2018 Geology Rocks Talk


Just go to the GoFundMe website and search for “furloughed”. Each campaign has a short narrative written by the person needing help. Last time I looked there were ~ 600 campaigns to choose from.

Update: as of 19:50 on January 21 there are 738 campaigns.


Ouch! That’s a lot of desperate people! Okay, thanks.


The impression I get from the news here is that you are all being held to ransom :unamused:


Agreed … but perhaps I’d prefer that to our Brexit fiasco. Pone of us are nerfect!


Yeh, I should have tagged on “too” at the end of that sentence…we can empathise :rofl:


I agree…“hostages” …is the word I hear most. To the outside, it seems so unfair that millions of people will suffer consequences for one person’s determination to have what he believes is the solution to a non existent problem. We have had the discussion that maybe it is more about a promise to one of the colleagues that their company (or his own) would get the contract.

EDIT: Maybe TN could flag all of the employees and trickling businesses it is affecting and that will have some affect on the general public to support a “back to work legislation” (not sure if that is what it is there…would be here).

And to stay on topic…a rock wall?


Yes, it’s always about money, it’s all about the money and what the politicians and purse strings can get out of it. Instead of democracy it should be called money-ocracy.

And just to be sure we are staying on-topic. . . after all we are being stuck between a rock and a hard place after all :smirk: :laughing:


I thing we’re on the same stellar wave length there :laughing:


I think so…there is no emoji for “rock” or “wall”…we may have to rely on you for those Em!


Rock1 How about these BrickWall%20Dash … best I could do at short notice :wink: :laughing:


Love it!!! Perfect!!!


We’d be working on that campaign longer than H. Maria! :open_mouth: :laughing:

Now that’s an easy way to stay on topic! (Smart too!)

Okay you two! Now you’re starting to sound like my father! :laughing:


possibly…but a great “visual” for those that don’t seem to understand how this is affecting workers, and businesses connected.


Visually, we could probably just “paint” 3/4 of the country a different color/colour. Much easier and faster. But then again… not much fun.

To stay on topic, can I take a poke at it? If we took all of the tags for a campaign such as this and threw them all together, it would look like a pile of rocks. Okay, not as funny… because you two used all the good ones. :rofl:


The system just told me I downloaded local images on that last statement???
(rocks in its system! :wink:)



From a list of reminders from the ethics office sent to federal employees today :roll_eyes:




Maybe someone will start a Super PAC…:face_with_monocle:


Maybe the ethics office should take another close look at a certain hotel in DC and a few other things that’s been going on the past 2 years. I guess limiting a furloughed employee to 10 free sandwiches (max) for an entire year is there way of telling them they’re… (I better stop here before I get myself into trouble :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: - even though a certain cat is still ill.) :innocent: :smile_cat: