2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


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I found an interesting bird made of different water shades and the rocks beneath.


Here’s a rocking horse I found in Puerto Rico. It’s in the “old” view.


What in the world do you think that is, @Jim7?


Look at these clouds :open_mouth:


I don’t think that it’s anything really, well, no permanent fixture unless it’s something to do with surfacing the parking area . . . or a marquee of some sort :confused:

Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Google Co-ords: 18.440112, -66.783886


I believe this long line of vehicles is probably to get gasoline/water? the line is very very long…there are several other images with the same thing.


Probably where they scraped off the vegetation and top soil for building. Just an accidental image because we are looking at it from above.


Is this a plane with a missile? or mid air refueling? overhead engine?


I didn’t see any shadow from the “object” that appears to be on the plane. I looks like it may be a paint job particular to the airline company the plane belongs to. Once everyone takes off for brunch I’ll check it out more closely.
EDIT: I checked it out more closely - +2 and +3 zoom - and I believe it is just a paint job as indicated above. There were no deviations in the shadow along the length of the airliner either on the ground or on the left wing. It would be interesting to find out what airline uses that paint design. Some companies have some pretty nice and/or interesting “logos” (in a sense) which makes their particular planes stand apart from the rest. :smiley:


some things are easier to comprehend from the air, others not so much. On the photo with the two side by side I notice that it has one tail section marked only and couldn’t decide from there. I have seen more than one airstrip wondered if they had brought in elite army planes rather than the usual green drony type. I cannot zoom in that far, I lose my focus on my screen and then cannot tell what it is. Thanks for checking.

(We had manoeuvres recently in the province, with lots of those helicopters with two rotor blades? very loud. And of course some of the jets, and of course I live in the province of the famous SNOWBIRDS :small_airplane: so we will see them performing or practicing at times… (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowbirds))


I’ve still been looking at this plane. It hasn’t been moved in over 20 months! They do appear to be working on it as in both the old and new photos, doors are open and maintenance vehicles are around it. Refurbishing it? :thinking:


Oh good thought…never even thought to do that! No upside down planes etc so I just assumed it was in service. Maybe those could be “tarps” or covers where they are working?


The parking area (for planes) seems to be lined up with low buildings or possibly a parts/supply train that gets towed by a tractor. They are casting low shadows. If they were actual buildings, they must have had to do a lot of maneuvering to get that large plane in where they did. :grinning: No, they have had to park the plane first and pulled the train of supply trailers out to it.


That makes sense. They don’t look like the usual “hangars” I have seen, but then this is in a different country with a much warmer weather they may not have to bring the planes indoors as they do here @-35C


I checked said plane on a click by click basis back through time to 2014, and that must be a service area for that airline as different planes have come and gone from there since then. It does appear that this one has been there since appx. 9/20/17. I saw that another older plane must have gotten blown around during the hurricane as it had a tail/horiz. elevator missing that had been there before.


Nice sleuthing, Detective Beverly!


Terri, I think those two planes might just be UPS airplanes, have a look at these:


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