2018 - H. Maria - Info and Update on progress


:rofl: For quite some time - after reading about all the problems everyone else was having with this campaign - I wouldn’t close the tab, my browser, and was even afraid of turning off my laptop. :wink: Nah… I could always shut down and reload the campaign without a problem… until… “the lag” developed. I think, for me, it started somewhere between 9k-11k. I’m currently at 16.1k. As soon as I click the arrow key to move to the next tile, I jump to the other tab (currently the western wildfires) and do anywhere from 40 to 50 tiles, then go back to H. Maria. It’s still working, albeit slowly. So I just keep on plugging along. :grinning:


Boy am I moving right along on this! A few more tiles and I’ll have reached 17k! :rofl: Only 2,395 more tiles to go on this map. Just wish there wasn’t that (now) 43-45 second delay between loading tiles. Oh well… I’ll get there eventually. But I do dislike myself when I accidentally move my arm and drag the mouse when I try to click on a damaged building. It takes about 2 minutes or longer for the map to get moved… and then I still have to place my tag. When I do this 3 out of 4 times, I know it’s time for bed. :laughing:


I’m still finding untagged damage…


So am I! I was tagging one particular tile and every building that had those FEMA blue tarps on them were tagged, but a long warehouse that had its roof collapse - and pieces blown all over next to it - hadn’t been tagged. I’ve also come across some small bridges out in nowhere that were missed. Once I followed a secondary road to a ravine that was widened by the flooding, I realized there is no longer a bridge where one used to be. In other tiles I’ve found a lot of debris blown across a wide area, and when I finally found which building(s) it came from and tagged it(them), no other tags had been placed on it(them). :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I will admit that some buildings are hard to tell if they are damaged depending upon the type of roof material and design of the roof.

Oh, and I’m up to 17.1k and nearly at 17.2k - after 6 days. :roll_eyes:


17th Dec.: Making some progress, but now I’m into a dairy farm area where the milking barns - very large and long - are demolished, as well as many buildings, secondary bridges and flooded/blocked roads. Still, I just moved down another row. Only about 2, 013 tiles to go for this map! :smiley: