2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


That could be it!!! From above that seems to be the same formation on the plane! Way to go @EmeraldEyes!


I think it happened when the campaign switched from Dominica to Puerto Rico and the images just started appearing where everyone had already been posting them. Whether Dominica or Puerto, it was still Hurricane Maria. No one ever bothered to start a new post for Puerto Rico because they (like me) probably just jumped into a new map (PR) after finishing the current one (Dominica) and didn’t realize they were of different islands. Guilty as charged! :roll_eyes:


the word “Dominica” could be removed and it would be inclusive of all Interesting sights from H. Maria.


That would be the best way to go. I like that idea.


Sounds good to me. :smiley:


Look at the water gushing from the reservoir


Can you imagine trying to give someone driving directions with this maze of roads? :open_mouth: :laughing:http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1sd5x5y3u


I agree… it is hard to follow them to see if they are flooded or damaged. I was always back or forth from oldest to newest to see if it was a road or a river before!!! I don’t think GPS could keep up to the new roads continually “created”. I also notice a paved highway … abruptly ends in the middle of nowhere???


48%20PM As the water rushes to the ocean.


You can see the shape of the planes where they sat on the tarmac (to the right of the building and across where the sole plane still sits)…I think some of those pieces must be planes?



More likely sheets of steel roofing or siding from the building to the right of those pieces. Living in a hurricane prone and noreaster prone region, also a huge chicken farming region, I recognize that damage to a pole barn. Most see it as ray scatters from the sun, but is actually missing roofing on that building.


Hubby wanted to put metal roofing on our new house, but after this campaign, NO WAY!!! I’ve seen enough pole barns totally destroyed, and enough houses with metal roofing blown off. Most of the towns’ trash heaps are nothing but metal roofing.


Love seeing some of the beauty from the storm, instead of only devastation. Awesome, thank you!


Quite a few of those corrugated steel building don’t hold up well in such storms - especially if they use Grade-3 or 5 bolts. Grade-3 are the same thing as shear bolts. Grade-8 are a lot stronger and used on heavy equipment. Still, all the wind has to do is find one spot where it can get under and in and that’s the starting point for the roof ripping off. In one of the airports I saw where the entire back side of the hanger - corrugated steel building - was blown out and it just fell over creating a nice half-moon on the end of the building. Switching back and forth between “old” and “new” confirmed it. When I tagged it as damaged, my tag was the only one - even though others had tagged the other buildings. :neutral_face:


Metal roofs are very noisy - especially if you get hail, freezing rain or just a good old downpour! A friend of mine was stationed in Thailand in WWII and he told me how their barracks had steel roofs. He said it was hard to sleep at night because the bugs would scurry across the roof and make such a racket! :rofl:


I have had that a lot, Jim7. A whole town will have every blue tarp tagged several times, and yet a steel building will be ignored because it has literally blown apart or sheared off. I see lots of metal roofs blown away from homes down to the bare plywood underneath, with sheets of metal laying all about it, and not be marked. Or shingles blown off and covered with tar paper as a stop-gap, yet no one seems to know that it means severe roof damage. Or homes that you can actually see the interior framed walls…uh, yeah, if you suddenly see interior framing in the newer shots, that only had roofing in the earlier shot, that is serious damage. I always worry if the families were actually inside when that happened. Hopefully not. Gave me nightmares the first few days I did this campaign.


I read an interview with someone who survived the hurricane. He and his entire family - as well as a couple other neighboring families (whose homes were already destroyed) - and he recalled how this roof was ripped off and they were at the mercy of the torrential rain and wind. He said everyone was terrified and thought they were all going to die and there was nothing they could do. That is indeed most terrifying!


I agree @cheryl3 there are many many images of metal roofing that has blown off and you can see it in the next field / yard. In some images it is hard to tell which house it came from! There are so many. Also in the areas where the trees are down, you can literally see a mudslide. In these areas I feel I could tag every house, as there would be damage just from the mud, let alone pushed off its foundation, etc.


That would be a horrific experience. I cannot imagine the trauma they went through.


I agree @Jim7…anyone that has lived with a metal roof can attest to the deafening sound of a downpour!