2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


Hole in ground - Well?

2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)
H. Irma - Silly images
Land formation - looks like an eye

Google Earth shows that this map is the island Dominica :dominica:


Hi @kateg

I changed the post title for now. I hope @Mel_Nod will clarify on Monday about which island we’re on. I thought Maria made a beeline for PR ?


looks like an irrigation pond. located uphill from the greenhouse.


Hurricane Maria did hit Puerto Rico, but trashed Dominica first. :cry: Think the maps I’ve seen so far have been Dominica.


Yep, that’s how I see it, too.
Here’s 2 snippets of Canefield Airport (DCF/TDCF), one from TN and the other from google maps.




backward SOS

monster & its shadow


This reminds me so much of when Hurricane Pam hit Vanuatu in 2015. We struggled then to identify where buildings should have been :frowning:
And now they have declared a state of emergency as a volcano erupts and are evacuating one of their islands, Ambae. :frowning:


Hi volunteers - @Helen is correct, our first imagery for Maria is from Dominica. Working on getting new imagery for PR, too. Thank you for your help!


Low cloud over trees-- pretty.

What gets me is the neat tidy lives that were “disregarded”, like the trees neatly planted here around the house:

Big eyes



I also noticed that the formation is there in the older picture too, but hidden by the trees.

Any ideas what it might be?


The little ones look, to me, like manmade clearings.


I see a giant frog with perfectly matching cloud eyes


Not sure where this is, might be Dominica, or PR…
Some rather fascinating "field art"
http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1mgexfyo and surrounding tiles, zoomed out to -1

EDIT: Just identified the map I’m on as the eastern side of Martinique, about halfway down the island.


Oops! I meant to post this in the “Hurricane Maria - Interesting Sights” topic! Please Cagey or Bob, would you move this? Thank you! :wink:

I found a relative of @cageycat! A CageyCatfish. :grinning:


Here’s some “butterfly” waves.


Monarchs? :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:


Monarchs are orange and black. Now these emojis almost look like the Karner Blue Butterfly that is native to the Karner sand dunes in the northwestern part of the city of Albany, NY. And guess what the name of the road is - Karner Road! :grinning: This is in the Pine Bush area of the city.


I’m not sure where I’m at on this one, maybe PR. But that is definitely a giant letter “M”.