2018 - H. Maria - Info and Update on progress


I’ve done a lot of pond fishing and used to watch the ripples shoot across the water. Fascinating to watch. I’m going to bed early myself tonight. The girls’ bike ride this afternoon wore me out. I walk along side the 4-year old as she practices her peddling and braking. Now if I can only get her to watch where she’s going! :rofl:



Still plugging away at the Maria campaign… have enough of each map exposed that it’s getting really slow to load and move between tiles, but that just means I’m getting closer, eh?



Good for you! I have not been able to load that one for a long time…wish I could!


Wooo @Manarelle…yes, our big taggers like @kateg will tell you, a slow campaign is the sign of great work! :wink:

Right @kateg?

Thank you so much for working on this @Manarelle!


Honestly, I log in and let it load up while I do work-work, then when I see it pop up/ load up in the background, I switch over, tag what I can, and signal the move to the next one. It’s slow, but still going (for now).


That’s exactly what I do, Manarelle. And when I hit the arrow button to move to the next tile, I do 10-30 tiles on the seal campaign, then come back to it.


I wish that worked for me…I would still be working on this campaign.





OMG, I just got Maria to load on Microsoft Edge! Unbelievable! First time in over a month when it didn’t freeze up and quit on me. Chrome usually just freezes. This is cause for rejoicing, where’s my catnip tea?


I’m fresh out of catnip tea and I think Cagey’s sleep. (Cats sleep about 16 hours/day you know. :smirk_cat:) How about some cherry vanilla ice cream… or Colombian coffee ice cream… or cotton candy ice cream. That’s the only three kinds in the house - at the moment. :yum: :grinning:

I’ll meet you at the bottom (south) of the island. I only have 36 rows left (:grimacing:) after I finish the last 18 tiles on this row. :roll_eyes:


I mean, if you’re giving out ice cream, I’ll take the cherry vanilla. :slight_smile:


You’ll have to fight off my wife and my granddaughters (5- & 6-yr olds) for that. I’ll sit there eating it while the four of you battle it out. :wink: :grinning:

Colombian coffee ice cream tonight! :yum: I finished off the cherry vanilla last night around midnight. :hushed: I’ll have to head up to the village later to restock my freezer. I love going to get ice cream when my wife isn’t at home… I can buy all kinds of flavors/flavours! :laughing:


Ooh, you’ll definitely have to share that one, Jim! With me… :kissing_smiling_eyes::wink: You can keep the cherry vanilla…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My 6-year old granddaughter loves Colombian coffee ice cream. Then again, she’s always stealing a few mouthfuls of Grandma’s coffee. :laughing: The 5-year old prefers cotton candy ice cream, or vanilla ice cream with hot caramel syrup on it, or Bryer’s Reese’s Pieces & Peanut Butter Cup ice cream., or… Well, you get the idea… she loves nearly every kind of ice cream - even the old standby of Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry. She’s going to be just like Grandpa! :laughing:


As of this moment, I “only” have 2,192 tiles left to go - on this map. :laughing: I hope the next map isn’t so big… or are there more maps? :thinking: :anguished:


Now that it’s been a week, are you still into H. Maria? And does it have a lag issue with you, or aren’t you high enough in tiles searched for that to be a problem for you? I just hit 16k this evening, but the lag issue is still present for me. One thing I found out with the lag issue is that if I try to zoom in or out, or try to move the tile in any direction - even just a hair - the lag goes from about 23-43 seconds up to well over a minute. On one occasion I accidentally closed the tab with H. Maria on it and when I reopened the tab, it took nearly 10 minutes to reload and get back to where I was. :roll_eyes: Duh! Won’t let that happen again! Oops! Did it again a few nights later! :rofl: (I’ve really got to learn to slow down a wee bit.) :neutral_face:


Naw, the contrary thing has quit loading. I had about 13K done. Must admit that there was very little lag when it last did load. Should never have closed tab. #%7@

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