next few days,
Christmas Eve destination image
So on Monday it looks like I’m the rain stays a fairly constant feature, it’s just the temperature that varies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spotted on Facebook from “Station 14 Kingston”

Environment Canada issued a Rainfall Warning for YGK (??)


So far, as of 8:15 PM, we’ve received 0.84"/21 mm of rain. We did get a break from 1:45 PM until 2:20 PM when there was a “hole” in the clouds and the sun shone through. Temperature shot up to 58.6F/14.8C! Currently a light rain is falling accompanied by a mild breeze with some lights gusts. They actually feel warm! Better than the chilly breeze we had all morning and early afternoon. This rain is supposed to end between 9 and 10 PM tonight. Overnight temp supposed to be around 40F/4C, with some rain showers and locally dense fog. We did have fog last night, most of the morning and until around 1 PM today. Tomorrow should be mostly cloudy. Being an optimist, I call that partly sunny :grinning:

There’s a 52% chance of snow showers on Monday morning, so we’re not holding our breath for a white Christmas - especially since the high Monday and Tuesday will be 39F/3.9C. Looks like this year is a brown and green Christmas… and wet! :unamused:


We beat you at 0.9" of rain and snow flurries. :cloud_with_rain:

Oooooo I gotta go, :heart_eyes_cat: I see a :rabbit:


We’re not done yet. It started raining again shortly after 9 PM (9:15?) and it’s still raining. We’re now up to 0.88"/22 mm. Go get that rabbit! (Is that a catnip filled bunny?) :smile_cat:

Edit: The final rainfall amount for the day was 0.89"/22.6 mm. Okay Cagey, you got me by 0.01"/0.25 mm! :rofl:
The last two bands of rain clouds passed to my west (as usual), and what was coming directly at me “disappeared” from radar just before reaching me (as usual again). :roll_eyes: But now they’re saying rain starting around 4:15 AM. I’ll see if they are right… when I wake up.
Edit 2: Now they’ve move the rain up to 1:15 AM. From the radar, it looks like I’ll get a small shower - if it doesn’t “disappear” on me again. :laughing:


Naaaa, just something to chase.


That’s a lot of rain fall…

Oh! YGK?? In case that was an open question… YGK is the airport designator for Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

If it is on a radio station broadcast same thing, maps etc… and your baggage tags… all significant and some lesser airports get them… so everyone can know where it is… e.g. Toronto International is YYZ


At 2:34 AM it started raining hard… and thunder just off to my west - a lot of it! On the 6 o’clock news last night they did say we could get some thunder. I think I’ll step outside to see if I can see any lightning. We just received 0.08"/2 mm of rain in less than 8 minutes.

Edit 3:03 AM: A thunderstorm - one of several coming up through - just passed through. How the rain came down! Beautiful lightning also! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The thunder was so loud it was rattling the windows before echoing up and down the river valley. The thunderstorms are all over. There’s a large band of storms as well as many small, isolated cells. Supposed to end around 8 AM. Here’s the weather advisory they just posted a few minutes ago, listing it as an “Airport Weather Warning.” (We’ve already received 0.16"/4 mm of rain. BP is down to 29.01".)

Special Weather Statement
Issued: 2:53 AM Dec. 22, 2018 – National Weather Service


At 253 AM EST, radar indicated strong thunderstorms were located
along a line extending from near Berlin to Loudonville to near
Livingstonville. Movement was north at 45 mph.

Winds in excess of 30 mph are possible with these storms.

These storms will be near…
Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet, Colonie, Latham, Green Island, Grafton,
Waterford and Center Brunswick around 300 AM EST.
Schenectady and Niskayuna around 305 AM EST.
Mechanicville and Central Bridge around 315 AM EST.

This includes the following highways…
Interstate 88 between exits 23 and 25.
Interstate 90 between exits 9 and 26.
Interstate 890 between exits 1a and 9.
Interstate 87 between exits 23 and 7, and between exits 8A and 9.
Interstate 787 between exits 1 and 9.

Torrential rainfall is also occurring with these storms, and may
cause localized flooding. Do not drive your vehicle through flooded


Stay safe in all those areas getting so much rain!!!

-8 C -17 WC (1 F) Winds have been gusting through the night. That will just polish the leftover ice on the roads from the freezing rain. There were so many accidents around the province yesterday.

Our long range forecast has changed and it looked like we will hit those -30 C temperatures between Christmas and New Years!..oh yeah…hopefully not around for long.


Our final total for yesterday and today was 1.11" / 28 mm. We received another 0.23" / 5.8 mm after midnight. Got to go! (babysitting) :wink:


We woke to -10C/14F today… and Sunny clear skies… same for tomorrow but warming up a bit, Monday it is forecast for -1C/30F and cloudy with some snow… 1 to 3 cm… (hah) and a dusting for Tuesday… which is also supposed to be something or other… after all this it’s all back on the - single digits.

Time will tell. about the flurries…


We had a very windy day here… winds 15-25 mph/24-40 kph with gusts up to 30 mph/48 kph. Cloudy with a little sun in the morning, but became overcast again for the afternoon. Once those thunderstorms passed by early this morning, cold arctic air moved down and temperatures dropped. At 3:00 AM it was 54.5F/12.5C, but quickly dropped down to 40.4F/4.6C by 8:00 AM - our “daytime high.” It dropped down to 38F/3.7C where it remained for the rest of the day.
Currently at 8:35 PM it’s 37.0F/2.8C and has been sitting there since about 7:20 PM. Our overnight low is supposed to be 28F/-2C. Tomorrow will be sunny with a high of 39F/3.9C with winds 10-15 mph/16-24 kph.
Tomorrow night - between 2 AM and 8 AM - they’re calling for a 72% chance of snow showers… without giving any snowfall amount. (Read: Don’t know… not sure… maybe… :laughing:)

Edit: Forgot to mention that it looks like @EmeraldEyes and @Helen are in for rain… very soon if not already. Hopefully Helen will get spared most of it. :wink:


We had a dusting of snow on roofs, cars, grass, roads, but mostly melted by afternoon.


That reminds me… I have a couple of things to do outside before everything freezes again. :roll_eyes:


Windy and snow today…which made roads treacherous after the freezing rain in most areas of the province.

Some parts of BC are still without power after the storm: