2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


Here’s some white flowers for the ladies. :wink: ) You have use the “Oldest” because the “Newest” gets cut off the map - nice clipping job TN! :roll_eyes::grinning:


Beverly1, you were in Thibaud, Dominica ( 15.597654, -61.395136 ) :wink:


I got 2 different maps with Dominica so far.


Dominica Top.
This map I have not completed yet.


That looks like the map I’m on at the moment, with a similar number of tags on it :cry::scream:


That’s just the map I’m on at the moment too and oh boy that’s a heck of a lot of tagging to be done :cold_sweat:
I’ve done that cluster on the top right there and currently down in the capital on the left :grimacing:


I’ve covered a lot of the clouded area! :roll_eyes::cloud:

I’m in a “restless” phase at the moment, I seem to be able to do all the tagging on a few tiles, then have to hit the Jump button and go somewhere else for a bit. Slowly filling in the maps though…
I think it’s bugging me slightly that on some tiles where there is obvious damage, one damaged building tag will yield agreement of 16 or 17, and the next damaged building to tag only gets an agreement of 4? :expressionless: sigh


I’m in the same frame of mind as you are Helen, I’ve gone through numerous phases today, I’m all over the place. But there’s one map or part of it (haven’t expanded to see the whole) that is just too dark/hazy/blurred, I can see buildings but can’t tell whether they’ve been damaged or flooded :confounded: Can’t even make a best guess so I keep having to jump whenever I’m brought back to it :roll_eyes: But it bugs me that I can’t do it; eyesights not what it used to be me thinks :smirk:


I’m with you on that one, it’s probably the same area that I have to jump away from, 'cos I just can’t really SEE :eyes: what’s there. Wasn’t sure whether it was my eyesight (got ever so slightly worried at one point, as one of the tablets I take can cause sight problems as a side-effect) or WV-4’s eyesight! Maybe it either needs specs :eyeglasses:, or a big fan to blow away the mist and clouds.

I may also just be being restless as I’m back at work next week! :upside_down_face::thinking: It’s been a while…:rofl:


Yep, that could do it :wink: Now if you’d planned it right you could have started back on a Tuesday or Wednesday so giving yourself a short week thus breaking yourself in gently :grin: That would have been the wise thing to do . . . . or are starting back on half days to begin with :thinking:


Funny you should say that, they managed to make a bit of a mess up with the doctor’s certificate! :roll_eyes:
I should have gone back last Wednesday, but because they mucked things up, I’m not actually back 'til next Tuesday!
Friday is always a half day anyway… so it’s not really TOO dire.
… and I can always “ham it up” to get some extra sympathy if I need to! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face: or should that be :skull::face_with_thermometer:??


Oh well then, three and half days isn’t so bad for your first week back, good luck and take it nice and easy…it’ll be the weekend again before you know :wink:

And I’m back on that blurred map again…Think TN is trying to tell me something :smirk:


I have hit same said map a couple of times and have to jump past it as it is way too dark for these eyes that are trying to tell me I’m a tad older than I used to be. I belong to the National Geographic Genetic project and just got another maternal match today from Britain. Have 17 there somewhere. The way we think alike, I’ll wager we are probably cousins a few gens back!


Well I’ve decided to stick with it come hell or high water! I’ve no right to grumble, they’re the ones who all the help they can get. Plus, I am seeing debris scattered round so there must be damaged buildings, so I’ll take all that I can see. And besides, it’s not that big a map anyway :wink:


Helen, I know you know this already-- my comments are for the whole group.

The “tag this - no tag:that” is happening because folks aren’t understanding that every damaged building needs tagged. Crowdsourcing does not mean “If someone else tagged it, I’ll skip it.” More experienced taggers are seeing this issue. How can we help newer folks understand that the project NEEDS their tags? Heck, in many past campaigns, 1 home had 60 to 120 votes! That is how it is supposed to work, not skipping all further tagging because someone else was already on the tile. Sigh.


It looks like you were coloring it in with a crayon. :frowning_face:


I noticed the same thing - two buildings side by side, one with 23 tags and the adjacent one 4. Huh? Even the before photo shows the two buildings. The after photo shows the two, but with very little left of either. Is it because the second building was thought to be a debris field from the first? :confused:


I think it’s a combination of things, cagey is right, we see this all the time, but we all agree it gets trickier to tag the individual building which are tightly packed together. It’s great that we can get a lot closer to neighbouring tag without be prevented from dropping another one. But you have to admit one tag can cover at least 2 of some of those buildings.

I noticed last night I had to do a bit of juggling with the tags because I didn’t use my usual method for tagging: buildings first, then roads, then trash heaps. For a change I thought I’d drop the road tags first, then discovered I had to delete them again because I couldn’t get to the buildings :roll_eyes:


In some campaigns, we had one of those very little tiny tags, maybe this little tiny tag would be usefull in those areas with compacted buildings. Also if the creteria is minimum 10 tags pr building, the 60 or 120 tags is not needed. Then the time is better used to cover bigger areas. Thats my viewpoint.




It’s not easy, especially when the tag is larger than the building! I resorted to zig-zag staggering the tags on some of the really tightly packed buildings, just to try to get as many tagged as possible.

LOL, I did that too, and found the same thing. I also forgot to change the tag back at one point and ended up tagging a whole load of buildings as blocked roads. With some muttering and cursing, I had to delete the lot and start again! :roll_eyes: