2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico


I saw a repeat of a CBC TV documentary done in November 2017 in Puerto Rico…it was hard to see the devastation “on the ground” compared to what we see from the air. We can see the land slide and the roads washed out, or the bridges down, but we don’t see the four feet of mud that has slid through an entire house that has now moved two lots over, or down a hillside, from where it started, and has no roof, etc. I cannot imagine the horror of living through that hurricane. Where do you start? how do you move forward? and is anything better now 9 months later or are they still in the same place of destruction.


Worse because deaths, despair, depression, hopelessness have set in. And hurricane season has started so P.R. are all afraid.


Ever wonder what the edge of a cloud looks like? :rofl: (This is the “old” photo and covers 2 tiles.)


Oh my, Jim, you discovered DigitalGlobe’s top secret-secret, “Cloud Edge Definition Imaging”. The satellite follows a cloud to its terminus points, which algorithms then plot along the wispy edges. Oh no, now I’ve said too much… This post will self-destruct in 100 seconds…

Edit: Self destruct, already!


Here’s a deep blue race track that close to the same blue as the FEMA tarps issued to those whose roofs were damaged. Boy! Does this stand out from space!