2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


I wonder if this was a “working plane” or the “lawn ornament” type?


I think it was a working plane as just a little to the north it looked like an airstrip (if I’m not having a senior moment). I think the plane was moved down into the field away from the buildings. I think that building just below it also part of the airstrip - radar/control tower?


i’m not sure I’d want to fly it even if it is repaired??? :scream:


@Jim7 another plane …going the other way…



and a ship…



:clap::clap::clap::tada::tada::tada: the numbers are changing on H. Maria…way to go nodders!!!



These ones seem to have made it through the storm:



And this one @Jim7…even a Helicopter made it through the storm…I’m sure it was used well afterwards.
I will have to leave you with the URL, as it will not load the screenshot…:thinking: EDIT: Just had this issue in H. Maria Lagging issue, so I tagged Mel on it there.



The helicopter is actually half in 1sd0xny1i and 1sd0xoy1i. I centered it, zoomed in and took a screen shot. And that yellow plane in the grass to the right of the parked planes was a bi-plane. Look at the “before” photo and you can see it parked with the rest of the small craft and it’s clearly a bi-plane.

And I have just 727 more tiles to finish map 1sd5. Then I start on 1sd0. I already have a head start on that map by one tile (above). :rofl:


I didn’t even see that the first round. Wow can you imagine it standing up to that force of wind…probably built like a brick compared to the newer ones. Airplanes like cars, are getting lighter to produce better speed, fuel mileage, however, not necessarily “safer for the people in them”. My brother is a retired helicopter pilot.


This one …not sure whether that is a tear in the image…or…


here is another one…ideas?



I came across one just like in the first photo and that was along the side of a road running through a heavily wooded area. It could have been reflection off someone windshield or a sheet of metal just installed on a house or lying on the ground, etc… They are very bright!


very bright. You are probably right something reflective.


11 June, 3:15 AM: I finally finished the big map of Puerto Rico! Grabbing some sleep and will start one of the smaller maps later this morning. Hopefully the smaller map won’t have that annoying 23 second delay moving between the tiles. I’ll find out! :neutral_face:


Sadly I can no longer load H. Maria. So I am only working on the kiln campaigns.


It still loads for me, but there is still that nagging 23-second lag between tiles and/or zooming in or out, or dragging the tile even a hair one way or the other. When there is nothing to tag, it takes about 1 full minute to do 3 tiles. I just started a new map (1sd2) and I’ll be slowly working my way up from the bottom. I did zoom out and thankfully saw that this map is about 1/3 or less than the size the last one I worked on. So maybe this one will only take me a couple of weeks! :rofl:


I left it the other day and at 2 hours and about 4 mins… I decided it was not going to load…


I think it took about 2 minutes for it to load for me tonight. And that was starting from scratch by starting at the Tomnod homepage.


I tried that, I tried @Cheryl13’s method through another campaign, but as @Emeraldeyes said it is probably my stats that is preventing me from loading it.


True. I was hoping the new map would zip right along, but since my stats are still up there, it is no faster than the large map I just completed. Oh well…