2018 - H. Maria - Info and Update on progress


I’ve done a lot of pond fishing and used to watch the ripples shoot across the water. Fascinating to watch. I’m going to bed early myself tonight. The girls’ bike ride this afternoon wore me out. I walk along side the 4-year old as she practices her peddling and braking. Now if I can only get her to watch where she’s going! :rofl:



Still plugging away at the Maria campaign… have enough of each map exposed that it’s getting really slow to load and move between tiles, but that just means I’m getting closer, eh?



Good for you! I have not been able to load that one for a long time…wish I could!


Wooo @Manarelle…yes, our big taggers like @kateg will tell you, a slow campaign is the sign of great work! :wink:

Right @kateg?

Thank you so much for working on this @Manarelle!


Honestly, I log in and let it load up while I do work-work, then when I see it pop up/ load up in the background, I switch over, tag what I can, and signal the move to the next one. It’s slow, but still going (for now).


That’s exactly what I do, Manarelle. And when I hit the arrow button to move to the next tile, I do 10-30 tiles on the seal campaign, then come back to it.


I wish that worked for me…I would still be working on this campaign.