2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


I have taken from the video snips and compared to our sat images.


I think it allows to understand better how things look at ground level


But people cannot know the # until they drop their tag.

So the point is to tag, regardless of tag “counts”. Then the once-4 will get a higher weight and NOT be disregarded by the computer work later.


The other point to make… With this density, if we can pack our tags closely together, we have a better chance of capturing a more representative “count” of houses and buildings.

And someone said before that why are we tagging all buildings if we are also looking at populations per house… In many countries/states, people live above their businesses.

Regardless of residences, all structures still need counted, even if the computer only estimates one type vs the other.

Remember, every thing tagged can be “data”.


I did the very same thing. And just when I thought I was on a roll, I realized that I neglected to switch back to the “Flooded/Damaged Building” tag from the “Flooded/Blocked Road” tag. Had to go back, delete and retag a tile and half! Went to bed shortly after that. :tired_face:


It’s a good tip-- thought about posting it last night LOL.

  1. Tag all houses.
  2. Tag spots of road seen between houses-- follow curves so the computer understands it is linear, not by “point” like a house.
    3 Tag “heaps” in between the houses and road tags.

That’s not hard, right? LOLOL It gets pretty jam-packed on these maps.


Yes, and some are just teetering on the edge, just to squeeze them in :smiley:


Oh… and really check all 4 tile edges. Lots of stuff gets missed along the edges.


I laugh at myself during my OCD moments, I go along an edge to clear the black margin out and then get frustrated when the black tiles start inching their way into the map . . . . putting a stop to OCD’ness because I’ve spotted something that needs tagging :rofl:


I’d imagine the computer can differentiate between the types of tags (building/road/trash), so when the computer “looks” at the map, it’s not confusing to it at all! It “sees” each type of tag separately. Well, this theory sounds good, doesn’t it? :wink:


Yes, I assumed we were on PR while working yesterday, but today I see I am definitely in Dominica. Here is the other airport on Dominica–Douglas-Charles Airport, the larger of the two airports. Pretty bad wreckage of housing nearby.


Who lost their puppy?


In the “before” photo I found a face. In the after photo it’s replaced by buildings.


Here’s 3 horses from right to left (tan, gray, gray) running out from an alley and heading toward the right. Just to the left are 2 men - one facing forward and one facing away with a fluffy white kitty jumping between them. (An escapee from the CageyCat Lounge? Probably high o “nip.” :rofl:


I think that’s a puppy not a kitty Jim :thinking: image




Have you noticed that crumpy looking one slightly above and to the left…judging by those panda eyes, I think it could do with a few hours sleep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just found a “Rooftop Portrait” by unknown artist. It’s at the top left corner of the tile, first row of buildings in from the beach. Switch to “Oldest” for this version. The “Newest” is a different color and slightly blurred. You can see the portrait from 0 through +3 zoom.


What’s with the portraits? I just found a portrait of a man wearing eyeglasses and looks as though he’s bringing a can of some beverage up toward his mouth. This portrait was “propped up” against the landscape. :grinning:
You can see it without zooming in, but +1 or +2 is better. Seems to be too blurry at +3.


It’s like the face on Mars!

Screenshots and cropped photos

Here’s another face: