2018 February - Temporarily Missing Persons *Found*


@Jim7 Could you take a look at this post about a missing family? Not sure if it’s in your neck of the woods… 19 mo old baby involved.

It’s been so cold, snowy (white-outs), and icy that it’s scary; they could have gone off the road anywhere between NY and NC. :crying_cat_face:

2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting

I just saw this… and I will take a longer look at it, but as a SAR person from way back it reallly leaves me wondering… I’ll explain when I check what is happening in a bit…

I think you can create a separate folder… you say you can sometimes. what I have in mind is on the instructional line / educational… I can’t figure it out what would be good, Resources perhaps… I’ve been sick a bit again. but my lady friend is no longer missing and I’m wasting sleep time (mountain time)

Anyway I’m not having any luck with Jims problems but I can function… and I will start with filing in an initial information form ICS pre search information gathering.

They have a fair bit of information, but there are gaps… I’ll explain later…

But I think it would be of interest to some of the people who have asked about how NON Tomnod Searchs get going… or any other questions… and I have some other examples I can chase down…

Off to read


Tomnod does not do this kind of SAR. We found out through a couple campaigns just how hard it is to spot anyone in wilderness. Main reason I put it to Jim is he’s up that way, and maybe he knows people who can look around when shaking salt onto roads?

Sorry you’re still sick, Doug. It’s one thing that I’ve not had, thank goodness, since sneezy cats are never much welcome anywhere. :A–choo: Would rather take a :train2:


Seems the old eyes are not that bad after all. When I first went looking there was date difference for last known (5th) place and a last communication. I’m dozey but as I was reading news stories… it has changed to (6th) for lkp and last communication… that happens. I do notice that there is no firm information on their plans intended and alternate… given the weather lately in that area… I would assume a military family would hunker down somewhere, but accidents happen…

@cageycat I saw your not pop up. Because we don’t do searches but people often don’t understand the why of that… I was looking for a mostly educational and short walk through the process… I’m off to bed right now… but day one even hour one information shifts rapidly… please also note I am not trying to explain Tomnod, but I am willing to bet they work the same way but with images…


The city of Utica is in central New York - a couple of hours drive west from my location in good weather. They could be anywhere, especially since they’re from Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. Who knows? Maybe they went to see Niagara Falls, or, God forbid, met with foul play at a motel or rest stop. Also, with all the snow that’s been dropping all around the state, in many places it was accompanied by freezing rain - or at least freezing drizzle. Icy roads - especially black ice - makes for an awful surprise while driving. Hopefully, whomever was driving has had some experience driving in such icy conditions. If not, it’s a surefire way to go off the road, over a steep embankment or cliff. I wonder if their family in Utica knows what routes they were to be traveling. That would be a big help to law enforcement to at least know the roads they were expected to be using.

Had a couple of snow storms here, with some freezing rain tossed into the mix. My lower back is still hurting like crazy. I should have just purchased a new snowblower. Still have about 20 feet to go to reach the carriage house and I gave up on the public walk in front of my house - just too much ice from the water main breaks.

Sunday began with freezing drizzle (read: black ice again!) and changed over to a steady light rain until around 3:30 PM. Still cloudy/overcast, but mostly calm. Looks like we’ll have fog in a few hours. The daytime high was only 33 (F), but after sunset a warm air mass began moving in. By 10:55 PM it was up to 41 F / 5 C, but 10 minutes later the temperature began dropping. At 2:10 AM (Monday) it’s down to 38 F / 3 C.

The little brook at the bottom of the hill has been a little loud this evening and tonight between the rain and snow melt.
And for those who keep track of weather/climate on birds, at 5 PM (Sunday) a flock of about 200 robins landed in the tree tops on the hill across the brook behind my son’s house. They headed northeast after resting about 5 minutes. Noisy they were! I also spotted to song sparrows (beautiful copper-colored heads and necks) under the bird feeder in front of my son’s house. I think these birds are about 4 to 6 weeks early this year. :thinking:


Thanks @Jim7 - I wasn’t sure where you’d be related to Utica.

It’s that silvery white vehicle and black ice that has me worried. No one would notice that vehicle if it slid off the road.

Then again… no sign even of the dogs??


you can relax… see http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article199623219.html


I’m relieved. Would rather have him AWOL versus all of them over a cliff in winter.


I’m glad to hear they were found. I was beginning to think the unthinkable like what happened to a woman traveling alone on a remote road one winter. She had swerved to avoid hitting a deer, went down an embankment and her vehicle slid inside a box culvert. She was unable to exit the vehicle (doors pinned? or injuries?). Her vehicle and body were found several weeks later. That was sad.


Not to be left out of things, this guy still has lots of ‘splaining’ to do to his wife… amongst others… but I do believe he won out the distance between lost and found…


He vanished on the 7th I believe… same storm as the family. Oh this guy left his truck etc. and belongings in Lake Placid…


That dude has some tall explaining to do. Not even aliens will get him out of this with his wife, I wager.


Hmmm…he can’t remember much can he :smile: Last seen wanting to “take one last run” on the slopes after his friends call it a day (so he’s alone).
Can’t remember the past week though he can remember his wife’s nickname.
He’s found at the Sacramento International Airport “rental car facility” with $1000 cash on him (£700 roughly); who carries around that much cash on them?
Deputies believe he purchased a cellphone at some point.
When he was dropped off in downtown Sacramento, the sergeant said Filippidis got a haircut.
And yet he can’t describe the big rig he rode in or name the driver who dropped him off :thinking:
Is it any wonder it all sounds so suspicious :laughing:


Just so these posts remain on topic, we can always say this guy had “brain fog!” That’s weather-related - in a small way! :grin:


Just revisiting here… If he didn’t have ‘brain fog’ he is bound to come down with another kind of ‘fog’, as in fear of god… or at least his girlfriend = wife…

I should go and search that again see if anything new has come out…


In the Navy it was called “Whether Leave”, as in you were going to take leave whether you’re allowed to or not.
A thematic play on words…:roll_eyes:


You had me laughing out out! Even one of the dogs looked up at me - for a second - wondering why I was laughing - and then went back to sleep. Another play on words I used when talking to our mechanic at the highway department garage was his doctor. I used to mention his doctor as “Doctor Summeroff” or “Doctor Winteroff” because it seemed like every time he got injured and went to his doctor, he got the “summer off” or the “winter off!”